Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2117

Today, it is the engagement banquet between Norsa Lan Family eldest son and Silvia’s parents.

However, just as Heath slowly entered the hall.

In the lower part of Tianchi City, that is, under the huge platform that separates the “Tianyi” city from the “Wingless” city.

I saw a very small aircraft, taking advantage of the night, quietly landed in a hidden place at the bottom of the Heavenspan building.

This is the most fundamental part of the Heavenspan building, and it is also one of the five major buildings that can connect the “Downtown” and “Uptown” of Tianchi City.

It is an important place that is heavily guarded to prevent the “wingless tribe” from approaching.

However, in the next second, when the door of the aircraft opened, I saw V rushing out of the aircraft regardless of the danger of being discovered, and then holding on to the wall on the side, began to vomit.

“Really, what is going on with you, a wingless race?” ? How can you spit like this in a “magic airship”? ? 』

Halls stood by the door of the aircraft, while looking at v, he whispered with complaints.

And the “magic airship” she said was naturally what the Tianyi tribe called the aircraft.

“I just can’t sit on something like this with my feet off the ground,

I feel uncomfortable as soon as I sit. “

As for the reason, v himself does not know.

When Hols heard v say this, he couldn’t complain any more.

Instead, he said softly to v:

“Eldest Miss has entered the field, you’d better be faster, this time Sylvia and Eldest Miss can be saved,

It’s all up to you. 』

v After hearing what Hols said, he wiped the transparent liquid from his mouth, and then replied:

“Don’t worry, since I have promised you, I will definitely not break my promise.”

Heath’s plan is actually very simple. On the day of the engagement banquet, when everyone’s attention is focused on the engagement banquet, let v sneak into the Norsa Lan Family in the upper city from the bottom of the building in the lower city, and then quietly Steal the “engagement contract”.

In this way, when Norsa Lan Family can’t come up with the contract, there is a natural reason to cancel the marriage.

In fact, if he hadn’t met v, Heath wanted to do it herself.

But if Heath did this by herself, there would be a lot of inconvenience.

And once caught, the Silvia family was completely hostile to Norsa Lan Family.

You know, the current Silvia family doesn’t have the strength to confront Norsa Lan Family head-on.

But fortunately, just a few days before Heath wanted to implement this plan, she unexpectedly met this V who was able to go in and out freely in her heavily guarded private bath.

At this moment, I saw V took out the “Magic Map” that Heath had prepared for him in advance, and then turned around and entered the huge building covered with mud and moss through the vent.

1255. Girl with Curly Hair (Part 1)

The marriage contract of the Tianyi tribe is not so much a “marriage contract” as it is directly called a “contract.”

Their marriage contract is divided into two parts. The first part is just a simple text description, which clearly states the names of the man and woman and the time when the marriage contract is officially signed.

And the second part, and the most critical part, is the contract array.

When the agreed time comes, the families of both parties will hold an engagement banquet as agreed, and the eligible men and women will drop their blood on the contract array in Part 2, and the entire marriage contract has been completed.

Once the two parties drop blood on the contract array and sign the marriage contract, they are approved by the Lord of the Sky. Unless the Lord of the Sky personally speaks, no further changes are allowed.

Therefore, for the Tianyi tribe, as long as both men and women sign the marriage contract, it is equivalent to a formal husband and wife.

As for the formal wedding in the future, it is just a public announcement to show off the strength and status of the two families.

What v is going to do today is to steal the marriage contract book from Top Secret that Heath father handed over to Norsa Lan Family, so that Norsa Lan Family can’t get the marriage contract on this most important day.

In this way, Silvia’s family can use Norsa Lan Family to improperly keep the marriage contract as an excuse to reject the marriage.

At this moment, v has easily climbed from the inside of the building to the huge platform that separates the “uptown” and “downtown” with the “climbing” magic device he obtained from Hols.

“This magic device level is much better than that of the United Nations!”

v Looking at the magic device in his hand that allows him to climb on the wall freely, he can’t help but sigh. md

at first v I’m still a bit worried that I can’t use my power at will. It will be difficult to climb such a high building.

But when he used this magic device that could climb walls, he knew that his worries were unnecessary.

Tianyi tribe is the descendant of the third generation of human civilization, and the development of magical devices has been far behind contemporary humans.

While thinking about this, while avoiding the sight of the patrol soldiers and the monitoring magic instrument, from the inside of the building, he came to the mansion of the Lan Family in the upper city of Norsa.

v The reason why he can easily avoid patrolling soldiers and monitoring magic devices is because he himself has extremely rich “stealth” experience, and 2 because these patrolling soldiers are really unprofessional.

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