Infinite Journey From Hogwarts Chapter 740


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Cedric’s words came to an end, and a layer of sky curtains rose behind the Haotian God. Those who can discuss matters at the Rising Firmament Palace are the Great God of Qing Amnesty and even the Great God of Purple Amnesty. They are better than Heavenly Immortal and Golden Immortal. Comparable to the Great Thousand Worlds under the sky, they still look extremely small.

The rising sky curtain is like a shackle, holding Cedric in place.

At this time, the Jade Lake Gold Mother suddenly appeared behind Cedric, with a plain cloud flag in her hand as if mixing two ceremonies, and the silhouettes of the immortal Buddha appeared, intertwined into a magnificent array, and wanted to fold Cedric. live.

The plain cloud border flag is one of the five flags of Heaven and Earth. It is also necessary to raise the fairy flag in Yaochi, and the golden mother will hold a flat peach feast. Raise this flag, no distance, immortal Buddhas are naturally invited After so many years, the natural plain cloud flag contains a little true meaning of the fairy Buddha, which was used by the golden mother to refine the Ten Thousand Immortal Array, and Heavenspan Saint was the last resort of the Four Saints.

With Cedric cast aside all considerations for face, Haotian God and Yaochi Golden Mother’s shot is decisive. They don’t care about bully the weak and the reputation of playing more with less, but on the other hand, Yaochi Golden Mother doesn’t want to make things happen. It became impossible to pack, so I used the plain cloud border flag to subdue Cedric instead of using Jinfengchai’s killer move.

A new student’s Netherworld River runs through the Great Desolate, and naturally flows through here. The Netherworld River manifests from the void, and the red lotus blossoms in full bloom, supporting the heavy sky. The hair color of the Netherworld River Old Ancestor is white, black and half white. Two pure Innate Sword of Slaughter flew out of the big red embroidered robe, like a two-sky giant dragon, one green and one red, staggered and flying towards the Haotian God above the throne.

There is no 33 layer of Cedric, who has fixed itself in the sky, the embroidered robe is high like a star, and the four Divine Sword apparitions fly out, slaughter and fall, with the power of immortality and Buddha, stirring up countless immortal Buddha’s true intentions. In the fairy formation, wherever he went, the red, black, blue and purple sword light circulated, and the peaceful cloud suddenly rotted and shattered.

The most conquering formation in the world is naturally Immortal Beheading Sword Formation in the hands of Heavenspan Saint.

The true meaning of the fairy Buddha was wiped out by the four-color Executing Immortal Sword qi. The golden mother distressedly recalled the plain cloud world flag, phoenix eyes frosted, “Is my nephew really going to have trouble with me today?”

Cedric retracted the four-color sword light into his sleeves, “Under the trust of Human Sovereign in the Fire Cloud Cave, I really have to do it.”


Great Tang, the god city Luoyang, above the Hall of Supreme Harmony.

The thunder made the great hall officials dumbfounded, and then the sky was rising again and again to obscure the light of the big day. A Celestial Emperor silhouette dressed in a Kowloon crown suit with twelve crowns seemed to be heaven. and Earth shrouded.

“Your Majesty, Huang Binghuan deceived the crowd, please punish Your Majesty immediately.” A minister of Confucianism immediately opened the mouth and said, and his skinny body seemed to contain a tiger, glaring at the minister of courtesy.

Looking at the sudden change of the sky, the minister of rites also felt anxious. He looked at the head, expressionless Li Taiming pitifully.

Li Taiming walked down the steps from the Luang Hall, step by step to the gate of the Hall of Supreme Harmony, stared at the silhouette in the sky for a while, suddenly turned his head and looked towards Said with a smile, “Huang Aiqing said before It’s very good. The major event of the country is only sacrifice and Rong. If the so-called name is not correct, then the words will not go well. Now I am the name of the ancient Human Sovereign. The ancestors once said that there are four great in the domain, Dao Da, Tian Da , The land is big, the people are big.”

As his words fell, the sky fell amidst everyone’s horrified expressions.

The layers of the sky are like shattered glass, thunder-fire clashes, red, blue, green and yellow are mixed, the earth wind, water and fire become messy, a huge’glass fragment’ falls from in midair, thinking To bury the Hall of Supreme Harmony.

At the Rising Firmament Palace, Cedric frowned said, “The Haotian God is the commander of all paths, so why take mortals out of anger.”

A golden heavy sword entwined with countless Human Race merits and luck flew out of his sleeves, engraved with mountains and rivers on one side, and Sun, Moon and Stars on the other.

It turned into an eternal mountain, like a pillar of heaven, propped up the collapsed sky, and a silhouette of Ancient Saint Sage appeared, Suirenshi who drilled wood, Youchao who built houses, and the progenitor who made clothes. Cangjie, the creative character…

The complete humanitarian rules are from bottom to top, supporting the entire sky.

The God of Haotian saw Cedric’s actions, his eyes became deeper, and his whole person became vague, countless Grand Dao Rules blended, and the silhouette of the emperor in the sky became more solid.

This is the authority of the Celestial Emperor. With the help of Great Desolate, Haotian God can exert a power comparable to Saint’s, and this is the backing on which he can dominate all paths.

Cedric expression grave, said to the side Netherworld River Old Ancestor, “Please also Old Ancestor to stop the golden mother for me.”

Netherworld River Old Ancestor looked towards Cedric with some uncertainty. Originally, in order to repay Cedric’s help to the way, he was ready to go all out. Although Vast Sky God holds the authority of the completed Celestial Emperor, it is not true after all The Saint cannot achieve Perfection. After retrieving the authority of the tributary of the Netherworld River, he can almost call it Sub Saint. Coupled with his own immortal characteristics, it is still possible to forcibly stop Haotian God.

After all, this one didn’t dare to really break the Exterminating Great Desolate. His previous shots were only aimed at the Hall of Supreme Harmony.

Seeing the distrustful gaze of the Netherworld River Old Ancestor, Cedric lightly said with a smile, “The holy way, not a foreign object, seeks perfection. Although Haotian God is sufficient in size, it is not in essence. The real Saint is like soil to unpolished jade.”

Netherworld River Old Ancestor clicked nodded, turned around and looked towards the Golden Mother of Yaochi, “How about we two watching the show?”

Jade Lake Golden Mother ugly complexion, but there is the Netherworld River Old Ancestor, the three corpses Quasi-Saint, who is indeed incapable of helping Haotian.

At this time, the unemotional of the Haotian God, who condensed the authority of the entire Great Desolate Celestial Emperor, looked towards Cedric with a vast, majestic and terrifying gaze. For a time, all the laws were silent, “You really have the confidence to stop me?”

“With the help of the power of the foreign object, it can naturally be broken with the foreign object.” The transformation of the original scene behind Cedric’s head reveals a noble palace in countless purple clouds.

“Purple Heaven Palace?” Haotian was a little confused, because Cedric’s behavior was not an attack or defense, but a replay of a history he had experienced.

When did Purple Heaven Palace reappear? Haotian God was puzzled, and then he woke up immediately. The Purple Heaven Palace should have reappeared after Cedric entered the origin of life and death a few days ago. That period of time and space in Great Desolate was empty, as if it did not exist at all, but it did. exist.

Only in that state will Purple Heaven Palace appear. What happened to Purple Heaven Palace during that time? Haotian God is very curious, so he didn’t at all prevent Cedric’s actions, because this period of history involving Purple Heaven Palace has been reproduced from the past, even if he, the Celestial Emperor, cannot be erased.

The six familiar futons are lined up one after the other, but two silhouettes are missing, and Cedric and Lady Queen of the Earth are added. Sitting on the first futon, two white eyebrow slender Elderly opened his eyes , Countless yin and yang lights are mixed into one body, “Celestial Emperor has lost his virtue.”

The existence of the six futons here next moment is nodded, “ran.”

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