Infinite Bloodcore Chapter 283


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Seabed, the brilliance of coral rippling around fishman youngster.

The youngster sits on a rock, holding a geoduck in both hands.

The geoduck exudes Bronze aura, and the shell is covered with sharp spines.

The youngster holds the clam shell skillfully so that his fingers are not punctured. Then he slammed the clam shell against the rock under his ass.

After smashing it a few times, the geoduck shell broke apart, exposing the meat inside.

The youngster opened his fish’s mouth, exposing his sharp teeth, and gnawed up.

The clam meat is tender and plump, and it melts in the mouth. The fishman’s body digests quickly, and a lot of magic fills in.

“Sure enough, fishman has an advantage in eating raw seafood. Their digestive organs are different from humans, and they absorb magic energy from aquatic products more efficiently than humans.”

A few days ago, Zong Ge accidentally opened a window of fishman youngster.

He tried to eat raw aquatic products, and he gained a lot.

Not just saliva fish, but also other sea foods.

Human race has evolved to the present, eating cooked food is far more in line with the structure of the human body than eating raw food. The fishman youngster asked Cang Xu about this matter, and the old scholar told him: Long, long ago, human race also ate raw meat. But because they learned how to use fire from elf and Dwarf, human race began to roast food.

This can effectively kill a large number of bacteria and viruses in raw food.

As a result, the disease rate of human race is greatly reduced, and the population rapidly multiplies and rises. Evolved to today, of all races, the human race has the largest scale.

But this has also led to the fact that it is difficult for the human race’s stomach to adapt to raw food.

The fishman is different. The fishman is an amphibian and lives in the water for a long time. Even the freshwater fishman is the same. Although this fishman can go ashore, it spends more time in the water. For them, air is too dry. Landing activities will make them feel uncomfortable.

Because of living in water for a long time, fishman rarely uses fire, and has always kept the habit of eating raw food.

Although their population is not at all growing because of this, after a long period of evolution, their bodies are more resistant to germs, more able to obtain nutrients from raw food, and are more effectively absorbed.

A new path of cultivation is revealed in front of youngster.

“I can eat seafood in fishman form to get more efficient absorption. Then I transform form into Draconian for cultivation.”

It’s a pity that the bloodline of the Flame Dragon King is incomplete.

If the youngster mutation becomes a complete giant dragon, you can also eat other magic beasts directly.

The fishman digestive system is very developed, and soon the youngster felt his belly swell.

The amount of food is not much, but reaching the Bronze Rank is a big supplement to this fishman’s body.

The fishman youngster hurriedly stood up, mobilized the detonation battle energy, strode forward, and kept punching forward.

Although every time I hit an empty fist, it still caused one after another turbulent current in the seabed.

According to the cultivation of detonation battle energy, he transformed the nutrition within the body into a brand new battle energy.

A caravan swims slowly.

The head is a fishman Knight in full armor, sitting on the back of a sea toad.

Fishman Knight was the first to spot the youngster who was punching, so he raised his arms back, and the dragged caravan gradually stopped.

The scene of fishman youngster cultivation fell into the eyes of more fishman.

The headed fishman Knight watched with interest for a while, and then shouted: “mwagl, ggwall, walmm?”

The fishman youngster heard the sound, but not at all stopped the cultivation.

He continued to punch, without saying a word.

Fishman Knight saw youngster ignore himself, a flash of anger flashed on his face.

The other fishman around him shouted.

“Unfortunately, geoduck is very nutritious, but there are not many detonation battle energy transformed successfully.”

Detonation battle energy is a flame attribute, and the nutrient energy in the geoduck is suitable for producing the battle energy of those water attributes.

Youngster probably digested the nourishment of the geoduck. He pulled out the harpoon weapon inserted at his feet and hooked his finger at Fishman Knight.

The fishman of Caravan was stunned at this moment, and the fishman Knight roared: “mamgrl! Malw, lgmal, wawaaaaaaa!”

Fishman Knight relied on his identity, not at all, and went off in person. Instead, he waved his hand and summoned two Bronze fishman.

They are all blue scales.

The fishman youngster is quite familiar with this kind of bloodline fishman, after all, it kills much better.

The two blue-scale fishman screamed and rushed towards the youngster.

The youngster smiled contemptuously, not evasive, holding a harpoon, and arrogantly hedged.

The two sides quickly approached.

The youngster jerked the harpoon in his hand.

Two fishman, one left and the other, successfully dodged.

The harpoon is inserted between the two.

The fishman youngster rushed to the harpoon, and the two fishman took the opportunity to attack the youngster at the same time.

The youngster leaned on his side, kicked the harpoon with his foot, and at the same time he lifted the harpoon with his arm.

In this case, a large amount of sand splashed around, suddenly obstructing the view of one of the fishman.

These days, fishman youngster has made rapid progress. In seabed battles in fishman form, he began to become more comfortable.

He has a deep combat literacy himself, and he is very handy in using the environment when fighting.

The fishman youngster rushed into the sand, causing another fishman to rush into the air.

The fishman, whose vision was blocked by the sand, was retreating, and the fishman youngster rushed out of the sand.

The fishman youngster stabbed with a fork.

The fishman’s opponent crazily twisted his body, his limbs were paddling, and his speed suddenly increased.

If this is the youngster’s first battle at seabed, he will definitely let him escape.

But now the youngster is familiar with the fishman structure, and by looking at the opponent’s movements, he knows his next position.

So, the youngster flicked his wrist, and the harpoon changed its direction, just in time to stab the evasive fishman. It seemed that the fishman took the initiative to hit the harpoon in his hand.

The youngster cut the fishman to death with one fork, and then another fishman broke through the mud and rushed toward his back.

The youngster did not turn back to fight, but stepped forward, past the corpse of the fishman who had just been killed.

He raised his arm, then flung it back, and threw the fishman’s body to the enemy.

The chasing fishman was knocked down by the corpse, slowed down, and shouted, “tamd!”

As soon as he swept away the body, he saw the harpoon occupying his vision.

pu chi.

a light sound, the harpoon in the youngster’s hand directly penetrates the blue scale fishman’s skull.

One more person died.

The fishman roared, and the group was angry.

Fishman Knight saw his two subordinates die in front of him, screamed a few times, and committed suicide to fishman youngster.

He has a Blackiron Level cultivation base, and a sea toad mount also has a Bronze aura.

Fishman youngster dealt with it, and soon fell into a hard fight.

The fishman Knight holds a Knight long spear in his hand, and the sea toad rushes forward.

Youngster restrains his battle energy and only shows Bronze level.

He kept retreating, retreating into the coral cluster, and dodge flexibly with the help of a favorite location.

The environment in the coral cluster is quite complicated, but fishman youngster relies on the skills he has trained in these days to shuttle through coral caves, or cleverly use corners to block fishman Knight’s vision, making him temporarily lost aims.

Fishman Knight became more and more aggrieved as he fought, constantly shouting, and frequently using battle skills.

The coral cluster has suffered. It was dismantled by Fishman Knight, and the mud and sand wrapped in countless coral fragments spreading around.

Fishman youngster is in the mud and sand, still dodges flexibly, avoiding repeated attacks.

He has the ability to listen to the wind and argue his position. When he is in the sea, he can even feel the coming of an offensive through the current.

“Although fish scales are much weaker than dragon scales, they have an advantage in that they can more sensitively perceive changes in water flow.”

“Fishman is far less than dragon race, but each race has its own specific advantages. Sometimes, weakness is actually a kind of advantage.”

The clear comprehension of one after another is born in the youngster’s heart.

He looks embarrassed, it seems that a moment later, he is about to die on the spot, in fact, he is very calm.

He deliberately delayed, just to test out Fishman Knight’s methods.

After all, such a luxuriously equipped fishman is his first encounter with him.

After fighting for a while, the fishman youngster saw that Knight always used the battle skill repeatedly, and he understood that the other party’s details were like this.

Fishman Knight has only three battle skills, including lance sweep and jab, and a stroke that matches the mount, all of which are ordinary.

The youngster suddenly changed into a Draconian form, revealing the silver cultivation base, and directly killed the fishman Knight and the mount.

Then he killed the fishman caravan and set off foul wind and bloody rain.

The fishman were caught off guard, screamed again and again, and fled frantically.

But it was too late.

In a short while, all the fishman caravan will be explained here.

The youngster begins to clean the battlefield.

When inspecting the body of the fishman Knight, he unexpectedly discovered that the fishman Knight was not a normal full body armor.

The armor on his body is actually fishman’s skeleton, it just grows outside.

Outside skeleton.

The red light of the blood nucleus spreads, and then it converges.

The magic energy of the blood core has increased a lot, and the new bloodline has also increased a lot.

Of course, the one that caught the youngster’s most attention was the fishman Knight.

“It is actually the bloodline of the Silver Rank?”

“Well… for the time being I will call you the Knight bloodline of steel bone.”

The outer skeleton of Fishman Knight is very hard, comparable to steel. Youngster had already confirmed it during the fight against him.

youngster has found a bloodline suitable for him, which can match the silver battle energy.

The youngster has gained a lot this time.

In addition to bloodline, the cargo shipped by caravan contains a lot of fine pearls, water element essence, night pearls, and seaweed up to Silver Rank.

“How do I move these things back?” Fishman Youngster was a little bit confused.

He has no space storage equipment to carry with him.

This thing is very rare.

Generally speaking, the space storage equipment that can be carried around is also limited.

In the end, the fishman youngster can only choose to take some of them back, while the others are moved to a distant place to be buried.

After handling properly, fishman youngster drags four big boxes and swims to the position of fleet.

When he was about to reach the surface, he was in trouble again.

It is easier to sneak back into the captain’s room alone, but it is more difficult to carry four large boxes. In particular, each box is so big that it can hold two adults.

But when the youngster was in trouble, he suddenly dropped a fishing net from under the sea.

youngster slightly smiled.

After a while, he secretly one person returned to the captain’s room.

There was a sudden sensation on the deck.

“Lan Zao Lord, you very awesome!”

“You caught four treasure chests.”

“Heavens, come and take a look, these all are fine pearls!”

“Silver, Silver Rank seaweed, it is likely to be a spellcasting material.”

Lan Zao was shocked: “This, this is all I caught?”


“Thank God, thank Goddess!!”

In an instant, his belief in Goddess, a fishing net, rapidly deepened.

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