Infinite Journey From Hogwarts Chapter 824


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“Although the second Buddhist sage Zai Luohu planned at the beginning, with the support of the Three Purities sages, a separate Buddhism Avenue was established, which divided Hongjun’s mysterious luck.”

“But as two saints who plan everywhere and tolerate every step of the way, their purpose is of course not just that.”

Hearing Ping Xin Empress’s explanation, Cedric suddenly discovered that the situation of introducing the saints and Zhunti saints was really similar to his own. They are the tools of the Three Purities saints and Great Desolate’s many abilities to unite against Way Ancestor Hongjun people.

No wonder he was weird at the beginning. When Western Two Sages came to Hongjun’s door, where did the courage and strength dare to be in Hongjun, and the Three Purities saints were all present to differentiate the Xuanmen Qiyun and establish Buddhism.

Now everything can be explained clearly, because the Three Purities saints themselves are the driving force behind the scenes, coupled with the support of other Great Desolate forces, such as the demonic path, Western Two Sages naturally dare to establish Buddhism and go further.

However, this has also led to the prominent contradiction between the two saints of Buddhism and the saints of Three Purities. The saints of Three Purities just want to set up a target that can attract Way Ancestor Hongjun’s malice and stop the footsteps of Way Ancestor Hongjun and allow them to continue. Development time, but this target seems to be a bit disobedient, so naturally it will hit it all the time.

On the other side, although the two saints of Buddhism took the holy throne under the combined forces of many forces, since they have achieved the throne, they naturally cannot accept that they are always one head shorter than the Three Purities saints. However, the Three Purities saint has the roots of red, Innate Supreme Treasure in his hand, and ultimate weapon such as Immortal Beheading Four Swords.

It’s not good to say that, in the case of Buddhism, the Saints of Three Purities are fully capable of eliminating Buddhism at any time.

At the same time, the demon ancestor Luo Hu still stalks wool from Buddhism from time to time. If he is Western Two Sages, at this time, as long as Way Ancestor Hongjun hooks his fingers a little, he will naturally be attracted.

This can also explain why after Purple Heaven Palace, the Western saints seem to have opened their doors. Even in the face of Pangu Three Purities, they took the lead step by step, even with the help of the Conferred Gods, the Three Purities collapsed in one fell swoop. Split the most important Immortal Beheading Four Swords, making Buddhism truly equal to daoist sect. Among them, there are two Buddhism saints who are excellent in themselves, but more because they are “as if God helps them.”

Otherwise, no matter how high the aptitude of these two is, it will never be higher than the monster like Three Purities.

“At that time, the Three Purities Senior Brother had a premonition that Western Two Sages had two hearts, even beating from time to time, but didn’t expect that the other party would act so quickly.” At this point, Pingxin Empress sighed slightly. The Great Expert, who was born noble and was born at the top of the food chain, really couldn’t understand the decisiveness of the two Western saints.

But now Cedric seems to be a little bit inspirational, really like himself, being plotted against by all sides, step by step to that position, and then backhand general, jump out of the cage, and achieve a great cause.

“Western Two Sages was the first to shoot at me, but this was a conspiracy. I was inferior to humans at the beginning, so naturally it’s hard to say anything.” Empress unemotional said peacefully, because of the original To a certain extent, Western Two Sages also has the grace of enlightenment for him, for him without hiding the two secret techniques of Buddha and demons, and even the mystical secret technique, combined with the method obtained from the Three Purities saints.

It can be said that Houtu knew almost all the highest technique of cultivation in Great Desolate at the time, and this laid the foundation for him to open up reincarnation and be able to include Great Desolate.

Then Hongjun and Great Desolate Heavenly Dao jointly promoted. Incarnation reincarnation was originally beneficial to Great Desolate itself. At that time, no matter from anyone’s perspective, there was no reason to stop it, but Way Ancestor Hongjun relied on Western Two Sages accelerated this pace.

This also caused the Hou Tu Shen to fall into a long slumber and bondage after the reincarnation, unable to take care of the Witch Clan.

Let Hou Tu fall into a long sleep and bondage, which is equivalent to the disguised destruction of Heavenly God. At this time, the next layout of Western Two Sages is Red Clouds Old Ancestor, the Primordial Chaos Purple The holder of Energy, getting this Primordial Chaos Purple Energy really means that Buddhism and Daoist sect have the qualifications to negotiate terms, not the previous vassal.

It now appears that when Way Ancestor Hongjun gave Hongyun a piece of Primordial Chaos Purple Energy, it was not what Netherworld River Old Ancestor said in order to make up for his lack of air luck, because he was originally part of Heavenly Dao’s Way Ancestor Hongjun and Houtu Same, neither has the ability to do it personally, and even conversely is restrained by Great Desolate Heavenly Dao.

How could it be possible to support a new saint in the front of one’s eyes in the Great Desolate Six Sages at this time to complement one’s luck? With Way Ancestor Hongjun’s ingenuity, he would never make such a move.

In the explanation of Pingxin Empress, there is a better explanation. The Primordial Chaos Purple Energy at first gave it to intensify the contradiction between Three Purities and Western Two Sages. After Western Two Sages exposed its ambitions, I had to fall to my side.

So it seems that the Primordial Chaos Purple Energy is still in the hands of Way Ancestor Hongjun.

“After Hong Yun died, the conflict between Western Two Sages and Three Purities Senior Brother was completely exposed. In order to protect itself, Western Two Sages had to fall to Way Ancestor Hongjun. With the help of the two saints, Way Ancestor Hongjun naturally You can calmly arrange Lich’s volume of calamity, including the original ten-day horizontal, Hou Yi shooting the sun, and so on. There were two saints who took action, but my reaction with the Three Purities Senior Brother was a step slower and it was too late to regret. Come on.”

“As for Hou Yi, it was Nuwa Junior Sister’s hand. The purpose was to leave a glimmer of survival for the witches, and of course to leave a glimmer of survival for Monster Race.” Ping Xin Empress calmly To say.

Cedric stared wide-eyed, okay, you two have been singing this double reed for long enough, I was fooled by you.

Ping Xin Empress sighed, “This was also a helpless move at the beginning. There were not many Great Experts in Great Desolate. Before Witch and Demon Races gave birth to a gap, Nuwa Junior Sister and I were both good at good luck. There are contacts with each other, and where do you think the soil that created humans came from? It is the Innate Way Body for the who clan?”

The soil that created humans is Breath Soil, and Human Race is Innate Way Body, because the Nuwa saint shaped the Human Race according to his own appearance. After the answer flashed in his mind, Cedric quickly denied , Because Nuwa’s own Dao Body is not the Innate Way Body. Before the creation of Human Race, his Dao Body should be a human head and snake body. This is Nuwa’s deity.

The so-called Innate Way Body is the shape of Pangu Dhamma. Later, Great Desolate creatures discovered that although Pangu Dhamma cannot be cultivated, as long as it can be transformed into a similar shape, it will help cultivation. Therefore, Innate Way Body was created. statement.

“Human Race has something to do with teachers?”

“Of course, the soil of Nuwa creating Man was given by my ancestor witch, so humans and witches can multiply bloodlines in large-scale intermarriage, but shemales cannot.”

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