Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2120

Soon, v found the marriage contract that Heath said in a beautifully decorated wooden box.

v After confirming the name on the marriage contract, he immediately put it in the pocket of his shirt.

However, at this moment, the door at the bottom of the study suddenly opened.

In the next second, I saw Steward Su Nuo from the Lan Family of Norsa just flew in.

Saying it was too late, it was fast. V and the curly-haired girl actually reacted at the same time, and Su Nuo for a second, hid in the ventilation duct above the ceiling the moment he entered.

Although this ventilation duct is very spacious, it can accommodate the next adult male. But at this moment, v got in with the girl with curly hair, and the space was a bit small.

At this moment, the tip of v’s nose and the curly-haired girl’s cheek were just one finger away. v You can even clearly smell the fragrance wafting from the curly-haired girl’s mouth when she breathed.

And the two soft peaks in front of the curly-haired girl were completely attached to V’s body at this moment, leaving no gaps.

But even so, V and the girl with curly hair didn’t dare to make any extra moves, because once they had a little movement, they would immediately be spotted by Su Nuo below.

At this moment, v looked at the curly-haired girl in front of him, not knowing why, he always felt that he had seen her somewhere.

When the curly-haired girl saw V staring at her, she turned her face to the side with a blushing face, and avoided V’s sight.

Just when V and the girl with curly hair were in an embarrassing stage, Su Nuo in the study was stunned looking at the messy study at this moment.

In the next second, I saw him fly to the desk with a fierceness, and then hurriedly opened the gorgeous wooden piece containing the marriage contract.


It stands to reason that when Su Nuo sees that the marriage contract in the wooden box is missing, he should immediately panic and tell the Lan Family members of Norsa.

However, after seeing the empty wooden box, Su Nuo was slightly laughed and re-covered the wooden box.

Later, I saw him flying out of the study as if nothing happened.

The v and the girl with curly hair, who were close to each other in the ventilation duct, naturally did not see Su Nuo’s movements, but these two people were habitual offenders of “stealth”, so when Su Nuo left the study, they immediately reacted.

At this time, the two dared to move their bodies slowly in the ventilation duct, so that they no longer cling to each other.

At this moment, v only felt the two soft and soft objects slowly rubbing and moving in front of him, which was extremely comfortable.

The girl with curly hair seemed to have noticed this too, so the original white cheeks had completely turned into ripe apples.

However, just as v was enjoying this soft friction in the dark, he heard Hols’s voice from the communicator in his ear:

“What the hell did you guy do?” Why is the marriage contract still in Su Nuo’s hands? ? ? 』

v After hearing the sound, he was taken aback, and then immediately realized that he had been fooled.

1257•This marriage contract should be signed for her first. (on)

v After hearing what Hols said, he immediately took out the “marriage agreement” he had just taken out of the gorgeous wooden box from his arms.

At this time, the girl with curly hair at Vside snatched the marriage contract from V, and then checked it carefully.


“It was indeed fooled. The seal of the Lord of the Sky is missing from the “marriage” contract array. 』

In the land of the sky, any contract array and file must be stamped with the seal of the lord of the sky to take effect.

However, the person who stamped the seal was of course not the Lord of the Sky himself, but a minister under the Lord of the Sky, or a cronies.

Anyway, no matter it is who, as long as the seal representing the lord of the sky is stamped, the document can be validated.

But at the same time, the Lord of the Sky also has the absolute right to take back the file at any time so that it is no longer effective.

Therefore, the Lord of the Sky is not worried that someone will use this seal to do anything to his disadvantage.

And even if there is, then as long as it is directly obliterated, the problem will be solved.

After all, in the land of the sky, his lord of the sky is absolute power and authority.

“hateful! Things are terrible now!』

After the curly-haired girl had finished speaking, he heard Hols’ anxious and angry voice from the communicator.

Hols at this moment has no longer cared about why there is another woman next to v. What she is thinking about now is how to solve the current dilemma.

At the same time, I saw V quickly put away the fake marriage contract in his hand, then took out the magic map in his hand, and turned around to leave.

“Where are you going now? ? 』

The girl with curly hair is not stupid, she understood the purpose of this trip through the few words in the conversation between v and Halls, and the marriage contract in v’s hands.

And now that v failed to steal the engagement, he was doomed to fail.

However, the girl with curly hair didn’t see any sign of admitting failure in V’s eyes.

On the contrary, she can see that v is now ready to redeem her failure.

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