Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2128

But at the time, Mort not at all thought that he would never give birth to a male heir to inherit the Position of Patriarch.

It was even more unexpected that Norsa Lan Family would soar into the sky, becoming extremely powerful, and surpassing Silvia’s family ever since.

Marriage is always about right and right. If one party is too strong, the other is only for being bullied.

And if this is magnified to the heir’s marriage, then the weaker party will only have to be annexed by the stronger party.

Just as Mort was thinking about it, Luncer, who was hovering high in the air, suddenly ordered:

“Ah! You said he is your husband-in-law, right? Then I will kill him personally here today! So that you can clearly understand who is the man you should serve! ! 』

After Luncer finished speaking, he took a cylinder-shaped magic guide from Su Nuo, and then pressed the switch to let the golden Light Attribute magic power come out of the cylinder, condense the shape of the blade.

In the next second, I saw Luncer holding a lightsaber, slightly waving the white wings behind him, and then suddenly a fierce man dived down, pointing his sword directly at V’s heart.

However, before Luncer’s blade touched v, he saw a golden light flashing past, blocking Luncer in midair.

At this moment, Heath, who also held the long sword of light, actually took the dive attack of Luncer from the high air from the front.

In a short while, the two long swords of light rubbed against each other in midair, bursting out dazzling golden sparks, and the sound of “zi zi” when the magic was broken.

None of the people present had expected that the well-known figures of these two young generations of Tianyi tribe would even face each other at their engagement banquet!

And they didn’t even think that the reason why their swords were facing each other was for a wingless race! ! !

What they didn’t even expect was that the wingless tribe who at first was mocked as a toad would eat swan’s meat, just and honorable, giving Luncer green! ! !

This World is so crazy, so crazy that people can’t believe what happened before them.

However, just as Luncer and Heath were about to dance the lightsaber in their hands and make the next move, they saw a cold-faced middle-aged Tianyi male suddenly patted his hand, and loudly said:

“Lunther! Put away the sword! What a decent way to swing a sword at a woman on such an occasion! ? 』

When Luncer heard the man’s voice, he immediately waved his wings, stepped back, and put the lightsaber away.

Because the man who talked was no one else, but Renther’s father, Corey Norsalan.

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