Infinite Bloodcore Chapter 286


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The Pirates of Righteous Group kept deepening in the eyes of Tianzhuhai.

Draconian youngster deliberately slowed down the progress of the exploration, and along the way repeatedly used the natives inhabiting the sea to train soldiers.

On the other hand, he also moved quietly alone, dived into the seabed, looking for the brown scale fishman to start.

Actually, for him, the most suitable one is the steel-bonded Knight bloodline. The grade of this bloodline reaches the Silver Rank, which is exactly equal to his cultivation base.

However, youngster rarely encounters such a bloodline after the first success.

The brown scale fishman bloodline of Blackiron Level is so difficult to collect. The difficulty of collecting the steel bone Knight bloodline can be imagined.

“Let’s raise the complete brown scale bloodline first.”

With this plan, the youngster dived into the seabed again.

There is a small fishman town in the coral cluster.

Now, the Pirates of Justice is in the middle of the sea eye. Every time Draconian youngster dives, he will go a little deeper on this basis.

The silhouette of fishman began to become more common, and large-scale fishman settlements were frequently shown in the eyes of youngster.

Lurking outside the town, the youngster can perceive many Bronze and Blackiron auras in the town.

“Do you want to attack here?”

“According to my Draconian form and silver cultivation base, it is not difficult to capture this fishman seabed village.”


Youngster is very worried that if he does this, it will disturb the fishman settlement of other people.

The closer you get to the center of the sea eye, the closer the fishman villages are.

If it causes a sensation, that would be bad.

But without killing more fishman, when will the youngster collect the full brown scale bloodline?

Just as the youngster hesitated, he found a team of fishman walking out of the town.

There are about 20 fishman, ordinary fishman occupies most, four Bronze fishman fighters, one brown scale fishman of Blackiron Rank, and one fishman caster of Bronze Rank.

The most attractive thing for youngsters is not the Blackiron fishman fighter, but the fishman spellcaster in the center of the team.

It is the first time that fishman youngster has seen a spellcaster in the fishman race.

He looked carefully and saw that the fishman caster had deep blue scales. He closed his eyes and sat in a chair.

The back of the chair is a huge shell, and the front and back of the chair are long rods extending out. The two long rods were lifted on their shoulders by four fishman.

This fishman spellcaster is very stylish. He has sound limbs, but instead of walking by himself, he sits on a chair and let other fishman carry him.

The Blackiron brown scale fishman walked at the front of the team and was responsible for clearing the way.

“The fishman race, the proportion of extraordinary is much smaller than that of the human race. The number of fighters is small, and there are fewer fishmans with caster aptitude. That’s why it has this status.”

“A Bronze Rank caster can drive a Blackiron fighter.”

“Of course, it is not ruled out that this caster is a strong backer and can rely on his power to control a brown scale fishman higher than his own cultivation base.”

The fishman youngster observes quietly, not at all, eager to take action.

On the one hand, this team of fishman has just set off not very long, and it is still relatively close to the town.

On the other hand, youngster also wanted to find out more details about this rare fishman spellcaster.

“Is he fishman Mage, or shaman, or bard?”

These three are all spellcasting professions, but there are differences.

The youngster followed the fishman team patiently and observed for a long time, but did not see any actions of the fishman caster.

Even if the youngster deliberately attracted a group of sharks in the middle of the process, which affected the team, he did not see the fishman caster take action.

I figured out that the brown scale fishman is not weak, and has at least two sharp battle skills.

Looks at This team is getting closer and closer to another fishman sea town, and youngster decides to take action.

He repeated the old tricks, intercepting open and aboveboard in front of the team, pointing to the brown scale fishman to provoke.

The fishman team is in an uproar, and the fishman spellcaster no longer closes his eyes to rest, and slowly opens his eyes.

He looked at the blue scale fishman youngster and called out a few times, but did not get a response from the youngster.

The youngster doesn’t understand fishman at all.

The fishman caster waved his hand slightly and motioned for the brown fishman to go to fight.

In his opinion, the brown scale fishman of Blackiron Level should be able to overcome the bold Bronze fishman in front of him.

But wherever I thought, within a few rounds of the fight, the fishman youngster knew his opponent and rushed towards the fishman caster.

The fishman team was in chaos for a while.

The fishman slapped the caster and jumped out of the chair, swimming a long way out in the blink of an eye.

The other four Bronze fishman clamored, greeted the youngster, surrounded him, and continued to attack.

The youngster holds a harpoon in one hand and a machete in the other. The two weapons are used together and he is extremely skilled in battle skills.

In a short while, youngster solved these Bronze fishman and pounced on the fishman caster again.

The fishman is casting a spell, standing in place, unable to move.

The rest of the ordinary fishman fierce and unafraid of death killed the youngster, delaying the youngster’s footsteps with a vivid life.

They traded sacrifices for a limited time.

The fishman spellcaster took the opportunity to successfully cast a spell-Teleportation Door!

I saw that the seabed formed a blue elliptical light cluster, and the back of the light cluster was connected to another mysterious place.

The youngster is on guard.

Soon, he saw a brown scale fishman walking out of the Teleportation Door.

The fishman caster kept the Teleportation Door while calling the second brown fishman.

The brown scale fishman slapped the hammer in his hand, and threw himself at the youngster with a grinning grin.


The fishman caster was surprised.

Two fishman walked out from the Teleportation Door.

Their scales are similar in color, and their weapons are the same machete, one Blackiron, and one Bronze.

They howled and killed the youngster.

Knelt too.

The fishman youngster looked towards the fishman caster with a surprised look. The other party has been maintaining the Teleportation Door without any other actions. I am afraid that maintaining this Teleportation Door is the limit of his ability.

“This is a good opportunity.”

The fishman youngster deliberately did not go to the trouble of the fishman caster, waiting for the fishman reinforcements of the latter to arrive one by one.

Then one after another fight.

Successive fishman extraordinary all fell into the hands of youngster.

The fishman caster was terrified.

On the one hand, he was stunned by the youngster’s battle strength. On the other hand, the youngster always stared at him brightly. This kind of gaze made him have one’s hair stand on end.

The youngster continues until the fishman caster can no longer maintain the Teleportation Door.

“Finally gathered the brown scale fishman bloodline.”

“What kind of spellcaster is this? It’s very helpful to me.”

The fishman youngster, with 100% gratitude, killed the fishman spellcaster and gave the poor fishman great relief.

Finally, youngster uses the blood core to convert all fishman into bloodline.

He named the fishman spellcaster for the time being the Deep Blue Wise Bloodline.

This thin and incomplete bloodline gave the youngster another surprise.

“This bloodline contains genetic information…It is actually fishman’s language?!”