Infinite Journey From Hogwarts Chapter 747


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Uncle Heavenspan, didn’t expect that there will be an innate talent who tells ghost stories after you are reincarnated. Cedric suffocated his smile, stepped out, and descended into the silent temple. He wanted to see what his appearance would cause What a variable.

Whose layout is the Orchid Temple in front of you?

On the dilapidated courtyard walls, the religious paintings of Luohan Bodhisattva are still lifelike, but every one of them is watching Cedric, a new human being, with mysterious eyes.

“Really act recklessly.” Cedric said softly. It might be nothing to occupy the position of these Bodhisattva Arhats in the general world, but here is the Great Desolate World. When cause and effect are connected, retribution will inevitably occur.

Cedric’s eyes shrouded the past and future of the entire temple. He wanted to see how this temple appeared and whether someone ‘moved’ it from the other world.

After all, he has heard the story of Orchid Temple, and judging from the faces of the Samsara Artists, they have also heard of it.

But then he showed a little thought.

Because of various limits, it shows that the Orchid Temple in front of you is the ‘source’. All the Orchid Temples in the heavens are based on the source in front of them, and their projections into different time and space.

But this situation was quickly rejected by Cedric, because the Orchid Temple story I saw absolutely happened before that, and a strong sense of time and space disorder appeared.

It’s because of the consequences.

Cedric immediately made a judgment that he can achieve this degree of causal reversal, and even affect different time and space. The most likely of course is the Zhunti Saint who is in charge of the causal avenue.

But he is dead, and he just saw his Reincarnation Body, so there is absolutely no way he can shoot so quickly.

Is this his shot in the ‘past’? Or is he taking action in the ‘future’?

If he took action in the’past’, then it means that he anticipated his own death. But at the beginning, Heavenspan Master took Zhun to mention Saint. The death of himself has been personally experienced, so it is impossible to mention Saint. Belief is definitely not from the show, and there is no need to show it to yourself.

Then there is one possibility left. This is Zhun mentioning that Saint will take action in the ‘future’.

That is to say, the probability of his successful return occupies almost all the world timeline in the future, so he can use the special grand aspiration method from the future to interfere with the present.

But this is not necessarily true.

Cedric’s understanding of Dao of Karma, which itself carries the quasi-ti Saint dying, has reached an extremely profound level.

Although Saint Zhunti is able to take a shot from the future because of the consequences, his anchor is still the present, as long as he completely destroys the Orchid Temple, the trace of his shot, and at the same time confines himself. The world timeline, does it conversely show that he has not taken any action in the future, reducing the probability of his return.

But there are two more problems.

Why did Saint make such a move?

Do I need to smash with Zhunti Saint?

The first question can be temporarily put aside, but the second question does require Cedric to think about it.

Although the two Saints of Buddhism almost killed themselves before, but now at this step of my own, I am absolutely unable to get angry if I want to prove the way. If you die with Zhunti Saint, you will inevitably die with the lead Saint. To face the plot against each other between the Lord God and Way Ancestor Hongjun, so this is extremely unwise.

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