Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2119

“Have you gotten it? It’s almost time for Young Lady to sign the marriage contract! 』

v Hearing what Hols said, immediately replied:

“I’m on the top of the study room now, it’s just a situation.”

“Hurry up, I saw their Steward Sunuo has left the banquet hall and went upstairs to get a marriage contract. 』

v Hearing what Hols said, he immediately replied:

“Understood, I’ll get the marriage contract out right away.” v After I said this, I didn’t think about the curly-haired girl who had just sneaked into the study, but went directly to the top of the vent, and then turned over and entered the study.

The architectural structure of the Tianyi tribe is completely different from that of human beings. The roofs of all their rooms will be high, and the furniture and decorations placed inside will also be placed high.

v When he came in, he immediately activated the climbing magic on his hands and feet, then slid down the wall, and quietly landed beside the desk at the highest part of the study.

At the same time, v is also looking for a girl with curly hair who comes first by himself.

However, as soon as v fell by the desk, he immediately heard the sound of air moving behind him.

v Even if the seal is not opened, the reaction speed is faster than ordinary people.

The moment he heard the sound of the air moving, he immediately turned sideways and made an evasive action.

At the same time, the curly-haired girl who entered the study first, raised her straight thigh, and rushed out from behind V with a flying kick, and passed V who was in a dodge pose.

The girl’s movements were fast and fierce, obviously in a posture to kick v out of consciousness.

The curly-haired girl saw V avoiding her attack and immediately showed a surprised look.

But then, I saw her turning around in the air, volleying to perform a swing kick, and directly swept V’s head with her white thighs.

v Seeing this, quickly extend the hand, kicked the thigh to take it down, and grasped it firmly.

Suddenly, a peculiar fragrance of a young girl entered V’s nasal cavity.

But I don’t know if it is v’s illusion, v always feels that this smell has been smelled recently.

The curly-haired girl was caught by V in this way, knowing that she had encountered an opponent, so she immediately took out the dagger from her waist and prepared to attack V again.

But at this moment, I saw v immediately said:

“Wait! We are peers!!”

wrong! I am not a thief! ! I am forced to do business! ! !

When the curly-haired girl heard this, she was stunned for a moment. But then, when he saw v’s face clearly, he suddenly said with some surprise:

“Hey? You…you are…』

At this point, the curly-haired girl’s expression suddenly became a little more complicated.

But then, she immediately changed her words:

“Are you a wingless? ? 』

v Hearing this, he immediately replied:

“From your perspective, I am a wingless

wrong. “

After all, I don’t have wings~~

The girl with curly hair, hearing this, looked at the back of v again with puzzlement, and then said in surprise:

“Impossible! Why do wingless tribes appear here? ? 』

v Hearing this, he said with a smile:

“Don’t worry about this. The Steward named Su Nuo is coming over soon. We quickly get what we need, and then it’s better to run, just as if no one has seen anyone.”

The curly-haired girl hearing this, immediately pricked her ears to listen to the movement outside, and then said:

“Okay, but before that…

1256. Be fooled. (under)

Can you let go of my leg first? ? ? 』


v When I heard the curly-haired girl’s words, I realized that I had been holding her excellent thigh just now and didn’t let go.

v After loosening the thighs of the curly-haired girl, the girl immediately turned around and began to sweep up all the valuable things in the study, and put them into the space ring in her hands.

It can be said that as long as the eyes can see, she has nothing left.

At this moment, v quickly searched for Heath’s marriage contract in the desk drawer.

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