Infinite Bloodcore Chapter 336


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Zi Di has been awake since Monster Bewildering Island.

In order to wake up Zi Di, youngster led the survivors to spare no effort and found the sapphire gold coffin.

In Sea Monster, with the sapphire gold coffin as the core, the jade liquid magic formation was successfully arranged.

However, even if the jade liquid repaired the wounds on his body, Zi Di still showed no signs of awakening. The youngster is incomprehensible and helpless.

But youngster never gave up waking up Zi Di.

He joined Empire as a pirate, and he plans to use the Empire channel in exchange for rare items to wake up the girl.

Even when facing life sect bishop, youngster had the idea of ​​asking him for help.

Zi Di awakened at this time, too unexpected for the youngster.

“Lord.” Zi Di whispered to the youngster, staggering, supporting the wall with his hands, and then he stood firm.

She just woke up looking pale, browses tightly knit, and in a very bad state, she still emphasized: “Don’t take the charm blue Goddess out of the sapphire gold coffin!”

“Zi Di.” The youngster immediately set aside Charm Blue God, walked forward quickly, and held the girl’s arm.

Staring at the girl’s amethyst eyes, the youngster asked with concern: “What’s wrong with you? How can I help you?”

Zi Di was groaned, unable to support it, and fell into the arms of the youngster.

Her eyes lost focus, and a lot of memories flashed wildly in her mind.

these all are the memories of Jiangui.

It turns out that Zi Di cultivated the spell of the undead Sect, and his soul also has the instinct to devour other souls.

The state of the ghost ship ghost is extremely poor. After contacting her soul, not only did it not consume the girl’s soul, but was instead consumed by the girl’s Devouring Soul.

The reason why Zi Di is unconscious is a soul injury.

Rehabilitation through Soul Crystal is actually the right way. However, because Divine Soul, the feather snake in the sapphire gold coffin, was tricking him, he intercepted almost all of Soul Crystal’s power in the middle, causing Zi Di to be unconscious.

But after devouring the ghost of the ghost ship, Zi Di’s soul was suddenly replenished, and he immediately regained consciousness.

But Soul Eater is not like Soul Crystal. Soul Crystal is a refined soul crystallization, very pure and pure. Soul Eater brings not only the skyrocketing background of the soul, but also a lot of memory.

These memories are like endless waves, washing the girl’s heart.

Soon, Zi Di passed out again.

After a long time, she slowly regained consciousness.

“You are awake! Zi Di.” The youngster stood by her side, looking happy.

Zi Di saw the youngster and immediately felt a strong sense of safety and warmth.

Beside the youngster, Cang Xu is still standing.

Cang Xu smiled at her: “didn’t expect the ship ghost transformed into the ghost, under the circumstances, it became the opportunity for Zi Di Young Lady to wake up.”

“On the battlefield, he took the initiative to self-destruct. I had doubts and used the undead spell to investigate. Unfortunately, the battle was too urgent at the time, and I couldn’t investigate it further.”

“It seems that the ghost of the ship is far more profound than me in the undead spell.”

Zi Di nodded him. In the final period of Monster Bewildering Island, it was Cang Xu who revealed his identity and used the undead spell to help her, and everyone was rescued.

She turned to the youngster with a pair of wonderful eyes and slowly described the huge hidden dangers in the sapphire gold coffin and the charm blue Goddess.

Youngster and the undead Mage broke out in a cold sweat after listening.

“Didn’t expect the secret situation is so thrilling!” The youngster was speechless.

“Fortunately, there is a confrontation between these two gods. Otherwise, any one of them will let us die without a burial site.” Cang Xu was moved, and he was very afraid.

The core cabin gradually fell into silence.

The faces of the three of them are not pretty.

These two gods are right beside them, like two bombs, at any time in danger of self-destruct. Once self-destruct, they cannot escape at all.

The strength gap between each other is too big!

“Our troubles are getting bigger.” The youngster sighed, breaking the silence.

In all fairness, he never wanted to bring a Goddess back. But the situation continued to develop like this, he could only follow the trend, and finally fell into this situation.

Youngster doesn’t regret it, and he will never regret it if Zi Di wakes up.

He just felt a headache because he didn’t know how to deal with this problem.

Cang Xu also sighed: “We are in a terrible situation now! First of all, our pearl bubbles are completely exhausted, and we can’t resist the divination and prediction spells of others. Secondly, the sea eye city is so huge this time All influence must have a violent reaction, and we will become the target of each Great Influence. Finally, the gods. To these two gods… it is completely beyond our ability.”

“Yes.” Zi Di’s face was full of sorrow. “We are unable to eradicate them. At present, we can only let them go and let them continue to confront each other.”

Youngster’s heart moved: “Can my blood core be effective against the gods?”

He had absorbed a blood core on Monster Bewildering Island, which was able to swallow the Flame Dragon king of Legend Rank. Now, another blood core was found between the breasts of Charm Blue God, and it was absorbed.

According to the truth, now the blood core has become stronger, so can it deal with the gods?

Immediately, the youngster pressed this guess to the bottom of his heart.

“I originally absorbed the King of Flame Dragon because the latter was trapped by the War Monger’s alchemy formation, unable to move even a little bit. Otherwise, at the beginning of the absorption, he would be killed by the King of Flame Dragon. Now these two gods are not incapable of action.”

“Moreover, even if the blood core energy in my heart is effective on the gods, I can’t kill the charm blue god.”

Once the Charm Blue God has completely fallen, who can provide divine force to the mermaid’s fairy tale?

“As for the Divine Soul of the feather snake… after all, it is the soul, can my blood core absorb it?”

youngster is very skeptical.

If he keeps the Charm Blue God, he has to keep the Divine Soul of the feathered snake. Because only when the two gods confront each other, he can maintain the current situation. Staying alone is from the road of courting death.

While thinking, Lan Zao’s voice came from outside the hatch: “Captain Lord, we just found out that a group of fishman is following us.”

“fishman?” youngster slightly frowned, “I’ll see the situation.”

The three left the core compartment together.

When they came to the captain’s room, they learned more information from Tower Spirit.

“Most of them are fishman from Seaeye City…” The youngster sighed in his heart.

Cang Xu said indifferently: “act recklessly, kill them all, they are for the blue goddess to catch up.”

“It is not necessary.” Youngster shook his head, “We can just throw them away. After all, they are believers of the blue god, and our Goddess need faith.”

Cang Xu nodded, recognized this reason.

The gods need faith. The more faith, the stronger the divine force.

The Pirates of Justice need Divine Force.

Shortly after leaving the Sea Eye Tianzhu, the Justice Pirates suffered heavy casualties and exhausted, but everyone’s spirits were tense.

The pearl foam has run out.

The situation has become very urgent.

Cang Xu directly suggested: “Lord, according to our maximum speed, the nearest Empire harbour is only three days away from us. I strongly recommend taking a break!”

“Empire Harbour?” Zi Di was slightly surprised.