Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2122

According to the custom of signing a marriage contract by the Tianyi tribe, both parties must hold each other’s hands tightly, and then drip blood onto the contract at the same time. This shows that the two sides are forever concentric and not separated from each other.

2 To come also means that both sides respect each other, regardless of you and me.

However, just as Luncer was nearing the engagement, he suddenly said to Su Nuo who was holding the engagement:

“This marriage contract, sign her first. 』

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“This marriage contract, sign her first”

As soon as Luncer said this, Heath was completely blank.

What is “sign her first”? ?

You know, in Tianyi’s concept, the husband and wife put blood on the contract together and sign the contract, which is regarded as a symbol of equality between husband and wife.

However, if one party asks the other party to sign the contract first, the problem can be serious.

In the perception of the Tianyi tribe, it is not that whoever signs the contract first has a higher status.

On the contrary, here, whoever signs the contract first drops the blood, and whoever asks the other side is inferior.

At this moment, Luncer asked Heath to sign the contract first, which made it clear that he wanted to suppress Heath and put Sylvia’s family completely under him.

At this moment, Heath looked at the contract in Rencer’s hand, gnashing his teeth, and her pink fists had already been tightly clenched, wishing to rush forward to beat Rencer.

But Heath knew that she couldn’t do this. Because today’s Silvia family simply cannot confront the Norsa Lan Family.

In the past, the Silvia family was still able to fight against the Norsa Lan Family in the “Land of White Feathers”, one of the three floating islands, and share the same balance.

But now, Norsa Lan Family is better than Silvia, whether it is the economic industry or the private army under it.


And the most important thing is the current Norsa Lan Family. With the people of Heavenly Sword Academy as the backer, it is already an existence that the Silvia family cannot afford to offend.

Thinking of this, Heath took a deep breath, suppressing all the hatred and resentment in her heart.

She felt wronged in her heart, to the extreme.

She dignified the eldest daughter of Silvia, a well-known figure in the Deity Race younger generation. Why was she subjected to such rude treatment? ?

However, even if Heath feels wronged in her heart at this moment, there is no way.

Just when Heath’s heart was full of grievances, the Silvia’s Patriarch Mort, who was standing not far behind her, was also Heath’s father. He also showed an angry face.


He is in the heart only 2 words, regret!

Very regretful! !

Had it not been for him to make this marriage contract drunk, Heath would not have suffered such humiliation today.

Originally, before signing the marriage contract today, Mort was still thinking that this marriage contract might not be a good thing.

Because even if Heath did not marry Luncer, the Silvia family, which was gradually declining, could not escape the fate of being annexed by Norsa Lan Family, or even defeated.

But if Heath marries Luncer, she might still be able to leave a glimmer of survival for Sylvia’s family.

However, when Luncer asked Heath to sign the contract first, Mort knew that he thought things too well.

The current Norsa Lan Family is no longer the former rival of the Silvia family, and there are even some good families.

Now Norsa Lan Family, simply look down on yourself

family. ,

It is harder to say, the current Silvia family, in the eyes of Norsa Lan Family, is nothing but a fat sheep to be slaughtered.

As long as they want, they can steam and cook Silvia’s house anytime and anywhere, and then eat the whole thing.

“Big brother! Is there any way to regret marriage now? ? 』

At this moment, a golden long-haired Tianyi woman came to Mort’s side and asked him softly.

This Tianyi woman with golden hair is Mort’s younger sister Morrie.

When Morrie asked this, he saw Mort shook the head and said:

“No way, this marriage contract is an array of contracts that I personally portrayed back then, and later it was approved by the people of the “Hall of Heaven”, and finally it was stamped with the seal of the Lord of the Sky.

Therefore, unless the Lord of the Sky speaks in person, cancel this marriage. Otherwise, we have nothing to do. 』

Of course, another way is to rush forward and tear up the engagement directly. But if you do this, Silvia’s family will be completely wiped out on the charge of blaspheming the Lord of the Sky.

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