Infinite Awakening Split Chapter 669

Nuwa, who was fighting with the feather snake, noticed the movement of Yang Shuo, and saw Yang Shuo’s imposing manner ascend, but she was a little surprised that she was not directly killed by God for the time being, but look The extra gems on his gloves suddenly understood.

At this time, Aoba also saw the infinite glove on Yang Shuo’s hand, and without even thinking about it, he buckled the time gem on his necklace, and then stretched out his hand to Little Red Riding Hood.

The two of them were one in their previous lives, and naturally they could understand each other’s thoughts. Little Red Riding Hood didn’t say anything, and very simply buckled the soul gem from the staff, and then handed it to Aoba.

Aoba got the two gems and pointed the gems at Yang Shuo. Then the gems in her hand disappeared, and when they reappeared, they were already in the groove of the infinite glove.

The Yang Shuo’s breath soared again after receiving help, and the body that had been beaten by God was solidified again. Although the defeat has not disappeared, at least it can withstand in a short time.

But at this time Pangu and other Supreme Gods are all entangled by the dominion. When God solves Yang Shuo, then it is the time when many Spiritual Gods of Divine State have failed.

“Let me help you again.” Nuwa said and forced the feather snake back, and then directly threw the space gem that she had snatched at Yang Shuo.

The gem also disappeared directly in the same place. When it reappeared, it was already on Yang Shuo’s glove. Yang Shuo’s imposing manner soared again, and the faintly discernible Divine Kingdom emerged behind him.

Six infinite gems rays of light flourished, Mogeko in Divine Kingdom increased rapidly, breaking through hundreds of billions in a short time.

Immediately after Yang Shuo, overflowing Heavenly Demon Qi appeared above Yang Shuo’s head, pushing the divine light of God back, a Demon God illusory shadow emerged from behind Yang Shuo, majestic and powerful, Qi of Slaughter is monstrous, as if the world has all Nothing can stop him from moving forward.

“Supreme God…” Yu Yingying looked at Yang Shuo with crystal tears in her eyes. At this moment, she finally stopped resenting the Nine Heavens Profound Lady, and no longer hated her for blocking her running in her previous life. The footsteps of the beloved, after all, she is more helpful to Yang Shuo than herself.

Yang Shuo swung his knife to force God back, and then looked towards the Lord. At this time, the Lord was still a huge ball of light, but the breath of Supreme God was fully revealed.

Yang Shuo looked at the dominator and said coldly: “You shouldn’t exist.” “Existence is reasonable.” The dominator’s voice is no longer mechanical, but full of majesty.

The ruler immediately appeared in front of Yang Shuo, one after another rays of light dropping from the sky, trying to use Yang Shuo within the body’s limitations to control Yang Shuo, or even obliterate it.

However, Yang Shuo at this time has already got rid of the shackles when he became a Spiritual God, and the ruling Rule Power has no such great effect on it at this time.

The god next to him wanted to take a shot at Sect Leader, but Pangu, who had been fighting with the master, directly greeted him, and immediately forced the god to back down.

The two Supreme Gods, Pangu and Domination, are the two of the cream of the crop, and they are also the ones who are most likely to transcend this World, so God was crushed and beaten as soon as they touched.

Of course, Yang Shuo is not much better. Rule Power still remains in his body. Even if he has been expelled, the ruler already knows his body well, and Rule Power still does not play well with Yang Shuo. Small role.

The demonic energy on Yang Shuo’s body is constantly evaporating, as if the next moment is about to be annihilated, but the strength of Faith of Divine Kingdom millions and millions of creatures is constantly replenishing his power and resisting the dominant Rule Power.

“Get out of us!!!” Yang Shuo roared and swung his knife at the master, the imposing manner seemed to split the master in half.

However, Supreme God is Supreme God after all. How can it be so easy to deal with. Although Yang Shuo has also been promoted to Supreme God, there is still a gap between him and the master.

As Yang Shuo keeps approaching the master, the demonic energy on his body is constantly dissipating. When Yang Shuo’s Tiger Soul Blade falls in front of the master, the Tiger Soul Blade has no demonic energy on it.

The Tiger Soul Knife seemed to have been cut into the quagmire. No matter how hard Yang Shuo urged it, it couldn’t cut it down any more, as if it was caught tightly by something.

“You don’t understand the meaning of this place of detachment for all Supreme Gods.” The indifferent voice of the ruler reached Yang Shuo’s ears, but Yang Shuo took the opportunity to yank the knife back.

He looked at the master’s constantly shrinking body, looked up towards the sky, and slowly said: “What about detachment? What about not detachment, I just want to protect the people I care about.”


“You are wrong. As long as you don’t transcend this place, the fate of you and the people you care about will belong to it. If it wants you to die, you will die, if he wants you to die, you will die… you The so-called Undying and Inextinguishable do not exist.”

Yang Shuo heard the dominion’s words, eyes slightly shrink, and suddenly realized that he hadn’t been able to surpass his destiny until now, beyond the control of an existence, and The person he cares about is just the puppet that’s all in his hand, whether it’s the previous life or this life, all of this seems to have a pair of hands manipulating it.

“It turns out…that’s it.” Yang Shuo suddenly laughed in a deep voice, and then the laughter became louder and louder. Finally, the entire Divine State was his laughter, and the world outside the crystal wall was also All echoed his laughter.

“In this case, then I will destroy the world it created!!!” Yang Shuo imposing manner soared again, soaring frantically, and the Demon God illusory shadow behind him also changed from able to support Both heaven and earth breakthrough extend to the depths of the universe, enveloping all the world.

All Supreme Gods all looked towards Yang Shuo, and they all showed relieved smiles. All Supreme Gods had incarnation beams into Yang Shuo’s body, including Pan Gu and the master.

They also desire to transcend this place, even if they fuse their consciousness with Yang Shuo, they must transcend this place and get rid of the man who manipulates everything.

Yang Shuo Demon God illusory shadow Everything was destroyed wherever he went, and there was no dust left, as if there was nothing but the whole universe.

“Oh, you can’t escape, you can’t let go of those people you care about, even if you put them in the Divine Kingdom, it is impossible to make them equally detached, hahahahaha!!!”

A mocking voice seemed to rush in from outside the world. The voice was a little low, but it sounded like a thunder in Yang Shuo’s ears.

Yang Shuo stopped when he heard this voice, and looked towards Qingye, Xiaoqingye, Yu Yingying, the insect race empress, his daughter, and even Little Red Riding Hood.

Yu Yingying’s pleading voice rang: “No! I don’t want to lose you anymore!” “Are you leaving Xiaoqingye?” Xiaoqingye’s tearful eyes looked towards To Yang Shuo.

Although the others didn’t say anything, they all looked at Yang Shuo. Gradually, more and more people appeared in front of him. The silhouettes of former friends and later comrades in arms continued to emerge.

“Transcendence, what’s good.” The voice sounded again: “How cruel the world outside is, you can’t have all of this, and the person you love may leave you. , The people you wish to protect will also die powerlessly.”

“How beautiful is this World, but I carefully created it for you. You don’t know how many people long for such a world, long for Get everything you have, but why don’t you know how to cherish it.”

That voice is full of fascinating power, and the destructive rays of light that continue to emerge in Yang Shuo’s hands start to slow down, and he looks at it. towards Yu Yingying, his lover in this life.

“My dear, do you remember your promise?”

(End of the book)

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