Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2126

So witty! ! !

However, just as Heath sighed V’s wit, Lenser, who listened only to the side, commanded all the guards present in an extremely cold tone:

“kill him! 』

As soon as Luncer said this, several Tianyi soldiers armed with “long spear of light” rushed from all corners of the banquet hall, preparing to behead v on the spot.

Even if v forcibly completes the marriage contract with Heath, he is just an inferior wingless tribe, absolutely unable to compete with the Tianyi tribe.

Even more how, he is still an enemy of the Norsa Lan Family who commands half of the “land of the white feathers”.

v Seeing the guards swarming in, they immediately took a posture and prepared to fight.

However, just as these guards holding the long spear were about to stab the long spear in one hand, and pierce v the whole, only a golden light flashed in front of v.

1260. He is my husband-in-law now! (under)

Immediately afterwards, I saw the long spear of light held by the guards, all turned into golden particles and dissipated in the air.

When everyone present saw this scene, they suddenly showed extremely shocked expressions.

Because at this moment, the person who helped V block these guards and dispelled all the long spears in the hands of these guards turned out to be Heath! ! !

At this moment, I saw Heath, who was wearing a luxurious banquet, was holding a long sword condensed by golden magic. The valiant and formidable looking stood in front of V.

In the next second, Heath looked back at v slightly and said softly:

“Don’t worry, just leave it to me! “V Seeing Heath, whose golden hair is dancing with the flow of air in front of her, is also slightly stupid in place.

I have to say that Heath is not only beautiful, but her eyebrows are also full of heroism. She is the kind of stunner who is capable of dumping sentient beings in every move.

“Um… then leave it to you…”

v Looking at Heath who is valiant and formidable looking in front of her, she said in a daze.

When Heath heard the words of v, he slightly laughed, and then turned to look at Luncer who was still hovering in the sky.

In Heath’s understanding, V is preparing to pretend to be his fanatical admirer, risking his death to sign the marriage contract, and let this marriage and all subsequent marriages completely void. Finally, he tried to escape from this place alone, and disappeared from the sight of everyone.

After all, if v is simply stealing the engagement in public,

Both the Silvia family and the Norsa Lan Family will have certain responsibilities, so it is impossible to buckle all the pots on the head of the Norsa Lan Family and cancel the marriage contract.

As long as Norsa Lan Family reapply for a marriage contract with the “Hall of Heaven” afterwards, he can hold an engagement ceremony with himself again.

However, if v directly signs a marriage contract with himself, even Norsa Lan Family has no right to interfere.

After all, this is a marriage contract approved by the Hall of Heaven!

And Heath believes that with v’s superb stealth technique, he can escape from here.

However, this also means that v will continue to hide and escape from now on.

If it were the previous one, Heath might still choose to hide in the dark, just watching V escape without any intervention.

But now, after Luncer humiliated herself in front of so many people, Heath decided to protect v in public, confess the marriage, and completely hostile Norsa Lan Family! !

Before Heath still thought that it would last for a while, try not to be a direct enemy with Norsa Lan Family, because her family is no match for Norsa Lan in terms of strength or economy.


But now, when Luncer humiliated himself in front of everyone, there was no longer any need to delay.

And Heath still wants to thank v from the bottom of my heart.

Because if it weren’t for the sudden appearance of v, I’m afraid Heath would not be firm in her fight against Norsa Lan Family.


Just as Heath was thinking about it, she saw Luncer who hovered in midair suddenly said with a smile:

“Heath~ Heath~~ My Heath, what are you doing? ? ? Why are you going to protect a wingless clan who ruined our engagement banquet? ? 』

Heath smiled coldly when he heard Lencer’s words, and then replied:

“Why can’t I protect him? ? He is my husband-in-law now! 』

Luncer, who was hovering in midair, heard this and his entire face immediately became gloomy.

1261. Find out who is the man you should serve! (on)

When Luncer heard Heath say this, his entire face went dark.

What does it mean that he is your husband-in-law? ?

He is just a bloodline inferior, almost trash wingless race, how could he become your husband-in-law? ?

Luncer thought of this, and once again said with a smile in a cold voice:

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