Infinite Journey From Hogwarts Chapter 746


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“The first reincarnation mission: This dart is really difficult”

“Task Nature: Free Exploration”

“Mission Difficulty: Medium”

“Main Quest: Obtain the first Attribute Power (no penalty)”

“Reminder: Saint die, stay, be careful of other Samsara Artists”

Xianyang City boundary, in a small forest, several Samsara Artists lit a bonfire to illuminate the dim woods. It was late, and a faint mist rose from all over the woods, adding a few more in the twilight Points pale.

Several Samsara Artists are sitting around the bonfire. The headed rookie mentor is about 20 years old, well-equipped, and has a neat short hair. The flying eyebrows and eyebrows are always smiling, but since entering the Great Desolate World, His sighs are more than the total number of newcomers present.

What the hell is that newcomer mission?

He thinks he is also a fierce person in the loner, and can become a Samsara Artist of the fourth-order Peak within ten missions. He wanted to come to the new [Ring City] to try one’s luck and see if he could find a few outstanding ones. The seedlings, but the facts gave him a head start.

Since entering the Great Desolate World, even though it is based on the Eastern Earth system, so the strength has not been reduced too much, but a newcomer task encounters four crises within a week, should he be so cruel.

Senior Samsara Artist asked again with a fluttering orange flame, “Which big brother’s lucky attribute is too low, please be aware of it, at least let us know where the danger comes from?”

This is the fourteenth time he has asked, but as it should be by rights, no one has answered yet.

A newcomer is tall, and his words and deeds have the characteristics of the army. “Tutor, no one will answer.”

The senior Samsara Artist couldn’t help sighing again.

At this time, another newcomer with strong Scholar aura opened the mouth and said, “Maybe this newcomer mission itself is very special?”

“Li Yan, can you be more specific?” A female Samsara Artist with a single ponytail and heavy eyeshadow opened the mouth and said.

The Samsara Artist named Li Yan turned his head and looked towards the senior Samsara Artist, “Teacher, the quality of our group is not bad among newcomers.”

After talking about the Samsara Artists around me, “Ike, it’s obviously Peak’s special forces. I’m an intelligence analyst, and I’m also a government lone geese. As if Sister Yali didn’t guess wrong, she should also be engaged in intelligence. People.”

The female Samsara Artist with eyeshadow smiled slightly, “I was a senior spy before and was employed by the Secret Service of the government.” After saying that, she also looked towards everyone, “I tell my origins like this, in order to hope everyone To be open and honest, we must at least give us more judgment information. Everyone must have felt the difficulty of this newcomer task. If we do not cooperate sincerely, then the probability that we can survive should be very small.”

Hearing what Yali said, a middle-aged uncle with heavy eye bags raised his hand opened the mouth and said, “Then I am the weakest. I was just a little hacker before, and I have one Question, the “Beware of other Samsara Artists” in the main god prompt means whether there is a “monster” among us, such as the ghost story of “an extra child”.”

At this time, the senior Samsara Artist opened the mouth and said, “At this point, I can guarantee the number and identity of the newcomers present. As a newcomer mentor, I can check the number of you and the newcomer mark on me, if it really is’ appears a Samsara Artist’, then it can only show that the Lord God wants to play us to death, so you might as well choose a beautiful place with beautiful scenery and dig your own grave.”

The remaining female Samsara Artist is seventeen-eighteen years old, and she looks like a celestial person. “I’m just an idol singer, but my luck through childhood is pretty good, and have you found out? We have encountered four crises in this week, but they can all be resolved through resourcefulness, and there will always be some extra help, just like Tianliu a glimmer of survival.”

Finally, she couldn’t help looking towards the depths of the woods, her cheeks filled with red under the bonfire, “and the little brother of the three no monks really hit all of my high points.”

“Hey, this is not the time for idiots.” The middle-aged hacker Uncle couldn’t help complaining.

However, as a spy, Yali said with a smile, “What’s wrong with the nympho, I have understood these years. If you live forever, don’t think too much about it, and the boy we escorted It’s really cute.”

At this time, Li Yan opened the mouth and said, “Perhaps the key to our break is this young man.”

Then he looked towards the senior Samsara Artist, “Tutor, do you have any additional information you can share with us?”

Senior Samsara Artist thought for a while and said, “Don’t call me a mentor. In a world like Great Desolate, I don’t deserve to be a mentor. If you don’t dislike it, call me Cloud Leopard. of Samsara.”

The newcomer aptitude in front of me is indeed terrifying, and after experiencing such a difficult task for the newcomer, he will surely soar into the sky, so Cloud Leopard has the idea of ​​forming an adventure group, not at all, putting on the shelf of aloof and remote.

“Mine used a small spell, and found additional information from the surrounding towns. Isn’t it right that the monk we escorted?”

Several newcomers on facial expression grave clicked nodded, “Although he has long hair, he observes all other precepts.”

The clouded leopard sighed slightly, “Now the emperor of Great Tang is practicing forbidden Buddha.”

“What?!” Several newcomers look at each other in blank dismay, because the end of the journey they escorted was the god city Luoyang.

Li Yan looked at the bonfire, rubbing his chin, “There must be something related to this.”

Middle-aged hacker uncle curl one’s lip, “I don’t know what the connection is, but it seems that we will only be able to walk in the wilderness.”

At this time, Wang Jie walked one after another in a gray novice suit, carrying a black heavy sword that was not commensurate with his height, and holding a large stack of chopped firewood.

Ike hurried up and took the firewood that Wang Jie had chopped. “Thank you.”

Wang Jie shook his head slightly, sat down expressionless, and then said, “I found a temple deep in the woods.”


There are some Obscurus among the Samsara Artists around, because when they first saw this boy, it was a desolate rainy night in a ruined temple. The boy used the Black Sword behind him to dig a grave for his Teacher.

So the Buddhist temple, even if it is just a dilapidated Buddhist temple, has a different meaning to the young man in front of him, just like the Tang monk who must worship at the temple.

But the ruined Buddhist temple in the deep mountains, what do you think, what is wrong.

Clouded Leopard thought about it and asked, “What do you mean?”

Wang Jieyi said calmly, “I just want to remind you that that temple is weird, we better leave quickly.”

I didn’t actually want to enter the temple to worship, the surrounding Samsara Artists breathed a sigh of relief.

The middle-aged hacker couldn’t help but said, “We are so far away now, should we be okay?”

As soon as Wang Jie heard this, he put the firewood into the fire with different expression.

Li Yan asked more, “What’s weird?”

“The name of the temple is Orchid Temple. I heard Teacher mentioned before that there is a Demon occupying the Buddhist temple and killing the people around. It is very likely that we should have met.”

Wang Jieyi’s voice was still calm, but all the Samsara Artist complexion greatly changed, like hearing the deepest ghost story, night fell instantly, filled with dense fog poured out the bonfire, Heaven and Earth were lonely.

The main divine fruit, of course, wants to kill us!

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