Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2125

“I think this is because the toad can’t eat swan’s meat, and it’s crazy. 』

v Hearing these frigid irony and scorching satire of the Tianyi tribe, I am very satisfied.

That’s how it should be. I am now a toad who went crazy because he couldn’t eat swan’s meat, not the one Heath invited to steal the marriage contract.

And just when v felt that the time was about the same and was about to tear up the engagement, he saw Luncer hovering in the air, looking at v with contempt, coldly said:

“Ah! A trifling is a wingless tribe. Normally, we can’t even see a feather of our Deity Race. Now I still have the guts to say that I am an admirer of Heath. 』

v Hearing Luncer’s words, I just felt a little funny in my heart.

Who said he couldn’t even see a feather of the Tianyi tribe? ?

I not only saw feathers, but also Yin…


It is high mountains and flowing water, clear springs gushing.

When I thought of this, the scene of the day resurfaced in v’s mind.

In the next second, only two bright red blood were seen, gushing out of V’s nose.

At this moment, everyone present was stupid.

The reason why they are stupid is not because v suddenly spewed a nosebleed.

The reason they are stupid is because the nosebleed out of v, coincidentally, fell into his hands.


1260. He is my husband-in-law now! (on)

When v’s nosebleed drops to the one on the contract array


Heath’s father is stupid,

Heath’s mother was silly,

Even Heath herself was completely stunned, staring at her surprised eyes, she couldn’t believe what v did at this moment.


At this moment, except for the Hess family, all the other Tianyi tribes who were present were also dumbfounded, looking at the v who dropped blood on the marriage contract with a pair of unbelievable eyes. This is really crazy, crazy to the extreme! They thought that v was just a toad who couldn’t eat swan’s meat and went crazy.

But no one didn’t expect, the degree of this toad went crazy beyond everyone’s imagination.

You know, in the concept of the Tianyi tribe, the “wingless tribe” in the sky and land are not humans, but “inferior races” with their Bloodline.

So in fact, the Wingless tribe can marry the Tianyi tribe.

However, even if intermarriage is possible, no Tianyi tribe is willing to marry a wingless tribe.

Because among the Tianyi tribes who take wings as their beauty, the wingless tribe without wings is a group of ugly lower-class people.

Moreover, no matter its strength or its own lifespan, the Wingless tribe is inferior to the Tianyi tribe, and it is impossible to compare them together.

It is precisely because of this that the laws of the Tianyi tribe simply do not stipulate that the Tianyi tribe cannot marry a wingless tribe.

Because this simply doesn’t need to be stipulated, as long as the Tianyi tribe with a normal mind will definitely not marry the Wingless tribe.

But now, who would have thought that the wingless tribe v had the right time to drop his blood on the half-completed marriage contract, and the ceremony was completed with Heath.

This action of v is simply unprecedented, and there is no one to come. It is the first wingless tribe in the history of the sky and land to complete a marriage contract with the Tianyi tribe.

100 Degree Search Book Gang”

However, no matter what it is at this moment, v is dead.

Just as everyone thought about it, the contract array that had absorbed V blood actually emitted dazzling golden rays of light.

At the same time, I saw the bottom of v’s left ring finger and the bottom of His right hand ring finger, which also emitted golden rays of light and a small circle of golden magic patterns appeared at the same time.


The golden magic pattern in this small circle is a sign that the marriage contract takes effect. It is a sign that the two people who have signed the marriage contract become a husband and wife and grow old together.

At this moment, v looked at the magic lines appearing on his hand, and was still stunned.

This…this is not the result he wanted! ! ! His plan was to tear up the marriage contract and then quickly slip away.

Not wanting to marry Heath as a wife! ! !

On the other side, Heath looked at the magic lines on her ring finger, and didn’t react for a while.

She didn’t expect that V would do such a crazy move, it was simply…

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