Infinite Bloodcore Chapter 284


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Tianzhu Sea Eye.

The sea is rushing, and the sound of killings shook the sky.

The Pirates of Justice are fighting.

Some pirates occupy the deck and shoot with bows, arrows and muskets. Some defend the side of the ship, use a sailor’s knife or boarding axe to chop any fishman who wants to climb up.

“grall! gural!”


A large number of fishman screamed strangely, one by one came out from under the sea, using both hands and feet, clinging to the hull. Some rushed to the deck, and some went directly into the window of the gun station.

Bai Ya struggled to move a wooden barrel and threw it down.

The barrel was crushed all the way, smashing at least seven or eight fishman lying on the hull of the ship into the sea.

“Good job!” The pirate defending this side of the ship praised him, and Bai Ya’s attack relieved his urgent need.

“Be careful.” At the next moment, Xu Ma suddenly pulled Bai Ya.

Bai Ya fell back, avoiding a blow arrow.

The fishman also has a long-range attack. A group of blow arrows fishman specially lurks in the distance and spouts blow arrows from time to time.

Bai Ya saw the dart sticking on the mast, and saw that it was one finger long and it was also covered with the weird green poison. After that, he was afraid, and quickly thanked Xu Ma.

Xu Ma shook the head and sighed: “I told you not to be too prestigious. Have you smashed a lot of fishman with a wooden barrel?”

Bai Ya scratched his head.

He unexpectedly discovered that such a condescending attack could easily cause more casualties.

He is very good at throwing barrels.

This also thanks to Zong Ge’s military training. There is a content in the military training that half of the pirates swim around the ship, and half of the pirates stand on the side of the ship and smash them with wooden barrels.

Xu Ma sighed: “You are full of merit, don’t you know that muskets always make the best? You should follow me.”

Bai Ya’s arms are tingling, and his mood is difficult to calm down.

He wanted to continue fighting, but he also knew that his physical strength was about to reach its limit. Moreover, he has become the target of Blow Arrow fishman, and he will be easily shot if he continues.

“My physical strength is too low, it’s just an ordinary person…”

“If my bloodline can be better, even if it is better, so that I can have the battle energy of Bronze Rank, I can continue to make achievements!”

Bai Ya is full of regret and helplessness.

He glanced at Justice enviously.

Justice’s last silhouette is very conspicuous, it is a big man.

The big man is wearing heavy armor, standing on the side of the ship, waving the wolf fang club in his hand.

His actions were like sweeping the floor. The wolf fang club swept and swept away the bad luck fishman. Some were directly crushed on the surface of the hull by the wolf fang club and turned into a pool of minced meat.

The big man already has a Bronze cultivation base, and the battle energy is running, making him more powerful and endurance.

He was responsible for the work of more than a dozen people as one person, and he firmly guarded a section of the ship’s side, and no one dared to approach it. Whether it is fishman or pirate.

“It’s the bloodline of Divine Grade.” Draconian youngster stood in the corridor outside the captain’s room, resting his hand on the railing, watching the big man.

He has been paying close attention to the physical condition of the big man.

The bloodline of the Earth Giant showed a domineering side, squeezing and suppressing the bloodline of the human race on the big man, allowing the big man to gradually transform into a complete and pure Earth Giant.

Divine Grade bloodline has greatly improved the big man, and his strength alone has skyrocketed to eight times the previous!

The big man’s body is also developing rapidly. He is growing taller quickly, but at the same time his chest, back, and limbs are also becoming stronger.

“Unfortunately, the big guys are not very intelligent, so it takes a lot of effort to learn some Wangtu Battle Energy Art.”

“If you learn battle skill…”

Draconian youngster secretly shook his head.

It is difficult for a big man to learn the battle skill.

It’s not that the youngster didn’t have the patience to teach and teach big men’s battle skills, he was more worried about the safety of the big men.

If you know that the battle skill fails, you will backlash the fighter himself.

A big man who learns the battle skill will inevitably be riddled with scars, or it may be a journey of suicide.

“Even if there is no battle skill, as long as the big man is equipped with armor and heavy weapons, he is an existence that cannot be ignored on the battlefield!”

The equipment of the big man at this time was funded by Haofu bishop.

Bronze Rank full body armor.

Bronze Rank wolf fang club.

His battle strength has surpassed Blackiron.

The physical fitness of the giant larvae of the Earth has surpassed most of the human race fighters of the Silver Rank!

The wolf fang club knocked on the hull, and the big man’s movements suddenly slowed down.

He looked back at the Draconian youngster, so he was distracted.

Fortunately, Justice’s hull uses metal coating alchemy technology, which is not afraid of collisions of this degree.

When the big man saw the Draconian youngster smiling at him with encouragement and admiration in his eyes, he smirked happily, and then continued to “sweep” his head.

“This big guy…” the youngster sighed helplessly, “The combat literacy needs to be deepened.”

The big man not only distracted frequently on the battlefield, but sometimes moved too much, his arms and elbows would sweep away the pirates around him.

Draconian youngster shifted his gaze, Long pupil focused on the silver hook not far away.

Silver Hook is also a magic energy ship of Blackiron Rank, and the captain is Zong Ge.

Zong Ge sits in the bow of the ship, facing the strongest enemy in this battle-a four-headed deep-sea snake.

This is a Sea Beast, with a huge body and a little more than a silver hook.

It exudes a strong silver aura, the snake head is as big as a carriage, and the three snake heads are divided into three directions and bite towards Zong Ge at the same time.

However, in the middle of the journey, two of the snake heads were strongly blocked.

The shot is the new Silver Rank archer who joined the Justice Pirates-One-eyed Elf Chou!

The only one who rushed to Zong Ge was the head of a snake.

Zong Ge sneered, suddenly withdrew his two-handed sword.

A battle skill was displayed, and the big sword slashed straight down, instantly forming a solid blood-red shadow.

The shadow of the knife centered on the snake’s head, directly tearing through the tenacious skin and splitting the hard bones.

Snake blood and brain plasma splashed wildly.

The remaining three snakeheads all let out a sharp howl.

The head of the snake struck by Zong Ge has been cut off by a half. The body of the snake under the snake head shook wildly on the deck, throwing many pirates directly away.

Zong Ge stood proudly and glanced down appreciatively at the big sword in his hand.

This great sword is demon blood!

It is 1.8 meters long, the head of the sword is as sharp as a beak, and the entire sword body is dark red, and the hilt is pitch black. A stream of ravines are like palm prints, spreading from the hilt to the blade, and finally concentrated on the tip of the sword.

Some snake blood splashed on the sword, and the gully on the sword burst into suction, absorbing the blood quickly.

Like a person who has been short of water in the desert for a long time, suddenly got drinkable water!

The sword body was trembling with excitement, as if yelling to Zong Ge:

“More, more!”

“Kill, continue to kill, don’t stop!”

Zong Ge is coldly snorted, holding a big sword, sprinting a few steps, leaping suddenly, and jumping onto the four-headed snake.

He brandished a big sword, waved around the snake, poking blood holes one by one.

The Demon Blood Great Sword is full of snake blood and becomes sharper.

The four-headed snake resisted for a while and was seriously injured.

“It is worthy of being a weapon of the Gold Rank.” Draconian youngster sighed secretly.

Zong Ge’s acquisition of the Demon Blood Sword, he has known for a long time, and he is very happy for half-beast.

Zong Ge’s majestic and prestigious all sides, let the pirates morale up.

The four-headed snake dragged the badly wounded body into the sea.

Underwater is complicated, and half-beast is not good at water stations, so he didn’t choose to pursue it and jumped back to the Silver Hook.

The four-headed snake tragically killed a snake’s head, and the blood was flowing on its body, making it extremely angry.

It didn’t at all escape, but chose to attack from below the surface.

But the pirates of the Pirates of Justice had long expected it.

The silver hook number is well prepared.

Because during this time, Zong Ge hosted military training, and the content of the training was how to deal with underwater attacks.

“Put the float bomb!” Tripleblade, as the first officer of Silver Hook, immediately issued the order.

So, a large number of special wooden barrels were pushed into the sea.

The barrels began to sink slowly.

The four-headed snake rushed up and hit the barrels, immediately causing an explosion.

boom~ boom~ ……

The sound of explosions is endless, and a stream of waves rises on the sea.

The four-headed snake was dizzy and injured by the explosion.

“Put the fishing net!” Tripleblade ordered again.

next moment, several alchemy fishing nets were spilled.

The knots of these fishing nets have sharp blades.

Into the sea, these blades automatically chase the enemy, covering the four-headed snake.

The blade plunged deeply into the four-headed snake within the body. The four-headed snake felt restrained and writhed with all its strength, trying to break free of the fishing net. As a result, the fishing net became more entangled and the blade penetrated deeper.

These armaments are all Cang Xu’s latest exchange from Empire.

Because of looking for the Charm Blue Temple, the Pirates of Justice has long considered the situation of dealing with underwater enemies.

The four-headed snake tried its best and finally broke through the layers of fishing nets, and with a blade of a suit, it went deeper into the sea.

It gave up the fight and started to run away.

“Look at me!” Lan Zao had long been waiting for the opportunity, and suddenly tossed.

Stretch black silk fishing net!

I have to say that Lan Zao is very good at throwing the net. At this moment, he actually caught the four-headed snake.

However, it was just a delay.

The stretch black silk fishing net was quickly broken by the four-headed snake.

But at this time, Draconian youngster and Zong Ge have already dived and caught up with the four-headed snake.

The two joined forces and quickly killed the four-headed snake.

When the corpse of the four-headed snake was dragged onto Justice’s deck by the two together, the fishman’s morale collapsed completely and fled all around.

After the pirates used bows, muskets, artillery, etc. to hunt down for a while, the battlefield returned to calm.

Calmness is just a few breaths, and immediately the justice pirates cheered.

This is a cheer of victory.

Draconian youngster ordered the cleaning of the battlefield.

Not long after, Cang Xu came to the captain’s room to report the results.

This is a big victory.

The Pirates of Justice suffered very little loss, the fishman suffered heavy casualties, and the four-headed snake was the biggest trophy.

Draconian youngster is no surprise. In fact, this battle was under his control from beginning to end.

Sea Monster detected the enemy here, and the Pirates of Justice took the initiative and triggered a counterattack from the four-headed snake.

But it is just a magic beast of the Silver Rank, not an opponent of the Pirates of Justice.

“Next, we will continue to go deep into the eyes of the sea.”

“Take the initiative to find some natives and use combat to train soldiers.” Draconian youngster said.

“Captain Lord, we also captured some fishman.” Cang Xu said, “I just need some experimental subjects to help me study the manufacture of memory crystals.”

Draconian youngster nodded: “The fishman I chose, regardless of life or death, will be given priority to the strange fish. The rest will be handled by you.”

The two talked for a while, and Fei She came to report: “Da, Lord, the celebration banquet is ready and ready.”

Draconian youngster and Cang Xu came to the cafeteria, where the atmosphere is very warm.

There was a lot of snake meat for dinner, and fishman’s arms, thighs and so on.

Before eating, the pirates prayed one by one.

The flute and the others were the most powerful, and Lan Zao began to pray loudly.

He sincerely praised the fishing net Goddess, because he succeeded in dragging the four-headed snake with the fishing net in this battle and made a lot of credit.

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