Infinite Journey From Hogwarts Chapter 826


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Al Khan sat silently on the throne. Divine Predictor’s words hit him in the underbelly. If it is a general dynasty struggle, of course it will not involve the Great Desolate saint, but the struggle for Human Sovereign will inevitably involve the Great Desolate saint.

Now the situation of Great Desolate is already clear. The Promise Taichu and Final Daojun has the support of the Three Purities saint behind him, and he is also a descendant of the witch clan. .

The only saint in the Great Desolate that I can fight for is the Nuwa saint, but even if the Nuwa saint is willing to help him with all his strength, there is a clear gap with the opponent, and it is difficult to compete with the four saints at the same time.

As for the support of the Saints of Foreign Domain, Al Khan had no such idea. He is a prairie wolf. He lives in a weak are prey to the strong environment. He naturally understands what to move and what not to move.

Let’s not talk about whether the Foreign Domain saints will do their best to help themselves. It is only the Great Desolate traitor. The Great Desolate saints are impossible to sit on the throne of Human Sovereign. Even then, destroy both body and soul is their only one. result.

As long as he doesn’t take refuge in the foreign domain saints, let alone succeed in vying for the position of Human Sovereign, even if he fails, he still has the opportunity to forgive the righteous god.

So now, he has to make a choice, whether to fall to Cedric, the Promise Taichu and End Master Daoist, or to fall completely to Buddhism.

It’s just that you have to give up the close Human Sovereign position. Any generation of heroes will not be reconciled, and now the lobbyist of the Daojun seems to give a fresh answer.

“Mr Dadao really won’t interfere with the Human Sovereign competition between me and the people he chooses?” Al Khan said heartily.

Although it now seems that Buddhism is trying its best to help itself, there is an irreconcilable contradiction between itself and Buddhism in terms of core interests. Just like Divine Predictor said, the purpose of reincarnation of the saint is to be the position of Saint Sovereign. He does not Will back down, the final choice of Buddhism is self-evident.

But on the other side, although the Daojun did not support him from beginning to end, he can make concessions in his core interests. After all, he only needs to support a Human Sovereign, and this Human Sovereign is Who is not absolute, as long as it is not the reincarnation of the quasi-sage saint.

“In the last fight between you and that person, Daojun will not end up personally. As for other things, I dare not promise Da Khan.” Divine Predictor said with good reason.

Since ancient times, the strategists succeeded because of their own qualities, but more importantly, they needed the support of a powerful force behind them.

For example, the current Divine Predictor, even if it is talking about harsh conditions, it sounds more convincing in Al Khan. After all, he can only talk to the other party about this level, and even if the other party Dare to promise, he will also worry about the pitfalls.

“even more how, it is not that Daojun did not support Dahan. On the contrary, compared to Buddhism, Daojun invested in three Human Sovereign seeds at the beginning. Now the Greek city-state, Da Khan You, and the fallen Emperor Li Taiming.” Divine Predictor said with a confident smile on his face.

“Da Khan can remember the three years of Tianwu. When Da Khan fled from the god city Luoyang, the Innate Spirit Treasure that fell from the sky, that is, the great wolf halberd of martial arts in the hands of Da Khan.”

so that’s how it is, Al Khan’s eyes flashed with comprehension. From the very beginning, the great master wanted to let three evil wolves fight, and from among them, he chose the most powerful Wolf King. Only in this way Against the reincarnation of the saint, his smile on his face became even greater, “Please cultivation in my king’s account, so that I can always accept the points raised by him.”

Divine Predictor was reserved in nodded place, and then said, “Pan Dao is currently refining a cultivation artifact, and there is still a lack of spiritual objects…”

Al Khan immediately heard the strings and knew the elegance, laughed heartily, “I have collected a lot of spiritual objects in my royal treasury over the years, and I would like to ask the Taoist priest to come and appreciate it.”

After that, a token inscribed with the head of the gray wolf flew out of his hand and fell into the hands of Divine Predictor, who lightly nodded and left the big tent.

In a short while, the pure white starlight gathered, and a kind-looking old man appeared in the big tent. It was Taibai Jinxing of Great Desolate Quasi-Saint, the cultivation of Taibai Jinxing. This good old man shot outside Heavenly Prison , Has made everyone understand that he is not only the messenger of Celestial Emperor, but also a powerful Great Expert.

After Taibai Jinxing appeared, he bowed his hand to Al Khan, “I wonder what Khan is thinking about?”

Obviously, he had been in the big tent before. Of course, Quasi-Saint Divine Ability, the True Immortal of Divine Predictor, could not find any clues.

Al Khan looked towards the powerful Taibai Jinxing in front of him. This Great Expert, who represents the God of Haotian, came first and also sought cooperation. Originally, he didn’t want to contact each other at all.

After all, Haotian God split the Human Sovereign position and was reduced to the position of the emperor. The luck of taking the Human Race has become well known. If I want to reunite the Human Sovereign position, I must oppose the Haotian God. Above, just like the quasi-sage of Buddhism, the two sides have irreconcilable contradictions.

It’s just that the other party also knows to advance and retreat, not at all, use the big pie to slander yourself, but give another condition that cannot be rejected, and secretly support yourself as a Human Sovereign.

In the words of the other party, Haotian God’s proving the holy throne is imminent, and the reunion of Human Sovereign is also unstoppable. Instead of being forced to give up this luck, it is better to take the initiative in exchange for more benefits. .

“Compared to the ancestor of Buddhism, I don’t think I can get this human luck in the hands of Haotian God.” Al Khan looked towards Taibai Jinxing, said solemnly.

Except for Xianyang City, it is not a secret that Zhunti Sage and Haotian God have joined forces to divide up Li Taiming’s human fortune. The other party really can’t give him a reason to believe.

Taibai Jinxing slightly smiled, “So it depends on Khan’s performance, is it worth the luck.”

Seeing Al Khan’s changing face, Taibai Jinxing continued, “In this kind of catastrophe, even the saints can’t perceive all the secrets. The profuse sweat only needs to do the right things at the right time. With the help of this luck, Da Khan also knows the one just now, but you must first replace the seed of Human Sovereign before you are eligible to be supported by the great master.”

Taibai Jinxing’s words immediately touched Al Khan’s weakness. If Cedric clearly expressed his full support for him, he would certainly not half-hearted, but this support is conditional. He must first prove that he is better than another Human Sovereign seeds are more valuable, and this naturally requires external support.

“I’m thinking about it.” Al Khan said solemnly.

Taibai Jinxing full of smiles disappeared. Since the other party has kept himself until this time, the natural seeds have already been planted. It is useless to say more.

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