Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2118

The soldiers patrolling here feel as if they are eating together, and simply don’t have the slightest professionalism.

Just like just now, v walked from the inside of the building to the upper town just and honorable, but the soldiers who were in charge of guarding only said “I really want to marry Heath as a wife”, “I would like to use 100 years of lifespan in exchange Hess one night.” Things like that, simply didn’t notice herself.

Moreover, the ventilation ducts here are also unusually “spacious”. It is more appropriate to describe them as narrow “aisles” rather than ventilation ducts.

But think about it carefully, the reason for this is not unreasonable.

I am afraid that the Tianyi tribe never thought that there would be a “wingless tribe” who would dare to climb from “downtown” to “uptown”.

After all, let’s not say whether the Wingless Race has the ability to climb here. If they are caught, they will be executed directly on the spot.

In this way, v continued to climb in the ventilation ducts, following the “magic map” given by Heath, to the top floor of the building, which is the study room of Norsa Lan Family where important documents are stored.

However, just as v was about to arrive in the study, he suddenly saw two girls from the Tianyi tribe under the ventilation duct.


“Ah~~~ Really, why can anyone else go to work in the banquet hall, and only us 2 want to come to this place where no one is going to pass the sewer? ? 』

A girl with short golden hair complained. md

And the curly-haired girl hearing this smiled bitterly and replied:

“No way, who told me that the toilet is blocked at this time, and the two of us are just temporary invitations…”

1255. Girl with curly hair (below)

The short-haired girl hearing this, deeply sighed, said: “Fortunately, I still wonder if I can see my rich Young Master at the banquet, and then step into the rich family. When the curly-haired girl heard the short-haired girl say this, she half-cracking a joke:

“Are you coming here as a temporary worker for this?” ? 』

The short-haired girl hearing this, immediately nodded and said:

“That’s for sure! ! But my main purpose is still to hope that after the engagement banquet is over, I can bring some delicious things back. 』

“Guest page. 』

The girl with curly hair is hearing this, laughed with embarrassment on her face.

But then, the girl with curly hair suddenly said:

“Otherwise, just leave it to me. Go to the party and help. 』

When the short-haired girl heard this, her eyes immediately lit up, and she said excitedly:

“May I? Really can? ? Do you think I am bullying you? ? 』

When the curly-haired girl heard this, she laughed sweetly and replied:

“It’s just a sewer, I can do it alone. 』

After the curly-haired girl said this, she saw the short-haired girl without the slightest hesitation handing the tool in her hand to the curly-haired girl’s hand, then folded her hands together, and said gratefully:

“Thank you so much! ! Your great kindness and virtue are really unforgettable! ! ! 』

After the short-haired girl said this, she turned around and flew away.

But not long after the short-haired girl flew away, she was suddenly shocked when she saw her, then turned around and asked:

“Hey! Wait, you haven’t told me how to call you yet! 』

The girl with short hair was stunned looking at the empty corridor, then scratched her head in confusion, and said to herself:

“what? Does it fly so fast? ? Forget it! I am working together anyway, and will meet again afterwards. 』

After the short-haired girl finished speaking, she happily floated towards the auditorium where the engagement banquet was held.

At this moment, V standing in the ventilation duct was absolutely unexpected. The curly-haired girl turned on the upper vent at the moment the short-haired girl turned around, and then a violent squirt came in and closed the vent again. .

His skill, skill, and accuracy have to be complimented by v, who is a “comrade” at this moment. md

But v is not to be trifled with. With his superb skills lurking in the girls’ dormitory all year round, he perfectly predicted the trajectory of the curly-haired girl. Then he turned around and hid in the corner of the ventilation duct, and his sight was wrong. Got out. md

v I wanted to wait for the curly-haired girl to leave before sneaking into the study. md

But V didn’t expect that, the next second, when he quietly looked at the curly-haired girl, he saw that the curly-haired girl G dropped the tool for dredging the sewer in his hand, and then quietly floated to the top of the study, and said Extremely dexterous, sneaked into the study below. md

1256. Be fooled. (on)

“This is troublesome…”

v While looking at the curly-haired girl who sneaked into the study in the ventilation duct, she frowned slightly and sighed in the heart.

v is absolutely didn’t expect, the place where the girl with curly hair committed the crime actually collided with herself.

Now I’m following in to explain that the situation is good? Or just stand here in line and wait for her to come out before going in? ?

Just when v was thinking about it, he heard Hols’s voice from the communicator on v’s ear:

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