Infinite Journey From Hogwarts Chapter 825


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“In Purple Heaven Palace before then?” Cedric asked cautiously.

Ping Xin Empress smiled bitterly, “Dao is different and we are not aligned. Nuwa and I have parted ways after Lich’s calamity. The fight between each other is not a fake, otherwise how could we hide Three Purities Senior Brother and the two western saints, but compared to Fight between Buddhism and Daoism, the fight between us Lich restrained the bottom line, leaving a glimmer of survival, which is why Dijun and Taiyi and the ancestor witch can return Reason.”

so that’s how it is, in the words of the previous life, the two saints Hou Tu and Nuwa seek coexistence in the struggle, and only in this way can Buddhism and Taoism fight with confidence, instead of clearing out the Lich two clans first. .

Seeing that after Cedric digested this information, Pingxin Empress continued to speak, “At the end of Lich’s calamity, especially after the Great Desolate of Golden Crow, we all understand that someone is plotting against Witch and Demon Races.”

Speaking, Pingxin Empress sneered, “At that time, Witch and Demon Races like the sun at high noon, there were two saints, Nuwa and I, who were able to plot against Lich. Even if we don’t have evidence, we can guess Who is it.”

“Unfortunately, Lich’s hatred has been around for a long time, even more how in order to fight for the protagonist of the Great Desolate illusory, I can’t stop the Wu Clan, and Nuwa can’t stop Monster Race. You know all the battles that follow, but in In the details, although we were unable to prevent the layout of those who made Lich’s decline, but it left a bit of life, and Hou Yi as my descendant and successor, Nuwa left a life, of course, I also gave Lu Ya For the sake of leaving a living.”

We still made a profit by counting this way. Cedric thought happily in his heart that since Hou Yi has the layout of the Nuwa saint behind it, it is not the worst kind of situation I have thought of before.

Just as Cedric sorted out the entire process of development in the Houtu Palace, the entire mortal situation changed drastically.

The first is Great Desolate. Emperor Li Taiming of Tang Dynasty was killed by Haotian God. Great Tang, which was already swaying by wind and rain, fell apart in an instant. The two biggest benefits were naturally divided between Wu Family and Li Chunfu.

At the same time, a corner of the Great Desolate World spread into the Greek universe, and a vast continent appeared in front of everyone, and there was also a strong civilization there. The city-states conquered each other, and countless rich resources were readily available, even more how From this continent, continue to the west, you can go straight to a vast continent called Egypt, from this continent to the north, through the sea of ​​stars, you can enter a continent called Faerun, which immediately caused countless waves.

The most famous of these is the Mongolian gray wolf Al Khan, the original Great Tang proton, if God has helped in a few years, he not only escaped from Great Tang smoothly, but also succeeded to the throne, with the help of Great Tang’s civil strife, and dominates. On the one hand, they look at the wolf, swallow a large amount of population wealth, and form a grassland god system and a no stronghold one cannot overcome Feng Dy.

With the help of world fusion, he swept westward, and instantly annexed a large amount of territory, only limited by a vast abyssal gorge, so he stopped before the Troy city-state.

On the vast grassland, the snow-white camp tents are like white clouds blooming on the ground, surrounded by a huge palace-like camp tent in the center. The prayer flags filled with golden scriptures are flying in the wind, The circle of halo, guarding this place, will not be attacked by the enemy.

In the center of the big tent, Al Khan is no longer as weak as he was when he was a teenager, sitting on a chair sewn with dragon skin, looking at the arguing officials below, stroking the cold and delicate dragon skin with his thick palm. This is a hundred giant dragon called Ladon in the entire world. It swallowed up 30,000 strikers in Mongolia. Al Khan personally shot and beheaded it, making this giant dragon comparable to powerful divine force into front of his eyes. The throne.

“Alright.” Al Khan’s voice was majestic, interrupting the arguing ministers, “Can you guys get across the Dark Abyss in front of you?”

Hovering in front of the billions of Mongolian army is a bottomless Dark Abyss, and the ministers present are not unknown and incompetent people. After several inquiries, of course, I understand the origin of this abyss.

The two powerful primordial gods of the Greek world, Divine Pagoda of the Abyss, Altalus and Goddess Nyx of the Night, have taken action together. They are not like before the Troy War began, the entire Troy city became the ruins of the Mongolian iron ride .

“Khan, if it were just two Quasi-Saints from Foreign Domain, I have countless Great Desolate Great Experts, so naturally it can be easily solved, but I learned a deeper secret from the ancient Buddha of Dipankara. Please think twice about the battle between the Daojun and Celestial Emperor.” A minister wearing a monk’s robe touched Zhizhu and said.

Al Khan’s face can’t see the joy and anger, said solemnly, “I see, all the Aiqings will step down.”

After the ministers retreated slowly, a veteran of divine poise and sagelike features appeared.

“I don’t know if Da Khan is willing to accept my proposal.” Divine Predictor said with a confident smile. Since following Cedric, his cultivation has been smooth and smooth. Not long ago, with the help of Emperor Tang Li Taiming, For his luck, his road of interception went further, already faintly touching the Immortal Golden Immortal level.

when the time comes even in the 7th grade Samsara Artist, it is the most tyrannical existence, even surpassing Shen Gongbao, the founder of this method.

“The person supported by the Dao Jun is not me, right.” Al Khan looked fiercely towards Divine Predictor, swallowing the Quartet, encompassing the arrogance of Yunei, and mixed with the power of the founder of the god system. Pressure and a wisp of Spirit Treasure of Innate luck.

Even Divine Predictor, the tyrannical True Immortal, was sweating in front of the sweat.

However, Divine Predictor is not panicked. The other party is like Emperor Li Taiming. It seems powerful, but it has no foundation and no support from the saints of Great Desolate. It is undoubtedly a foolish dream to obtain this Human Sovereign position. .

“Why does the Great Khan reuse Buddhism?” Divine Predictor didn’t defend himself, but instead asked, “Since the Great Khan knows that someone else supported by Daojun is there, then he also knows that Buddhism is quasi-sage reincarnation. The purpose is for the position of Human Sovereign. At that time, Da Khan thought that Buddhism, which now supports you, would deceiving masters extinguishing ancestors, or would it be defiant?”

Al Khan’s eyes were like a storm gathering. After a while, he smiled and said, “Please give guidance to the leader.”

Divine Predictor twisted his beard with satisfaction. “Compared to Zhunti Sage, Dao Jun also supports a Human Sovereign seed, but after all, he did not end in person. Naturally, there is room for relaxation. The Human Sovereign seed has higher potential, and Dao Jun will not violate the fate.”

“On the contrary, without the support of Daojun, which saint would Da Khan expect to get the support of this Great Desolate to sit on the throne of Human Sovereign?”

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