Infinite Bloodcore Chapter 379


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The heat is blazing in the fire sea.

battle skill-cold bird!

The battle energy is spewing out from all over the crow. The battle energy is like water, from which numerous battle energy cold birds fly out.

The cold bird is divided into three parts, one part whirls around the crow to protect it, the other part kills the must pass, and the other part attacks the Fire Beard remotely.

However, the cold bird that was just flying over the fire sea by the battle energy, in just one minute, one by one spontaneously ignited without fire.

The cold bird burned into a torch, struggling in midair.

They turned into Fire Birds, turned their attack directions, and killed Claws, Bitong and the rest of the barbarian race.

“How could this happen?!” Claw was shocked.

After his battle energy was burned, he completely lost contact and became a Fire Beard.

“My understanding of cold and freezing is completely crushed by him. Fire Beard…I am afraid this guy is close to the gods!”

The claws can only rush to defend for a time, coping with the Fire Bird swarms that fly over.

It’s not much better on the BiTun side.

He gritted his teeth, opened the space, and sent the firing pin number away.

In just such a short while, the firing pin number has already melted violently. This is the magic energy ship of Sacred Domain Rank, but there is no resistance over the fire sea, so it can only be sent away.

More than that, even he himself felt extremely hot. If he hadn’t used battle energy to suppress it with all his strength, I’m afraid he wouldn’t be spontaneously ignited at this moment.

“His comprehension of the concepts of fire and burning is too profound.”

“Even the space around me is melting!”

“Fire Beard, really deserves its reputation.”

Beitong is the General of the Navy. Before joining the Navy, he had always heard of the name of Fire Beard. At that time, he was only Sacred Domain.

He joined the navy, was promoted to Legend, and became General again, leading one of the four Great Sect systems of the navy. Relying on the convenience of bloodline and space manipulation, he has always been popular.

For predecessors like Fire Beard, he has long had a heart to challenge.

However, this time, when he really played against Fire Beard, he realized: Although he and Fire Beard are both Legends, they are far from the latter’s opponent!

“Powerful, too powerful!”

“Fire Beard is probably very close to the level of a god.”

“No wonder there are rumors that the Vulcan of Holybright Continent, the Vulcan of Lava Continent, and the Vulcan of Wilderness Continent are all looking for trouble with Fire Beard.”

Fire Beard is so powerful that it has become a thorn in the flesh of the fire gods.

“Why should I fight with him for such a powerful person?”

“Let the Vulcans trouble him.”

“I have only one goal here, and that is Divine Throne!”

Be sure to use all your strength to display the battle skill of trump card.

In the next instant, space riots, hundreds of millions of space fragments swept the entire battlefield, drowning the barbarian race warship, claws, and Betong himself.

In the endless space fragments, the roar of crows is heard.

Afterwards, bang!

A violent explosion occurred, and the sky turned into an incandescent color for a while, stabbing everyone to open their eyes.

The aftermath of the two Legends fighting with all their strength, attacked the barbarian race battleship.

The barbarian race battleship is melted by incandescent light, like snow meets sunlight, turning into endless powder.

The barbarian race warriors on the battleship are all turned into powder.

Man Zhuang tried his best to resist. At a critical moment, a blood shadow appeared beside him and snatched him away.

The incandescent light eroded almost all of the barbarian race battleship, spreading to Fengyao, Yi Shenhui and other prisoners.

“We’re done!” Fengyao, Yi Shenhui and the others all looked like earth.

Their bodies melted in the white light, and most of them disappeared in a blink of an eye.

But at this moment, a silhouette suddenly appeared!

He looked towards Fengyao and Yi Shenhui, his whole body exuded a faint light of fire, so the incandescent light stopped moving forward.

“Big Boss…”


It was Fire Beard who came.

He has a bald head and a bare chin. He doesn’t even have eyebrows. He looks fierce and bold, but also a little weird.

He is tall and burly, with muscles, but he is not bloated like a bear, but very tall and strong.

He is wearing the costume of a pirate captain, with a broken machete hanging from his waist.

The machete knife handle is like the head of a phoenix, and the machete knife body is as bright as a phoenix tail, but a large part is broken.

machete exudes the god-level aura, this is a divine artifact!

Semi-damaged divine artifact-strong tail knife.

“It’s okay, brothers, I’m here.” Fire Beard smiled at Fengyao and Yi Shenhui.

His palm rested on the handle of the blazing tail knife, and a golden-yellow flame spewed from the head of the Phoenix bird.

The flames flowed to Fengyao and Yi Shenhui, forming two torches burning violently.

The torch lined up the surrounding incandescent brilliance. Feng Yao and Yi Shenhui received swift treatment in Huo’s heart. Soon their bodies were as intact as before, with no injuries.

The incandescent light dissipated, and the phoenix flame also dissipated.

Fengyao and Yi Shenhui were alive and in excellent condition. They scanned the battlefield, and the claws were gone.

In addition to them, there were many prisoners who were also healed by the Phoenix flame and survived.

These surviving captives were supported by the battle energy of Fire Beard and temporarily suspended in midair.

The previous fire sea has disappeared, and this battlefield has returned to its normal appearance.

“Fire Beard Lord, you saved me! Please let me join your fleet!!”

“I am willing to follow you too!!”

“Big Boss, the magic blue divine throne is gone.” Yi Shenhui said nervously.

Fire Beard shook his head: “It was Betton who snatched him, and Claw saved the barbarian race Sacred Domain.”

“Boss, blame me, if it weren’t for saving us, Divine Throne must be yours. The two of them are not your opponents at all!” Fengyao looked guilty.

Fire Beard patted him on the shoulder: “It doesn’t matter, for the sake of my brother, what is a trifling divine throne?”

He laughed heartily, his heroic spirit is heartbreaking.

“It’s not like that.” Fengyao grabbed his hair and was very distressed. “That’s my favorite Goddess divine throne. Just like that, I was snatched away! For my Goddess, I must take it. Get it back. Boss, help me, brother, my life’s happiness depends on you.”

Fire Beard:…

Yi Shenhui and the others :……

The City of Blunt Knives.


The torch was burning, but it didn’t light up the cell.

The Chief-In-Charge of Wisteria Chamber of Commerce in Blunt Knife City is dying and bruised all over.

It was a team of Empire Secret Spy who tortured him.

“Let’s talk about it, how did you carry those alchemy bombs into the city and then arrange them?” The spy boss looked cold.

“I didn’t, I really didn’t!” Chief-In-Charge shook his head and cried.

“No!? Without a local tyrant like yours, would the alchemy bombs be so fast and secretly deployed around Blunt Knife City? If you are frank, you can still suffer less.” The spy boss sneered. Continuously.

Chief-In-Charge just shook his head: “I really don’t know!”

“Continue to torture!” The spy leader sneered.

So, the miserable howling of Chief-In-Charge shop continued to spread from the dungeon.

But no matter how the punishment is used, Chief-In-Charge has never been beaten into a move. Because he knows very well in his heart that if he is weak in this respect, not only himself, but also the entire family will be implicated!

“I have no idea about these alchemy bombs!”

“hmph, without your secret cooperation, the Pirates of Justice first arrived, how could they deploy these alchemy bombs in such a short time? is it possible that, is it your family, or several other families, or even more The City Lord personally arranged it?”

Chief-In-Charge wailed: “Everything I know has already been said! That night, I got the order from the Wisteria Chamber of Commerce and verified the other party’s veteran token before receiving this group Human. How would you know that they are running dogs of alien gods!”

Seeing that there is no new thing to be tortured, the spy boss had to let someone drag the Chief-In-Charge of bad luck.

“Chief, what shall we do next? Do you want to investigate the City Lord or other families?” The spy squad all walked out of the dungeon.

The spy boss shook his head: “I only have the Silver Rank. On their turf, I still have a little time to relax. Fortunately, this time, we have already gained something. Have you got the things?”

“Here it is.” The subordinate answered immediately.

The spy boss saw a pile of debris.

These are fragments of the communication magic device.

During the torture, Chief-In-Charge gave a detailed account of Zi Di and the others and his itinerary after entering the city that night. Including her using magic device to communicate.

However, Chief-In-Charge stayed outside the door at the time and did not know who Zi Di communicated with.

On the 2nd day when the black market auction ended, Chief-In-Charge discovered that the magic communication device in the shop was malfunctioning. He asked someone to repair it. As a result, a micro explosion occurred and the entire communication device was blown into a pile of debris.

The spy boss picked up a small piece of debris, but couldn’t see anything, he couldn’t help shaking his head and sighing.

“Lord, can these things make us worse?” The subordinates were also worried.

The spy boss said: “First hand in the things we tortured, and these fragments. We will stay here for the time being and wait for new orders from above.”

Great military port.