Infinite Bloodcore Chapter 337


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Zi Di has been sleeping for a long time and doesn’t know many things.

She knows very well: After her group of people survived Monster Bewildering Island, they are no longer allowed in Empire.

Suddenly heard that I was about to enter the secret seaport of Empire to supply supplies, and I was naturally shocked.

Immediately, the youngster informed Zi Di of the big and small things that have happened.

Zi Di was moved after hearing a few words.

Cang Xu’s advice: “Captain Lord, let’s talk while walking. You haven’t appeared in public for a long time.”

“Yes, I should inspect. This is my duty as a captain!” Youngster accepted Cang Xu’s good suggestion, and then looked towards Zi Di, “Also let you see our current team.”

“Yes.” Zi Di clicked nodded, pondered then said, “But I’d better cover it up.”

Zi Di is the President of the Wisteria Chamber of Commerce after all. This identity is very involved. If she is exposed, the remaining Wisteria merchants will surely suffer an extinction blow.

Soon after, the three left the core compartment.

The hole in the core compartment has been repaired.

“This cabin, no, the surrounding area must be strictly guarded, and no other people are allowed to approach.” youngster said solemnly.

Zi Di has put on a mask: “No matter how you increase the defense, it is not an exaggeration. But I suggest to minimize the number of living guards. We should use Tower Spirit to create some alchemy puppets. As far as I know, War Monger has a large number of puppet drawings, many of which are quite high-end. I still remember that we also took away a batch of valuable alchemy materials from Monster Bewildering Island. These materials are all very high-end.”

Zi Di’s words dazzled the other two.

The authority of the girl is greater than that of the youngster. Before, in the Alchemy Central Tower, it was the Communication Tower Spirit. Learn about the many treasures in Tower Spirit’s memory.

Youngster has no knowledge of this.

Cang Xu followed nodded: “This is a good way, the loyalty of living people is difficult to guarantee, and the secrets here should be concealed as much as possible. Is there a Gold Rank alchemy puppet drawing?”

Zi Di: “Of course there are, in fact, there are more than ten puppet drawings for Sacred Domain Rank. But for now, we still try to build Silver Rank and Gold Rank puppets better.”

The youngster frowned: “The combination of Tower Spirit and the alchemy puppet, combined with the sturdy cabin and narrow aisles, can indeed form a strong defense. We can also be self-sufficient for the materials of the alchemy puppet, but who can make it?”

Through Empire, it is obviously not possible.

Cang Xu and Zi Di are also only Blackiron Level. Although they have been involved in alchemy, the former is best at Soul Crystal manufacturing, and the latter is potion.

Their life-level is also relatively low, and the possibility of making silver rank and gold rank alchemy puppets is close to zero.

Cang Xu said: “As far as I know, Dwarf and goblin on Lava Continent have characters proficient in puppet manufacturing.”

Zi Di said: “Holybright Continent has many alchemy divisions, and Wisteria Chamber of Commerce has mastered the contact information of many of them. But it is not easy to impress them. Wait… Maybe, he can do…”

Zi Di said the name of an alchemy division called Fushen, who was seriously injured and he was not strong enough. Once there was nothing in the limelight, but now it’s impoverished.

“We have the green liquid made from the sapphire gold coffin, and Soul Crystal. Both the body and the soul have a powerful healing power.”

Zi Di thought: “Maybe we can use this to recruit him.”

“You can try it in the future.” youngster nodded.

They really need an alchemy teacher.

About this suggestion, Cang Xu actually mentioned it to youngster a long time ago.

The youngster first came to the belly of the ship.

A huge hole was knocked out here, but it has now been repaired.

There are also three alchemy puppets, which are doing reinforcement work here.

One arm lifts a piece of steel, and the other arm is a barrel.

Alchemy formation is engraved on the inside and outside of the barrel. After turning it on, it consumes the magic power of the alchemy puppet within the body to create a scarlet scorching ray.

The ray steadily moved left and right or up and down. Soon, the alchemy puppet welded several steel bars to the original place for reinforcement.

Drops of seawater still seeped in through the cracks at the edge of the hole.

Sea Monster is sailing in the sea at maximum speed. The water pressure is huge, and it is normal to see some seawater.

“The defense formation on the surface of the Sea Monster was destroyed in the first battle of the sea eye water column. It is currently estimated that the fastest layer of magic shield that can be repaired will be at least five days later.” Cang Xu said in a worried tone, “Here is Our weakest place.”

To repair these formations, a lot of magic material is needed.

In addition, a large amount of steel, wood, screws, etc. need to be added. In order to repair the big hole, these conventional reserves are almost exhausted.

“If we have time, we will dismantle and rebuild this piece.” Zi Di observes for a moment, browses slightly wrinkle, “This piece in front of me is just an emergency measure, structurally speaking, it is unstable.”

Cang Xu shrugged: “There is no way. We lack hard copper. We can only temporarily replace steel with steel as the main material of the infrastructure.”

Speaking of this, Cang Xu looked towards fishman youngster again: “Also, the magic power pool of Sea Monster has also warned.”

“We need a lot of element spar to transform magic power and increase magic power reserve.”

The battle with Hanying Giant consumed most of the magic power.

The alchemy puppet that drives maintenance, and the maintenance process, is also consuming magic power.

In fact, since Monster Bewildering Island came out, the number of times the magic power pool in Sea Monster has been replenished can be counted on one’s fingers.

Zi Di and Cang Xu impossible to instill magic power manually.

They are only Blackiron Level, too little magic power. Not to mention the fishman youngster who just embarked on the road of magic cultivation.

Pure elements are condensed in the element spar, which can be transformed into magic power.

Sea Monster has an excellent conversion device. It survived the battle, and it’s pretty well preserved.

Compared with it, many other devices are not so lucky.

Leaving here, the three came to several cabins where the wounded gathered.


“Long Fu ……Lord ……”

Seeing fishman youngster, the members of the Pirates of Justice group hesitated.

So, in full view, the youngster mobilized the blood core, transforming from the fishman form to the Draconian form.

Suddenly, the eyes of the wounded became different, and their expressions relaxed one by one.

On the battlefield, the scene where fishman youngster flees into Sea Monster holding the blue goddess is seen by many people.

As for the identity of the fishman youngster, Cang Xu revealed it in advance and gave these people psychological construction.

“Take care of your injuries. From now on, our voyage will not be peaceful.” Draconian youngster didn’t elaborate on his abilities, there was no need to explain.

And keeping mysterious like this will make other people think he is powerful.

This is very good for the stability of the entire pirate group.

The members of the pirate group are in awe of Captain Draconian, and they are also curious about the new stranger Mage who appears next to the captain.

Some old people who survived Monster Bewildering Island secretly discovered the identity of Zi Di, not at all.

“Our healing scrolls and potion are all available, but some of the wounded have severe injuries, such as severed limbs.”

“Rebirth from a severed limb is the divine spell of Gold Rank.”

“Fortunately, the situation of these people is basically stable.” Cang Xu reports.

Draconian youngster sighed softly in a sad tone: “We have suffered heavy casualties this time.”

It is indeed.

After this battle, the Justice Pirates did not keep one in ten.

In the original ten pirate ships, almost the entire army was destroyed, leaving only Sea Monster to escape.

At the end of the wounded inspection, the three people saw Zong Ge.

Tripleblade is guarding him.

“Gold Rank?” Zi Di was surprised when he noticed Zong Ge’s weakness aura.

Cang Xu shook his head, facial expression grave: “His condition is the most serious!”

Draconian youngster looked at it, and his expression became serious: “Is it really a bloodline conflict…”

Zong Ge is half-beast. At this time, his within the body has two bloodlines that conflict with each other.

One is human race bloodline, and the other is beast race bloodline, and the grades of these two bloodlines are quite high.

The resulting conflicts have become more intense and irreconcilable.

Cang Xu said solemnly: “Zong Ge should be in the battle, facing the crisis of death, so the bloodline awakened, so instant breakthrough to the Gold Rank.”

“His awakened beast race bloodline is fighting against the more concentrated human race bloodline.”

“In his situation, he is a hundred times more dangerous than a big man!”

The human race bloodline of a big man is very common and can easily be overthrown by the awakened Giant bloodline. But the bloodline of half-beast within the body, although the human race bloodline is lower, but the concentration is higher, the beast race bloodline has just awakened, the grade is higher, but the concentration is low.

The two are in a stalemate, using the half-beast body as a battlefield for contention and fighting.


Very tricky.

Youngster, Cang Xu, and Zi Di were unable to find a solution for a while.