Infinite Bloodcore Chapter 281


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In the deep sea, the brilliance of the coral cluster ripples slightly on the youngster’s cheeks.

fishman youngster looked at his hands.

His palm is no longer a tough dragon claw, but a fishman’s hand, including his thumb, only three fingers.

There is also a tenacious film between the fingers, which is the fish web.

The youngster tried to wave his palm, and the fish webs moved in the sea, which brought a stronger reaction force.

His vision has also changed.

The seabed world has become brighter.

After all, the Yanlong lives on land. Although the dragon pupil can see things on the seabed, it is still inferior to the fishman’s eyes.

Deep-sea fishman can survive on seabed, and the environment forces them to evolve eyes that can more actively absorb light.

In order to do this, fishman’s eyes are huge.

In Draconian form, the dragon pupil is about the same size as a normal human race eye. But fish eyes are different. Every eye of the youngster at the moment is the size of a plate.

A pair of eyes occupies the left and right sides, and the area is so large that it almost fills the youngster’s huge fish head at the moment.

Such huge eyes also expanded the youngster’s field of vision several times.

The fishman youngster doesn’t need to turn his head at this moment, you can see the scene behind him to the left and right. Only the back of the body cannot be seen.

youngster took a deep breath.

The gills on both sides of his fish’s head suddenly opened, sucking in a large amount of sea water and converting it into abundant oxygen.

Youngster looked at his fish scales again. Under the shining of coral light, his fish scales appeared pale blue.

The color of the scales of this fish is exactly the color of the scales of the fishman he had previously absorbed.

“The power is much smaller than the Draconian form.”

“Resilience and endurance are far from good.”

“The defensive power can hardly be seen.”

“But…I am more adaptable to the seabed environment, it seems to be a little bit more agile than before.”

The improvement in agility is minimal. The fishman form is very suitable for seabed, but the bloodline of the King of the Dragon is as high as Legend Rank, which is excellent in all aspects.

youngster began to make various attempts.

The unfamiliar blue scale fishman just did his previous actions again.

The new Patrolling Team member beside the old fishman opened the mouth and said: “rgmma, gwwla, mmawrl.”

The old fishman froze for a moment, and then became very angry.

He patted the shoulders of his new companion and motioned to him to take a good look at his next battle performance, then he drew out the iron knife and stride proudly ahead towards the blue scale fishman.

The blue scale fishman grinned, knowing that the old fishman had accepted his heads-up. He kicked his legs on the ground, his palms yanked, and his body moved forward quickly, rushing towards the old fishman.

The old fishman was startled, and quickly moved sideways and dodged smoothly.

The blue scale fishman discovered the old fishman’s movements very early, and immediately adjusted his posture while swiftly swimming.

But a shocking scene appeared. The blue scale fishman staggered, completely changed the direction of the attack, the whole person rolled a few times, and then the huge fish head plunged into the sea sand.

The old fishman and the new fishman were shocked.

They unimaginable their own eyes.

Originally, this strange blue-scale fishman blocked the road and challenged, and they all thought that the other party was a difficult fishman fighter. But didn’t expect this guy actually didn’t even master the most basic swimming!

Just this stuff?

The fishman youngster pulled out his big head awkwardly.

He is our Captain Long Fu.

He is not good at swimming. Although fishman’s body structure is human-like, there are actually many differences. For example, the head of fishman is bigger and heavier than human.

The youngster rushed into an imposing manner just now, but when he temporarily adjusted his posture, his balance was not well grasped and he fell on the ground.

But the youngster is not discouraged, but instead has more fighting spirit.

The gills of the fish opened, he took a deep breath of the sea water, held the harpoon in his hand, and killed the old fishman again.

The old fishman held his head high, waved a machete, and confronted the youngster.

The youngster uses very little battle energy. With the help of the pearl foam, he is an ordinary Bronze Rank fishman fighter.

After the official confrontation began, the fishman youngster soon fell into a disadvantage.

The old fishman laughed heartily, and the new fishman kept shaking his head. He thought he could see a shrimp fight, didn’t expect this challenger to be so clumsy.

But as the battle continued, the old fishman’s laughter gradually became less, and the new fishman gradually felt something wrong when watching the battle.

The youngster possesses a strong combat literacy. The reason why he fell in the disadvantaged is just because he is not used to this life form that’s all.

Practical combat can make him the most progress.

Not long after, he played with the old fishman.

After a short while, the fishman youngster suppressed the old fishman.

The old fishman started to get injured, and the new fishman screamed, joined the battle group, and hit one with two.

youngster is not surprised but delighted, so that he can exercise his combat ability more.

So, the previous battle situation repeated itself again.

After the youngster got used to it, both the old fishman and the new fishman were crushed by him.

The old fishman riddled with scars, screaming, turned around and fled, regardless of the new fishman.

The new fishman surprised and angry crossed, revealing a weak spot, and was stabbed to death by the youngster.

Then the youngster grabbed the old fishman again and used the harpoon to take him to the account.

The blood core is used again, and the youngster adds another bloodline.

“Hey, this bloodline comes from the old fishman. It is a bit higher-end than the bloodline I got, and it has reached the Blackiron Rank.”

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