Infinite Journey From Hogwarts Chapter 743


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Cedric and Netherworld River Old Ancestor reached a tacit understanding, not at all immediately returned to the Greek mythology world.

Returning to the Greek mythology world at this time will undoubtedly be against Zeus and even the original gods, so he needs to accumulate more power, at least to complete the causal mission of the first witch race, and rescue the god Xingtian .

Although Xing Tian is not the Twelve Ancestral Witch, he may be more talented than the others behind the Twelve Ancestral Witch. He was able to completely suppress Huangdi Xuanyuan, the Human Sovereign, and forced the Haotian God to make a sneak shot. attack, which shows that Xingtian is at least the existence of Quasi-God Level 1.

After solving Xingtian, Cedric can naturally get three drops of blood essence from the teacher of Houtu. He has gathered the four ancestors of Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire, and Kuchulin’s “Pangu True Body” ] You can also truly become Quasi-Saint, plus Netherworld River Old Ancestor and yourself, as well as the god Gaia in the dark. Unless the Chaos God Kaios takes the initiative, it will be the remaining original god Together with Zeus, Cedric is also confident that he can control the situation.


Luoyang, the god city, looked at the disappearing sky and the stalwart Emperor silhouette, Li Taiming almost couldn’t help laughing out loud.

At this time, Cedric stepped on Grade 8 to develop Azure Lotus and descended from the cloud. Li Taiming hurried up and gave Cedric a dísciple. Then he said, “Thank you Daojun for your help.” /p>

Cedric waved his hand casually, “Your Majesty still put away the Human Sovereign sword first. After all, the country’s important weapon cannot be easily shown.”

Hearing what Cedric said, Li Taiming was nodded again and again, and a Black Dragon flew out of his large black suit. It was immeasurably long, winding up, entrenched on the Human Sovereign sword the size of a mountain, and then The Human Sovereign sword shrank little by little, and finally fell in front of Li Taiming.

Li Taiming carefully stroked the hilt of the Human Sovereign sword to rule the country and the country, and the Human Sovereign policy that unifies the world was written on it. This is not only an imperial technique, but also a technique of cultivation.

Then he realized that Cedric was still beside him, and said sorry with a smile, “But I lost some self-control.”

Cedric said nonchalantly, “such is human nature.”

Then he looked at Skyrim for a while and said, “I haven’t told Your Majesty about my origins yet?”

Li Taiming looked at Cedric’s face and faintly has several points of guessing, but he respectfully said, “hope to hear the details.”

“I was reincarnated in Outland by Houtu Teacher since I was a child, and I have the support of your Saints, so I got to this step by luck, but now I need to repay the Saints for their assistance.

Cedric did not go on to elaborate, he needs to lead Li Taiming into a certain thinking misunderstanding.

“Of the Saints, the greatest help to me is the moral Heavenly Venerate and the Houtu Teacher. Now I have paid most of the cause and effect of the moral Heavenly Venerate, but the kindness of the Houtu Teacher is really hard to pay.”

Ethics Heavenly Venerate?

Li Taiming immediately thought of the identity of Lao Tzu who taught Sect Lord. At the same time, he also thought of the Seventh Rank Golden Core sent by Cedric, and this support, which made him close to the position of Human Sovereign.

so that’s how it is, Li Taiming was slightly nodded without a trace, and then followed Cedric’s words and asked, “I don’t know what the Daojun has to say. Although I am shallow, I am willing to share the worries for the Daojun.”

Seeing that Li Taiming has understood his ‘meaning’, Cedric continued, “Now that you want to repay your teacher’s grace, you can only do it from the wizards.”

Li Taiming laughed heartily said, “Although the Daoist is relieved, I will make a decree today, and Great Tang will regard all the witches as citizens.”

How can there be such a cheap thing, Cedric in the heart spit out, wanting to tie the witches to war chariot, it depends on your determination.

“In addition to the ordinary witches, the sealed land great witch Xingtian, Hou Yi and even the resurrection of the eleven ancestor witch…” At this point, Cedric stopped talking, quietly looking at the solemn expression Li Taiming.

On the other side, when he heard Cedric’s words, Li Tai made it clear that it was difficult to choose. After all, the release of the sealed witches, and even the resurrection of the ancient ancestor witches, the power of the relationship is too great, even if he truly becomes a Human Sovereign may not be able to afford it.

The heat is just right. Cedric watched this scene with satisfaction. At this time, he only needs to take a step back, and he will naturally feel that he is taking advantage.

“The eleven ancestor witch is Heaven’s Jealousy. It is not humanly accessible, so you don’t have to bother Your Majesty, but to save the great witch Xingtian, Hou Yi, I hope Your Majesty can help.”

Li Taiming breathed a sigh of relief when he heard Cedric’s retreat. The eleven ancestor witch is very important, and even he dare not promise easily, but he has to take action with those two War God-like witches.

In Nine Nether, he made a promise when he took Qin Shihuang’s half-step Human Sovereign dao fruit. In addition, Cedric asked for it at this time. If he refuses again, whether it is causal backlash or later Saint, Cedric’s abandonment is unacceptable.

Li Taiming said solemnly, “I will inevitably spare no effort in this matter and assist Daojun.”

Cedric heard Li Taiming’s promise, lightly said with a smile, “Your Majesty helped my witch race so much, but I didn’t take it for granted. I swear here to help Your Majesty eradicate the red dragon and gray wolf. “

Li Taiming laughed heartily, this great master is really interesting.

The scene on the river of the avenue before, he who possessed a half-step Human Sovereign dao fruit naturally saw it. The reason why he could not condense the complete Human Sovereign dao fruit is because there are two red dragons and gray wolves in the fate Robbery.

But the Dao Jun actually made such a heavy oath, it is no different from helping himself to the position of Human Sovereign. He loudly said, “I just did what I wanted, but Dao Jun reported it. With Qiong Yao, in my world, there must be the help of Dao Monarchs.”

Following Li Taiming’s words, a mighty luck that Golden Immortal envied from fell from the sky and merged into Cedric’s great fortune. Although there will be no qualitative change, one point more luck is always good. .

Cedric also said with a smile, “This is what I should have done.”

He took Wang Gui away from Great Desolate. In the previous manifestation of destiny, Li Taiming was naturally imperceptible to Wang Guiyi’s threat, and since the Red Jiao and the wolf wanted to compete for the position of Human Sovereign, it was naturally Cedric Enemy.

But now I took an oath, and immediately gave Li Taiming the illusion that he would completely help him. This step was just right.

Li Taiming laughed heartily and said, “With the help of the Taoist monarch, the world has been determined.”

Cedric cupped the hands, “Poor Daoist have what skills and abilities, make Your Majesty so important.”

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