Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2121

v Hearing what the curly-haired girl said, Bian suddenly stopped, then turned to look at her and said:

“Hey? ? Why? ? 』

When the curly-haired girl heard v suddenly say this, she was taken aback for a while, but didn’t react.

At this time, just listen to v and continue to say:

“Just now it was because you were so fast that I stepped forward, and I was queuing outside waiting for you, so I didn’t have time to check the authenticity of the marriage contract.”

In fact, v knows that it is mainly his own problem not to check the authenticity of the marriage contract.

But now if you don’t pull this curly-haired girl together,

I’m afraid it can’t solve Heath’s problem.

Upon hearing this, the curly-haired girl immediately put on an expression of rejection and said:

“This is your own carelessness, your skills are not as good as others, how can you blame me! ! Moreover……”

However, the curly-haired girl hadn’t finished saying this, she saw V took out from his space ring that he was “hostage” in the United States.

When I made my own magic camera, I ka-cha and pressed the shutter at the curly-haired girl.


Suddenly, the curly-haired girl’s expression solidified.


“If I guessed correctly, you should be the thief Lina, right? After all, you say you are a thief, I don’t believe it.”

1257•This marriage contract should be signed for her first. (under)

The girl with curly hair, hearing this, stammered:

“Yes… what about me? ? 』

v Hearing this, he said with a smile:

“It’s easy for you, you help me, or I will post your photos all over the streets and alleys so that everyone knows what you look like.”

Although vat first felt that Heath was uncomfortable when he used this trick to threaten herself, but if her identity was reversed and she was threatening others by herself, then she didn’t feel too sour.

The curly-haired girl who admitted that she was Lina heard the words of v and immediately said in embarrassment:

“How come there is a wingless race like you… I am Deity Race!” It is a higher race than you! ! 』

However, just after Lina said this, v turned around and said:

“Well, since that’s the case, I’m going to post photos.”

“Etc., etc! ! Can’t I help? ? ? But how do you want me to help? ? 』

vhearing this, said with a smile to Lina:

Just as v explained the plan to Lina,

In the most central location of this building, in the banquet hall, I saw that Su Nuo solemnly held the wooden box containing the marriage contract between Heath and Norsa Lan Family eldest son, and slowly flew into the hall.

At this moment, the lights in the banquet hall were all turned off, leaving only three white lights, shining on Su Nuo holding the marriage contract, Heath, the protagonist of today’s engagement banquet, and a handsome man with fluttering blond hair.

There is no doubt that this blond hair is floating, has a handsome face, and the wings of the sky-wing tribe male behind him resemble white snow. It is the eldest son of the Norsa Lan Family, Lenser Norsalan.

At this moment, under the white light, I saw a male of the Tianyi tribe wearing luxurious beige clothes but not wearing gold and silver jewelry, came to Lenser, and then saluted him.

Among the Tianyi tribe, the Tianyi tribe wearing beige clothing is regarded as “common people”, and they do not wear gold and silver jewelry, which shows their status as a subordinate.

Immediately afterwards, I saw that the Tianyi male wearing beige clothes turned and said to the guests hovering above and below:

“Everyone must have been waiting for a long time. Let’s start signing the marriage contract between Lenser Young Master and Heath Young Lady. 』

Now that the person finished speaking, Su Nuo had already followed the white light and slowly flew between Luncer and Heath.

At this moment, Sis looked at the marriage contract in Su Nuo’s hand, very impatient.

If according to her own temperament, she is likely to rush forward and tear the marriage contract in half.

However, in this way, torn up the documents with the seal of the Lord of the Sky, he became the guilty person who blasphemed the Lord of the Sky.

It would be easy to do if you just put to death, which is a matter of closing your eyes.

But if it affects the entire Silvia house, it would be terrible.

After all, marrying Lunther is at best the decline or annexation of the family.

But if the marriage contract is torn up, it will end up with execute the whole family unto the third generation.

When Heath thought of this, she could only secretly clenched her fists, wrinkled her lips, and slowly flew to the place where the engagement was.

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