Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2124

In this way, the pot is all on his own body, and there is nothing to do with Silvia’s family.

Just when v was thinking about it, all the lights in the banquet hall turned on.

At the same time, the eyes of everyone present were also focused on the wingless tribe v.

Heath looked at V who had snatched the engagement, her eyes flashed suddenly.

But at the same time, her eyes were also full of worry.

As for the eyes of other people looking at v, they were full of surprise, panic, doubt and disgust.

But no matter how they view v, this is the result v wants.

Because from now on, it’s v’s performance.

v Thinking of this, I stood in place, very handsomely waved the marriage contract in his hand, and then looked at the Luncer who hovered in midair with an extremely mocking look and said:

It’s a pity that v just vomited it out before speaking out.


After a while, the banquet hall, which was originally elegant and silent, became quieter.

However, in the next second, only one of the guests from the Tianyi tribe said:

“Why are the Wingless Clan here? ? 』

“That’s right! I vomited all over the floor, so disgusting! 』

“Oh my God! I even smelled the vomiting odor of the Wingless Race. I went home and had to wash my whole body well and spray on perfume, otherwise it would be too disgusting! ! 』

For a moment, only disgust and disgust were left in the eyes of those Tianyi tribes who originally looked at v.


At this moment, v, who was holding his stomach and vomiting, was also speechless for a while.

He just thought he would not react to motion sickness while sitting on Lina.

It turned out that didn’t expect just responded late.

It seems that as long as the feet are off the ground, no matter whether it is a car or a person, you can’t ride it yourself.

1259. Crazy Clam Building (Part 1)

And when v’s situation improved slightly, Luncer said to Steward Sunuo beside him:

“Sunuo, go and kill the wingless tribe, and get the marriage contract back. 』

v As a wingless tribe, breaking into the territory of the Tianyi tribe is a capital crime.

Now coupled with the fact that he also snatched the Tianyi tribe’s marriage contract and soiled the floor of Norsa Lan Family, it was even more a capital crime among the capital crimes.

Therefore, no one would be surprised when Luncer was issued this order.

However, just a second before Su Nuo was about to leave, Heath suddenly shouted loudly:

“wait! This wingless tribe cannot be killed! 』

Although V is just a wingless tribe with no money, but he is desperately doing things for himself after all.

If he let Rencer kill v in this way, then she would have failed as an employer.

When Hess shouted out these words, she saw Luncer harboring malicious intentions and smiled, and then said:

“how? Could it be that this wingless race who snatched the marriage contract belonged to your Sylvia family? ? 』

Heath heard this, not at all immediately answered, but hesitated for a while in the heart, and said:

T 彳 also. J]

However, before Heath said the second word, I heard v yelling below:

“I am not from the Silvia family, I am just a wingless tribe who admires and loves Hiss!!

As an admirer of Heath, I would never allow Goddess like Heath to marry someone like you! ! “

v I have long heard that Hess is the dream lover of all men of the Tianyi tribe, so it is not surprising that she has such a crazy wingless admirer at this moment.

And now V wants to put aside his relationship with Silvia’s family by disguising himself as Heath’s ardent admirer.

Don’t ask why v is willing to sacrifice so much. If you want to ask, ask why Heath has to perform high mountains and flowing water in front of her, and the clear spring is gushing.

When vthis remark said it, it immediately aroused the laughter of those onlookers Tianyi tribe.

“God, what the hell is this wingless clan saying? ? “Lunser is not good for Heath, is he good for this wingless race?” ? 』

“He even said that he was Heath’s admirer. As a wingless clan, he really dare to say these things! 』

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