Infinite Bloodcore Chapter 285


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A fishman slowly opened his eyes.

“wm……ma?” Fishman’s vision is blurred, aura is weak, and his life is dying.

What he saw was a vast expanse of light.

His call was not at all answered, but he heard the sound of metal interlacing from time to time.

The crisp sound reminded fishman of the sound of blade and sword collide. He was shivered and recalled immediately.

He remembered–he was fighting before he passed out! His goal was to board the huge human race warship, but when he was climbing, he looked up and found a Giant!

Giant is holding the wolf fang club and swept over.

The pain came with the darkness, and he vaguely heard the cracking sound of his own skeleton and the sound of falling into the water afterwards.

Afterwards, he doesn’t know anything.

“gwall?” Fishman spoke again.

His vision gradually became clear.

The white light in front of him gradually diminished, and he found that he was in a room.

This room is very weird. Both the walls and the ceiling are made of metal.

He also found himself tied to a long cold table that was also metal.

The fishman wondered if he was captured by the human race, and now he is in that big ship?

“wmgm! wmgm!” he cried out as he struggled.

“Don’t shout, your ending is doomed.” A cold voice came from above fishman’s head.

Fishman was taken aback, he couldn’t hear the meaning of this, but he understood that it was human race language.

Because he was lying flat, he looked up in the direction above his head, looking for the owner of the voice.

He succeeded.

He saw an old man from the one person family, wearing glasses, a white beard, and vigorous hands with ten fingers, holding two daggers.

It is not accurate to say that it is a dagger, it is more like a table knife.

The fishman shuddered and roared in horror. Because he saw that the human race old man was stretching the two metal knives in his hand to himself!

The fishman struggled frantically, bursting out his unexpected power.

But it didn’t work!

He was so tightly bound, almost impossible to move even a little bit.

The human race old man slowly and forcefully cuts the metal knife into the skin of the fishman.

The fishman suddenly felt a metallic icy cold, which made him shiver from in the depth of one’s soul.

Then he saw that the human race old man slowly cut his arm. Those two metal knives were sharp beyond his imagination. He had never seen such a sharp weapon in his life!

human race old man cut a straight thin line and pulled out a long wound.

Then he opened the wound to reveal the tendons, blood vessels, subcutaneous fat, etc. inside.

“Oh oh.” The human race old man exclaimed, and his eyes showed a curious and satisfied faint joy.

He bent over and lowered his head, brought a pair of glasses to the wound, and examined it carefully.

After watching for a while, the human race old man was dissatisfied and put down the metal knife in his hand and replaced it with a pair of metal hooks.

He used a metal hook in one hand, while provoking the wound, while going deep into the tendon, he turned inside to look.

He acted cautiously and caring very much, like looking at an ancient book that was not well preserved and broke when touched. After looking at one location, he shifted to another location and continued to check.

After checking the forearm, the human race old man put down all the metal tools in his hand, walked to another table, and immersed himself in the record.

From fishman’s perspective, he can’t see what the old man wrote, only his quill pen sketching on the paper.

It seems that the record has been completed. The human race old man returned to the fishman again, once again picked up the metal knife and small hook.

“wwaga! lwamlwam!!!” fishman yelled at the old man.

The old man turned a deaf ear and looked extremely calm.

This calmness has deepened the fear in fishman’s heart several times!

After that, the fishman looked at his body and was riddled with scars by the old man.

The human race old man studies his arms, studies his chest, studies his thighs, even the roots of his thighs.

Every time he studied a place, he recorded it.

The fishman yelled, and he felt that the right hand arm and left leg were not working well.

Because the human race old man broke his key tendon.

The old man suddenly took out a metal pole and placed it in the big mouth opened when fishman called.

The fishman’s mouth was immediately stuck, and it could only be opened wide, but could not be closed.

The old man changed two more metal tools with very slender handles, and plunged into fishman’s mouth and began to study the structure of its mouth.

Fishman clenched his fists tightly and kept kicking his legs. First he felt a piece of cotton wool fluttering around in his mouth. Then he felt a small knife cut off a small piece of his tongue.

The tongue is wounded, and the blood flow does not stop.

The human race old man stopped the bleeding immediately.

Then, he actually took out a small saw and started sawing fishman’s teeth!

In the end, it was not enough. He picked up a small hammer and a small pliers, and pulled out fishman’s several teeth bloody.

The fishman yells badly.

Severe pain kept coming from his arms, chest, mouth, etc., torturing him madly.

The ancestor of human race recorded for a while, and after returning, his movements changed from the previous fineness and became bold.

He completely opened fishman’s belly, exposing his heart, stomach, intestines, etc. to the air.

The eyes of the human race old man seem to be shining, continuously observing the internal organs of the fishman, and extending the hand from time to time to provoke the stomach or pull the intestines.

The fishman broke down and made the weeping voice of wu wu wu. He started to cry, motionless.

The human race old man is like a deaf man, still studying.

Not long after, he finally lifts the head and picked up a metal tool like a shovel.

The fishman was already numb, but when he found that the small metal shovel of the human race old man was getting closer to his eyes, he seemed to be electrocuted and struggled again.

But it didn’t work, he couldn’t move it at all.

He cried to his god, roaring vaguely, but in the end the pain still struck.

He saw the color of blood red, and then there was darkness.

The severe pain of losing his eyes made him faint again. The human race old man quickly took out a potion and poured it into fishman’s mouth.

The fishman suddenly became energetic again. He wanted to die now, but he couldn’t get rid of it!

He broke down completely.

Blood and tears continued to flow from the hollow eye sockets, and the whole body collapsed on the metal table, more like a dead body than a dead body.

The human race old man is Cang Xu.

He studied the structure of fishman’s eye pupils, and praised: “The diffusion and focus of fishman’s pupils are more than ten times that of human race. In the seabed, where light is scarce, their pupils expand with all their strength to capture every ray of light. When they reach the sea, their pupils shrink sharply and adapt to the environment under the sun.”

“If I can work out a spell, or potion, to make fishman’s pupils out of control and naturally diffuse to the maximum extent. Then don’t let us kill, these fishman will be directly blinded by the bright light.”

Cang Xu immersed himself in recording his findings.

He has joy in his heart.

Dissection fishman, made his academic work a small step forward from completion.

At this moment, he suddenly felt, and his gaze shifted to fishman.

fishman in this brief moment, finally died.

Cang Xu immediately looked at his pocket watch and recorded the time. In this way, he has a clear data on the physical and mental tolerance of fishman.

After recording the data, Cang Xu quickly used the undead spell to make ghosts.

This kind of spell has a chance of failure.

This time, he failed.

Cang Xu didn’t care.

The fishman corpse was thrown away, and another sleeping fishman captive was replaced, and he was firmly tied to the bloodless metal table.

Cang Xu starts Dissection again.

He is very hardworking.

Under his expressionless face is his curiosity about the unknown and his desire for knowledge.

He has the inner spiritual pursuit of a first-class Mage.

If it weren’t for bloodline to restrict him, his achievements would never be stuck at Blackiron level.

One by one, the fishman captives got on the metal table and turned into corpses.

Some corpses are of little value, and Cang Xu uses them to practice his undead spell.

Sometimes, when ghosts are successfully created, Cang Xu asks them to obtain some information.

Some corpses have better souls, so Cang Xu turned them into Soul Crystal.

Some fishman was used by him to extract memory forcibly in an attempt to create a memory crystal.

When the last fishman captive died, Cang Xu was still in the mood: “The sample is not enough, not enough.”

“The captain has some more, maybe I can discuss with him?”

Just when he concentrated on the Dissection fishman, somewhere on the seabed, red light suddenly appeared.

All fishman are transformed by blood nuclei.

Fishman youngster closed his eyes and stared, felt for a moment, and sighed: “The brown scale bloodline has been added a lot, and I haven’t collected all of it yet.”

He can now become a complete bluescale fishman, but this bloodline is only Bronze grade.

Brownscale bloodline is Blackiron, and it is not an ideal target either.

But the Pirates of Justice killed a fishman tribe and still couldn’t gather the brown scale bloodline.

“Although there are a large number of fishman, but the proportion of extraordinary is very low, far less than human race.”

“Dragon race has the highest proportion of extraordinary among the major races. However, the total population of dragon race is far less than that of human race.”

“This may be one of the reasons why human race has become the overlord of the world today.”

The youngster killed a lot of fishman, but the Blackiron bloodline did not collect them all.

“Not enough, not enough.” youngster shook the head.