Infinite Journey From Hogwarts Chapter 823


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In order to retaliate against Hou Yi, Xi He shot and killed his nine sons, deliberately set up a game, imprisoned Hou Yi forever on the lunar star into Wu Gang, and cut down the first Heavenly Spiritual Root of Laurel.

The laurel will not fall, Hou Yi’s Divine Soul will never be sober, and the laurel, the first Heavenly Spiritual Root at the time of Immemorial, will merge with the lunar star. Once the laurel is cut down, it will inevitably cause the lunar turbulence. It even involves Great Desolate’s balance of yin and yang, such a huge cause and effect, even a saint dare not take it easily.

Because the laurel tree fell, it was no less than the break of Buzhou Mountain at the beginning. The robbery of the sky and the rebound of Great Desolate willpower were enough to kill all the existence under the saint.

even more how, can deceive the mind of the great witch Hou Yi, there must be other people in it, such as Western Two Sages, and only they have the motivation and the ability to make Hou Yi have stepped into the holy path. The powerful self-obscure who understands the difference between’I’ and’others’ makes it difficult to wake up.

Cedric gave the blood essence of the ancestral witch in his hand to Kuchulin to refining, and at the same time he took everyone to the Houtu Palace. This involved a lot of things, and now the great powers of Great Desolate have been extremely active, and he definitely cannot be like before. The same recklessness, otherwise it will be the same as Qin Shihuang’s unblocking this time, let others catch the fisherman both.

At the same time, there is one more thing. After Cú Chulainn became more powerful, the two Tier 4 Divine Items, the Spear of the Final Flame and the Spear Piercing Deaththorn, were completely unable to be his main weapon, and even began to drag Ku Chu on the other hand. Qiulin’s battle strength.

This time, Li Taiming’s creation whip and Human Sovereign sword needless to say, after all, it was accidental.

Speaking of the Behead Immortal knife in Daoist Lu Ya’s hand, logically speaking, the cultivation of the Witch Clan Law of Battle, gathering six drops of Witch Clan blood essence and two Sun God divine Kuchulin should suppress Daoist Lu Ya is on the front line, but is limited by the Innate Spirit Treasure of this Megatron Great Desolate.

No wonder Great Desolate’s many great abilities have obsessions with Innate Spirit Treasure, such as his good Martial Uncle Kunpeng, who is also a customer of Purple Heaven Palace, but is there an Innate Spirit Treasure suitable for him? The battle strength is divided into two echelons.

That’s why Kunpeng has always been suppressed by Zhen Yuanzi, Netherworld River Old Ancestor and the like, and cannot really open up a avenue. Whether it is a demon master or a Zhuangzi, they are all names that follow other people. The most important thing is that there is no A key Innate Spirit Treasure to suppress luck.

In the Houtu Palace, Cedric looked towards Xu Fu with a smile on his face, “I wonder if the First Emperor can arrange for his corpse?”

The ability to snatch Qin Shihuang’s corpse this time at the most critical time is of course inseparable from Qin Shihuang’s own arrangement, so even if he gets the corpse, Cedric still has to seriously inquire about the arrangements of the eternal emperor.

Xu Fu respectfully said, “Your Majesty asked Daojun to carry this corpse with him so that he can take action at a critical time.”

Use this corpse to shoot?

Cedric flashed a little doubt, why didn’t Qin Shihuang enter the Great Desolate World directly?

After temporarily suppressing the doubt, he clicked nodded to show that he understood.

In a short while, the Peaceful Empress appeared. Since Cedric introduced the Great Desolate’s enchantment into the Greek universe, the situation has become more complicated. His deity must always monitor the actions of the foreign domain saints. Don’t dare to be sloppy.

“I have seen Pingxin Empress.” After Cedric paid respect, he began to inquire about the purpose of my visit this time, “I want to save Hou Yi, and I specifically asked about the original matter.”

On the news he is now inquiring about from Great Desolate and many Great Experts, after Hou Yi shot and killed nine Golden Crows, although Monster Race was furious, the Wu clan spared no effort to survive. At the same time, Hou Yi himself got the Great Desolate. God’s favor, the breakthrough witch, condensed the Pangu Dharma body, even if Monster Race wanted to kill, there was no way to act immediately.

So we can only make a secret layout. First let Hou Yi fall in love with the daughter of Human Race, Chang’e, and then imprison Chang’e in the Vast-Glacial Palace to seduce Hou Yi to the sky, and Hou Yi reached the lunar star, which is Monster Race The site is naturally easily kneaded.

But there are two things that Cedric doesn’t understand. The first is how Hou Yi fell in love with Chang’e.

At the beginning, in the Greek world, he had been influenced by the primordial god Eros and had emotions towards Athena. Naturally, he understood that the primordial god who specializes in a certain path has the ability to influence the existence of the same level.

But as far as I know, there were two people who had the ability to influence Hou Yi at the beginning. One was Empress Nuwa, who was in charge of the red hydrangea, and the other was a guide saint who walked the path of the heart.

Which of the two of them takes the shot is very important to the present. If it is a Nuwa saint, he still has room for mediation, but if it is to attract a saint, then Zhunti will definitely open up an unacceptable one. condition.

The second point is that because of the violent temper of the witch clan at the time, why didn’t he directly kill the lunar star with Hou Yi, but waited until Hou Yi, a powerful battle strength comparable to the ancestor witch, was plotted against before the opening The second Great Battle of Witch and Demon.

Be aware that although the Witchs seem to be reckless, even at that time, because they did not listen to Hongjun’s preaching in Purple Heaven Palace, the cultivation base faintly lags behind the Great Expert of the same level in the original Great Desolate. The tyrannical bloodline tells you that you let me win Divine Ability is not weaker than Xuanmen Avenue.

As for the Witchs without Divine Soul, it is even more nonsense that they are not good at celestial calculations. Among them, the time ancestor witch is the wise man of the Witch, so there must be reasons that I don’t know.

After listening to Cedric’s question, Pingxin Empress sighed lightly, revealing a look of memory, “You probably know everything in Purple Heaven Palace. When Purple Heaven Palace was opened and established, I Because of the agreement with the Three Purities saints, not at all to listen to Hongjun Avenue, and even the later Severing The Three Corpses secret technique was also taught by the Three Purities saints. In this way, the Great Desolate accumulated by Way Ancestor Hongjun is not perfect, and only the brace oneself can pick it up Under the demonic path, he was plotted against by Luohu, and he differentiated Buddhism from the mysterious door, which made Way Ancestor Hongjun itself more restricted, and even threatened to regress the cultivation base.”

“At this time, in fact, Way Ancestor Hongjun is more worried about Heavenly God’s battlefield than Monster Race.”

Cedric clicked nodded. He borrowed the Pangu Dharma Body. The Wu Clan has the Supreme Treasure of Pangu Heart in his hands. The Pangu body formed by the twelve ancestor witches is definitely more powerful than the Pangu Dharma body he formed at the beginning. There is a chance that Way Ancestor Hongjun will be knocked down from the Heavenly Dao state, and even the Witch Clan himself and the Saints of Three Purities will be eye-catching. If he is Hongjun Dao ancestor, he will also find a way to plot against the Witch Clan.

Lich’s amount of calamity now looks the same as God’s amount of calamity. On the surface, it is Great Desolate, but it is actually Way Ancestor Hongjun who is planning behind the scenes. The purpose is to eradicate the biggest threat, and at the same time more Lead the Great Desolate general trend, and smelt it out with yourself to get the unity of the Dao River, truly let yourself replace Great Desolate willpower and become a half-step ninth step.

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