Infinite Journey From Hogwarts Chapter 741


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Saint the mouth holds the Heaven’s Decree, five Saints plus Cedric, the Investment of the Gods ruler nodded, for a time the chaotic secrets began to become clear.

The authority of Celestial Emperor belonging to Haotian God, like birds and beasts, wants to escape from his body.

It’s just a sentence. Among Thirty Three Heavens, Taiqing Realm Li Hentian, Yuqing Realm Qingwei Tian, ​​Shangqing Realm Yu Yutian began to rise, first breaking free from the authority restriction of Celestial Emperor, and even suppressing it in turn The heavens, and then the emperor of good fortune realm also began to peel away, but not at all suppressed the heavens in turn.

The 4th layer of the highest sky peeled off, and the authority of the complete Celestial Emperor of Haotian God suddenly became incomplete, and his aura began to drop like a tide from the highest to the highest.

Li Taiming, who has been watching the battle in the sky, laughed loudly, “I, Great Tang Human Sovereign Li Taiming, dominate the mountains and rivers, recreate the humane society, Heaven and Earth can learn from it.”

With the fall of his words, humanity began to be stripped from the authority of Haotian God, making his breath fall faster, almost unable to maintain his Celestial Emperor authority.

In the rushing avenue river filled with countless waves, an earth-yellow Divine Dragon apparition wanted to shake its head and wagging its tail, but suddenly a scarlet Flood Dragon sprang out from the left and right sides. A blue wolf sprang out, fiercely biting Divine Dragon’s body, Divine Dragon was furious, rolling around and fighting between the two, countless destinies were causally agitated, creating a future with different directions.

The Haotian God, whose breath is no longer perfect, looked towards this scene, seizing the opportunity, “The Great Tang has lost his virtue and disrespects God.”

A destiny fell and turned into a heavy door, with a dragon and a phoenix, trying to press this Divine Dragon, which represents Human Sovereign dao fruit, into the river of avenue again.

Cedric did not continue to take action. Moving a period of time and space that he experienced in Purple Heaven Palace to the present has cost him nowhere. Therefore, Saints who have been restrained can take action and interfere with this time and space that happened in the past. Now the authority of Celestial Emperor.

Furthermore, Li Taiming’s own Human Sovereign position is inherently illusory, and he really does not have the ability to set the Human Sovereign position in a word. Even if he has this ability, he would not choose Li Taiming to sit in this position.

“Please help from the Human Sovereign in the Fire Cloud Cave.” Li Taiming bowed towards the sky, lifting up the Human Sovereign sword on the heavy sky like a golden mountain.

In the Fire Cloud Cave, the Huangdi Xuanyuan who saw this scene was a little hesitant. It had just appeared on the river of the avenue. Li Taiming wanted to become a Human Sovereign, as well as a red flood, a gray wolf and two disasters. Even he has no way to change this, but just like Cedric said, since the Human Sovereign swords have been invested in, then it is necessary to spend more capital, at least we need to help Li Taiming put the Haotian God in front of him. Deal with the past, otherwise the Human Sovereign will never be able to reunite.

“Great Tang Human Sovereign Li Taiming, we should reopen humanity and straighten the mountains and rivers.” Huangdi Xuanyuan’s words fell, and a golden avenue spread from the fire cloud cave, like the last straw, bringing Haotian God humane Completely deprived of their authority.

Lost the upper 4-Layer of the 33 layer of heaven, and at the same time lost the authority of humanity, the Celestial Emperor in the hands of Haotian God suddenly became fragmented. Although there is still the power to suppress the heavens, it has been removed from Saint Level. Degenerate into Quasi-Saint.

But Haotian God’s gaze is still unemotional. From the moment he stirred up the confinement, he anticipated the backlash of the saints. He looked towards Cedric and said with disdain, “This is all your support ?”

The Celestial Court present all showed their differences. The Jade Emperor shouldn’t be stunned. He deprived almost half of the Celestial Emperor’s authority. This is no different from being forced to the palace, and’this is all you rely on. ‘, is it okay for feelings to really drive you off this Celestial Emperor?

Seeing such a quiet, Tianyuan-like Haotian God, Cedric suddenly said with a smile, “Your Majesty doesn’t need to arouse me, I won’t help you completely get out of the position of Celestial Emperor. Isn’t it uncomfortable?”

The position of Celestial Emperor is both power and restraint. Obviously, this Haotian God deliberately wants to provoke himself with words. As long as he makes another move, maybe he can take the opportunity to leave the position of Celestial Emperor when the time comes. At that time, he was still Quasi-Saint. Although his power would be much smaller, he hadn’t changed in essence. Instead, he would have countless scruples, hidden in the dark, and he would have the opportunity to regain his position as Celestial Emperor in the future.

The appearance is just right now. The Celestial Emperor’s authority is incomplete, and at the same time Haotian is still bound by this position and cannot be freed. The heavens are staring at him, and it is difficult for him to play any tricks in this position. Of course, it will be inevitable to use Celestial Emperor’s authority to fight against oneself in the future, but at least it is much better than the Haotian God hiding in the dark.

Hearing Cedric’s words, the righteous gods immediately reacted, looking towards Cedric and Haotian God’s face changed, the big guy is really a big guy, his whole body is full of mind and eyes.

“Since this is the end of the day, let’s stop here.”

After finishing speaking, the Thirty Three Heavens apparition that Haotian God appeared behind him withdrew, and closed the Rising Firmament Palace like a bead curtain. All the Celestial Court gods including Cedric and Netherworld River Old Ancestor were all driven out.

At the end of the Tianhe, the starry sky is shining, countless towering palaces are standing, and a vague and bold Emperor apparition has sealed the entire Celestial Court.

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