Infinite Journey From Hogwarts Chapter 745


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Cedric first focused his attention on a Samsara Artist who entered Luofu Mountain.

Quickly got all his mission information.

“The first reincarnation mission: Senior Brother is really blessed”

“Task Nature: Free Exploration”

“Mission Difficulty: Medium”

“Main Quest: Obtain the first Attribute Power (no penalty)”

“Reminder: Saint is gone, hold your thighs, be careful of other Samsara Artists”

When I saw the last one, Cedric wrinkled slightly and frowned. Father is so stingy. I am your best behaved and brightest cub.

Obviously, this prompt is a ‘welfare’ for these newcomers Samsara Artist by the main god father, but Cedric doesn’t care much, because there are other ways to interpret this prompt, and it’s too simple to plot against these newcomers.

Afterwards, Cedric paid serious attention to the entire Luofu Mountain, and countless information was revealed.

First of all, the Samsara Artists dressed in dísciple around them are talking about their experiences in the rookie world with a relaxed and happy face.

The Samsara Artist who was observed by Cedric was wearing a gray robes with short eyebrows and sleek sophistication. Around him were five newcomers, one of whom was big and thick. “I said that The senior Samsara Artist is too timid. The task of this newcomer is obviously to give us experience, but he dare not take us to a big vote, obediently and honestly to be a groom.”

On the opposite side of him, a mature-looking Samsara Artist who is over middle-aged opened the mouth and said, “This is also natural. After all, although he is a newcomer mentor, he does not have the identity advantage given by the main god. It’s a good place to be a handyman here. After all, this is the Dongsheng Divine Continent Taoist eighth cave, the first Buddhist forest. When we wanted to start, the few of us were embarrassed when we received the task of samsara. >

Samsara Artist curl one’s lip, who is big and rough, said in a whisper, “It’s just because we didn’t know the rules of the Land of Samsara that’s all at first. Didn’t expect the newcomer task is so simple.” p>

Samsara Artist, who was observed by Cedric, shook his head lightly and said, “This time we are able to enter the Great Desolate World. It should be some kind of chance. Have you forgotten that when the teacher entered here, he looked surprised or even panicked, and there is still With the existence of the above, maybe they can know the existence of the main god.”

Speaking of this, the Samsara Artist pointed his finger at the sky.

All the Samsara Artists knew what he was talking about, but they didn’t answer the conversation. After all, the names of those artists would definitely be perceived, and they would definitely not have good fruit as ‘intruders’.

The middle-aged Samsara Artist sighed and said, “This is not something we can consider. To continue discussing this matter is to cause trouble for ourselves, except for unfounded worries.”

Samsara Artist, who is big and rough, said quickly, “Instead of discussing these insignificant things, it is better to discuss how to benefit from that Senior Brother.”

Then his gaze looked towards the other two female Samsara Artists, “You have benefited from that Senior Brother again, right?”

The two female Samsara Artists have beautiful faces, and one of them lightly said with a smile, “Why? We said before that we would be blessed to share.”


Samsara Artist, who is a big three-bodied artist, was disdainful, “If I had a tenth of that guy’s blessing, I would have successfully entered the Taoist school now.”

Although the Samsara Artist was sour, the four Samsara Artists around all showed expressions of approval. After all, this Senior Brother’s blessing is too deep.

They belong to the kind of people who sing a song, and there will be Immortal Crane carrying the colorful Spirit Mushroom to repay the favor.

“Gan, I dare not write this in Long Aotian’s novel.”

Hearing his complaint, one of the female Samsara Artist asked uncertainly, “Are there any arrogant claims in your world?”

Four Samsara Artists looked towards this Samsara Artist with doubts.

“The so-called ‘Bone Aotian’ is the upgraded version of Long Aotian. It is invincible at the beginning. It only fights wits and courage with the air, and before I cross, it seems that this kind of light novel is very popular.”

“so that’s how it is.” The middle-aged Samsara Artist ordered nodded, “In this way, this Senior Brother does seem to have the style of ‘bone proud.’”

Samsara Artist, who is big and rough, said impatiently, “Whatever Long Aotian, I just want to get a personal pardon from Senior Brother. This cultivation is really damn difficult.” /p>

Hearing this Samsara Artist’s words, several people around showed a sense of identification. Although they were lucky enough to become the Junior Brother Junior Sister of the proud Senior Brother Heavens, the Great Desolate’s cultivation method is very mystery, even though With the help of the Lord God, they have no Art Entering Dao in such a short time.


The very lucky Senior Brother was a shortcut. Not long ago, he and the others taught the Teacher, but he asked the Senior Brother to get a seal, and the immortal Thunder Tribulation was lowered by three levels.

Allowing them to enter the Dao is not a matter of with no difficulty, so the minds of a few people have been moved from the original Dao books to this Senior Brother.

After listening to a few people’s discussions, Cedric stroked his chin. These Samsara Artists seem to be a bit unwieldy.

Then he followed a spell trail in the front and moved his gaze to a floating island. Here was a hidden Smaller Thousand Worlds. Although attached to the Luofu cave, it had its own system.

The Feihong Waterfall, Spiritual Qi gathers into a colorful color, countless fairy beasts, three small huts at the end of the Hongqiao, the wormwood roots above are white, and the simple Dao Rhyme glows.

A maid with a nice face and dark skin is peeling grapes for a teenager who is lying on a rocking chair listening to the conversation of the Samsara Artist.

young girl lightly said with a smile, “These people are really stupid, but what is their so-called ‘teacher’, ‘Land of Samsara’?”

Wang Fugui looked at the sky, “They are stupid, aren’t we stupid?”

Said that he finished eating the young girl’s peeled grapes, but did not answer the question. He shook his head and walked into the room and waved his hand. “Young Master, I have a good temperament today. I am going to sleep. Don’t come to wake me up.

Xiao Zhu was puzzled, but her Young Master was so headstrong. She packed the couch and went to take care of the flowers and grass in this yard.

Notice me?

Is this a bit too smart?

Cedric expression is a little surprised. If you know his current gaze, as long as you want to hide it from others, even Golden Immortal will not feel anything wrong.

The young man in front of him only condenses Golden Core, equivalent to the fourth-order Samsara Artist, and he can actually feel his gaze.

However, after thinking about it, Cedric smiled slightly. I already got what I wanted, and it was not a loss. Then he turned his attention to another batch of Samsara Artists.

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