Infinite Journey From Hogwarts Chapter 744


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In the Sky Trees Garden, Li Taiming specially changed a Dao Palace into a Cedric residence. Under the shadow of the emerald golden bamboo, a merit lotus flower opened in the pool. This Dao Palace is not big, with only a few rooms , But it is better than tranquility. It is the retreat of successive emperors.

Cedric is playing against Yuan Tiangong in the courtyard, while the monkeys serve him carefully.

After the random placement, Cedric asked, “When are you going to leave?”

Yuan Tiangong twisted a sunspot and looked towards Cedric slightly differently. After all, there is only a gap between Celestial Emperor and Human Sovereign Xuanyuan. It should have continued to lay out and widen the contradiction between the two. It seems a little anxious.

“Time is not waiting for me.” Cedric sighed, “I don’t just need to deal with this game.”

Yuan Tiangong dropped the sunspot and said in a crisp sound, “I know.”

At this time, Luohe walked in and reported that the Samsara Artists, Divine Predictor, wanted to meet Cedric.

Cedric thought about it and clicked nodded.

Yuan Tiangong wisely put down the chess pieces and retreated into the back room.

After a while, the six people from Divine Predictor walked into the small courtyard. Their expression was restrained. They wanted to salute Cedric. Cedric waved his sleeves and a few stone benches fell. Land of Samsara, don’t have to be so concerned about customary etiquette.”

When I heard Cedric’s words, Huang Siniang and Divine Predictor’s expression was a bit unnatural, especially Divine Predictor. After all, they wanted to benefit from Cedric before. This boss must have known it, although it hasn’t happened yet , But the two dared not treat it as the same thing.

On the contrary, it is Gu Huang. The four-person expression of the Mo mechanism is relatively natural. It is a good thing to have a relationship with such a big man in Great Desolate World.

Divine Predictor expression is a little unnatural, “Boss, what happened before…”

Cedric has a causal thread in his hand. This is the back hand that Divine Predictor left on him before, but now it is used as a handle. With his current strength, as long as he uses any means, he has this causal thread as a backing. Asylum Divine Predictor will immediately fall into the state of being consigned to eternal damnation.

But he doesn’t want to retaliate back now, it doesn’t make any sense.

Just like Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning, don’t you know that Shen Gongbao has two hearts?

The pieces only need to be easy to use. I have to say that the pieces of Shen Gongbao lineage are all easy to use.

Seeing this causal thread in Cedric’s hand, several Samsara Artists who knew Divine Predictor’s identity tried hard not to laugh. Divine Predictor’s face was stiff and awkwardly said with a smile, “It must be useful to keep me. “

Cedric asked rhetorically, “Then what do you think is the biggest role of Shen Gongbao lineage?”

After hearing Cedric’s words, all Samsara Artists showed thoughtful expressions.

Cedric continued, “Now that the disaster of Great Tang Li Taiming’s Human Sovereign appears, combined with your reincarnation mission, it should be above the Mongolian proton. I need you to help me pit a wave of people and complete the mission. , I will naturally return this thread of cause and effect to you.”

Divine Predictor whispered, “Do you still need me to cheat people at your level?”

“en?” Cedric faint smiled and looked at the Divine Predictor of divine poise and sagelike features, and the latter said solemnly, “The boss can rest assured to leave it to me, but I also need a guarantee from the boss. “

“What guarantee?” Cedric asked.

“The boss will not use me to fill the sea in the future.”

Cedric said with a smile indifferently, “Do you think that Shen Gongbao used to fill the eyes of the original master at the end instead of retreating like Jiang Ziya. He turned to Qin Muchu, half-hearted, and who can let go? Passed him?”

When I heard Cedric’s words, the different expressions on Divine Predictor’s face were intertwined, because Cedric made sense, but did not give himself any promise.

What a correct nonsense.

But at this time Divine Predictor didn’t dare to continue to question Cedric, he said cruelly, “I must be the boss.”

Cedric clicked nodded and didn’t say much. Then he looked towards several other people. In the eyes of the sky blue, countless probabilities were intertwined into different timelines.

In front of these eyes, the six high-level Samsara Artists instinctively wanted to dodge, because their fate and everything seemed to be anchored by these eyes instead of simply seeing through them, but they still forcibly stood still and stood still. .

After a while, Cedric said softly,

“Your Hundred Schools of Thought Contend mission, if you have any questions, you can go to the Splendid Tianshan Mountains and rivers 400 miles away to seek help, but I may not always be there. It depends more on you. “

This is simply the sound of nature, Huang Siniang and the others looked at Cedric in surprise, didn’t expect Cedric to be willing to take action, but this big man seems to have other important things, so he and the others The timing must be reasonably grasped.

They immediately stood up and said respectfully, “Thank you, brother.”

Cedric closed his eyes again.

A few people quit wisely.

In the courtyard, Cedric is inferring the different probabilities that he saw from several people. Because it involves the task of the main god, he cannot see many things, but on the other hand, it is because of the task of the main god , So the probability seen from them has the most reference value.

Need more information. Cedric opened his eyes again and looked towards Luohe and Hongfeng around him. “After that, the monkey will go to Heavenly Prison with Yuan Tiangong to rescue Xingtian. It’s useless for you to follow. It’s better to help I will do some other things.”

“What’s the matter?” Luohe, Hongfeng expression grave.

Cedric waved his hand, “Don’t worry, it’s definitely not a difficult task. Fudge a few Samsara Artists that’s all, I believe you can do very well.”

This matter can only be done by Samsara Artists like Luohe and Red Maple. After all, Samsara Artists will be on guard against each other, but in an unfamiliar world, if there is no fundamental conflict between the two parties and the difference in strength is too large If this is the case, the weak Samsara Artist will consider relying on the powerful Samsara Artist.

After finishing speaking, his eyes became distant, and with the help of the various weapons he sent out and the Lord God contract, he began to explore the traces of the newcomers entering the Great Desolate.

[Circle City] As a newly opened city, it would have been given the resources of the Lord God to allocate new Samsara Artists. Great Desolate, as the world with the strongest endurance among the heavens, can accommodate almost all Samsara Artist, so this time, Cedric got a lot of samples.

These samples are scattered among the various forces of Great Desolate, completing different reincarnation tasks, and these reincarnation tasks are easily detected by Cedric through the contract.

After all, the contract already contains the implicit clause of “If the Samsara Artist of the adventure group of the covenant can enter the same world, they can know all the contents of the newcomer’s task at any time.” The protection of the novice can no longer prevent Cedric from probing.

After quickly excluding a large number of samples, Cedric focused his attention on several interesting newcomers.

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