Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2123

And Morgan had just finished saying this, standing on the side of Heath mother, he did not hold back the grievance in his heart, and cried.


What a brilliant talent her daughter Heath is, even though she has only 2 wings behind her now, she has an extremely proud magic innate talent and sword technique innate talent.

In time, Heath might be able to give birth to 4 wings, become a 4-wing warrior, and be selected into the Heavenly Sword Academy to become a generation of Heaven’s Chosen.

However, if Heath marries the Norsa Lan Family who simply looks down on her, what awaits her is destined to be trampled on the soles of her feet all day long, unable to turn over.

His mother thought of this, she covered her face with her hand, and sobbed quietly.

At this moment, Heath, who was standing under the eyes of everyone, stared at the triumphant Rencer with her angry eyes that were about to burst into flames.

She is uncomfortable, she is wronged, she is angry.

However, at this moment, she has no choice but to sign a contract.

“What are you waiting for? ? Hurry up and drop your blood on the contract! 』

Lencer became even more proud when he saw Heath staring at him so angrily.

Hess is the Goddess that many men dream of on the three big floating islands, and is also an outstanding talent in magic and sword technique among the young generation of Tianyi tribe.

Since he was a child, Luncer has been constantly compared with Heath, and is always said to be inferior to Heath.

But today, Luncer wants everyone to see that the Heath who is better than herself, the Heath who is called Goddess in the hearts of many men, will only be stepped on by herself from now on. Up!

The current Norsa Lan Family, whether economically or in terms of military force, can slap Silvia’s house, and will eventually manage the existence of the entire “White Feather Land”.

Therefore, even if he humiliated Heath so much at this moment, the Silvia family did not dare to complain even one word on the surface.

At this moment, Heath turned her angry gaze to the marriage contract in Su Nuo’s hand.

At this moment, she can’t wait to tear up the whole engagement


However, reason told her that she must not do this.

Heath, who tried her best to suppress her anger, took a deep breath, reached out and picked up a delicate knife in the wooden box, and then gently cut a small cut on her ring finger.

Suddenly, a drop of bright red blood flowed from Heath’s ring finger, and it dripped onto the marriage contract engraved with an array of contracts.

In the next second, when Heath’s blood was absorbed by the contract array, the entire marriage contract immediately emitted a faint golden rays of light.

After seeing Heath dripping blood on the engagement, Lenser immediately showed a very satisfied smile.

From now on, Heath will never raise her head in front of her. And their Silvia’s family is in front of Norsa Lan Family, and there is no future.

Thinking of this, Luncer happily picked up the delicate knife in the wooden box, preparing to drip his blood on the marriage contract.

However, just as he picked up the knife and was about to cut his finger, he heard a loud bang, and the vent on the ceiling suddenly fell to the ground.

At the same time, I saw a young girl from the Tianyi tribe wearing a mask, carrying a wingless tribe man on her back, flying past him, directly taking away the marriage contract in front of him.

1259. Crazy Clam Building (Part 1)

Lina, carrying v, flew past Rencer at a very fast speed, and directly took away the marriage contract placed in front of him.

Its speed and accuracy made it impossible for everyone present to react to what happened.

In the next second, before the lights in the banquet hall turned on again, they saw V and Lina directly fall to the ground.

But at the moment she landed, she saw Lina squeezing the marriage contract into V’s hand at a speed that could not cover her ears, and then she turned around and disappeared into the darkness.

However, this is not that Lina wants to abandon v and run away by herself, but that this is how v’s plan is.

v doesn’t ask Lina to help herself too much.

First of all, Lina didn’t owe anything to V. Just now, V was looking for faults maliciously and let Lina take the blame for herself.

2 Come, because if someone discovers Lina’s identity, I am afraid it will be detrimental to the Heath family.

Therefore, v just hopes that Lina can fly herself for a short period of time and grab the marriage contract.

After all, the current v cannot undo seal or walking on air yet. And the magic device that Heath gave him can only climb up the wall, and can’t make v fly into the air.

As for why v didn’t run away after grabbing the engagement, of course it was because he couldn’t run away.

If v ran away now, then the pot could be buckled on the head of the Heath family, saying that the Heath family secretly planned to seize the marriage contract and wanted to regret the marriage.

In this way, the Heath family will completely oppose Norsa Lan Family.

However, v knew that this was not the result Heath wanted.

Therefore, V decides to stay in place after grabbing the marriage contract, and then make some strange remarks to make others believe that he has nothing to do with Silvia’s family.

Finally, tear off the entire marriage contract.

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