Infinite Bloodcore Chapter 280


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Cang Xu judged that the Sea God Temple is in the eye of the sea. In this regard, Draconian youngster expressed doubts: “According to the information you have obtained, although this group of fishman has faith, what do they believe in is the god of tranquility, the god of waves, the god of water, the god of fish, etc., not at all the blue god Ah.”

Cang Xu slightly smiled: “Captain, you may not know much about the situation in this regard. The gods often have not only one identity, but also other identities. The Charm Blue God is likely to have other god names, such as the God of Peace, Fish God and so on.”

“There are two main reasons for a god to have multiple names.”

“The first reason is that the gods need to retreat. For example, in the case of the blue god, he fell into a deep sleep and was very weak. To supplement the divine force, he had to rely on believers, but his sect was almost destroyed. What to do What? At this time, if he still has an identity, such as the fish god, then the followers of the fish god will greatly help him in his recovery. And if his enemies do not know the inside story, they will not be able to attack him.”

“The second reason is the victory of the gods. If the gods defeat the gods and kill them, they can take away the other side’s priesthood, god’s name, divine power, and Divine Realm. Open history and you can see Many sects suddenly merged, which is one of the follow-up effects of the war of gods. There are also gods who have won new titles, priests, etc., but deliberately put them aside, operating as a second identity, and do not integrate into their own In Divine Spark.”

Cang Xu continued: “In recent years, here at intervals, there have been god messengers dropping from the sky to preach. Although the propagated god names are not at all, the blue god, it does not mean that he Not a beneficiary behind the scenes.”

“These divine envoys appear frequently, and the timing of their appearance is also when the sea eye erupts from the spring water like a pillar. This is very strange.”

“Although the angels are dropping from the sky, I think the temple must not be in the sky.”

“If you were high in the sky with a clear view of the sky, it should have been discovered by other existence or forces.”

“I think there is a demiplane here. Usually, the demiplane is covered by the huge vortex of the sea eye and the turbulent tide. Whenever the sea eye fountain, the demiplane will be exposed to a trace, making it easier to communicate with the outside world. There will be natural passages indefinitely. These divine envoys should have come out of the passage.”

“They need to preach. The more believers they develop, the more beneficial it is for the restoration of the gods.”

Draconian youngster nodded shook his head again: “Your words are very logical, but in the end it is just your guess, without evidence.”

“Actually, I do.” Cang Xu smiled silently, “I saw the scene of the village chief fishman drinking medicine. I knew his medicine bottle by chance.”

“The medicine bottle is a kind of pale-yellow glass with a slender neck and a long neck.”

“This kind of potion bottle is more common on the coast of Empire, and Crescent Town is in this range.”

“The owner of the seabed secret room is likely to follow the Evil God believers in Crescent Town to this sea eye.”

“Because of the same belief, Evil God believers helped these fishman and left the potion.”

Draconian youngster’s eyes flickered with a light.

If this is the case, then Cang Xu’s guess is likely to be the truth.

The medicine bottle seems to be thinner as evidence, but in fact, in the vast ocean, the probability of seeing this medicine bottle at a certain time and at a certain place is very small.

“Unexpectedly, you have also studied potion bottles.” Draconian youngster said.

Cang Xu shook his head: “This is the news I got from Fei She while chatting with Fei She. Although Fei She is only an ordinary person, he is one of the veterans of the Wisteria Chamber of Commerce. Very sensitive and UBM Guangzhi.”

After the old scholar left, Draconian youngster was lost in thought.

“Next, what should I do?”

After this conversation, the Draconian youngster is also inclined to Cang Xu’s speculation.

So what to do next must be more thoughtful.

Because the enemy he faced this time was unprecedentedly strong. Not to mention anything else, only he knew, there was the owner of the seabed secret room-Mage of Silver Rank.

He is not only Mage, but also the undead Mage.

Besides him, there are also Evil God followers.

These believers all have a more or less divine spell!

Whether it is Jia Sha on Monster Bewildering Island or Haofu, the Pirates of Justice have a taste of the almighty and powerful divine spell.

And here is the main temple again.

The scale of Evil God followers must be very large, and at the same time the bishop rank must exist. There is even Archbishop!

If these are aside, the massive fishman in the depths of the sea eye is enough to become a moat for the Draconian youngster.

The Pirates of Justice launched a powerful attack on these fishman, it is bound to fail. Even an attack is impossible.

The Pirates of Justice has eleven pirate ships, all of which are magic energy ships, but they can only drift on the sea and cannot dive for combat.

This time, Draconian youngster can only rely on Sea Monster.

“But even with Sea Monster, it is extremely unwise to attack by force.”

“It is best to be able to sneak in. Sea Monster cannot be easily exposed and can be arranged in an external application!”

The actions of the owner of the seabed secret room, the undead Mage, gave the Draconian youngster a good example.

The pearl foam that gives the youngster more confidence.

It’s a good way to use the divine artifact of the blue god to deal with his followers. The bully is the god sleeping.

“I need more information before the actual action!”

It is no longer appropriate to inquire about intelligence and hand it over to Cang Xu.

After all, he only has Blackiron Level. If you go deep into the eyes of the sea, it is easy to be exposed and also very dangerous.

This time, the Draconian youngster decided to dispatch himself!

He quietly left Justice and kept diving deep into the sea.

The sea is dark, but Longtong can barely see something.

The tenacious dragon scales protect the youngster and completely withstand the increasing water pressure.

Draconian youngster can still breathe in the water.

Some dragons cannot do this, but the bloodline of the youngster’s body is as high as Legend. Rumor has it that the King of Flame Dragon can even swim in the lava and breathe freely.

Soon after, the Draconian youngster successfully came to the outside of the fishman village that Cang Xu was exploring.

Because of Cang Xu’s previous actions, the fishman village has become very lively. Large groups of fishman gathered together to smash the sharks and hunted many heads.

Seeing that these fishman were gathered and it was difficult to start, the Draconian youngster immediately shifted the target.

He dived for a while, and came to another village.

After waiting for a while, he found a fishman patrol team.

There are three fishman in the team.

The Draconian youngster rushed out of the coral cluster and pulled out a fishman’s heart with one claw.

The other two fishman surprised and angry crossed, poke the youngster with a harpoon.

After the two harpoons hit the dragon scales, they broke at the same time.

When the fishman saw this scene, he was frightened. One by one dropped the broken harpoon, turned his head and ran away, while yelling: “glraaa, wmllaa, mgwal!”

The Draconian youngster did not chase, but waved his hand.

battle skill-dragon claw strike.

Four claw marks quickly hit the two fishman and cut the fishman directly into several pieces. The current fluctuated violently, the sea sand was lifted, and a large amount of blood mixed with internal organs quickly spread in the sea.

Draconian youngster certainly won’t let it go. If the blood is allowed to spread, it will definitely attract many fishman with a keen sense of smell and taste.

Blood core!

The Draconian youngster’s spirit moved, the next moment, the blood light came up, suddenly spread around, and then suddenly contracted back.

Several corpses, visceral fragments, and spreading blood of fishman disappeared completely, transformed into bloodline essence, sinking into the depths of the blood core.

Draconian youngster closed his eyes and observed a few breaths, then he started shapeshifting.

Next moment, fishman youngster is here!

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