Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1072


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After sending off Christoph, Boss Jia elated had a good night’s sleep. After Motorola also reached a purchase intention, no matter how the three manufacturers compete in the future, the global mobile phones are all Great-Thousand Produced, Great-Thousand equivalent to monopolizes the mobile phone industry from the source of the industry chain. From this point of view, Great-Thousand is already invincible, and Boss Jia’s hard-working electronic industry chain has finally been completed. The preliminary layout.

In addition, Wang Chuanfu gave himself a surprise, and the electric Bicycle entered the global market, which has never happened before. Boss Jia himself was very curious about the result, so he decisively agreed to Wang Chuanfu’s request and returned it to Up to his $10 million investment.

As for the result, it doesn’t really matter.

It’s okay to lose at the worst. It’s not bad to have fun at 10 million dollars.

If you make a small profit, you will be lucky. As for making a fortune and so on, Boss Jia has no hope. Whether it was an electric bicycle or an electric car in the previous life, even if it is as strong as Tesla, the sales in the United States are still not as good as fuel-powered cars, so Boss Jia I don’t expect the electric Bicycle to be sold in the European and American markets. It is quite good to be able to pay back.

Woke up on the second day, Boss Jia stretched, and when he went out, he found Liu Cuifen standing at his door with a hesitant expression.

“What’s the matter?” Boss Jia asked.

“Sir, the guard came to report just now that a friend of yours came to you and came from Guizhou. The security guard saw them sincerely, so let me ask, do you see them?”

“From Guizhou Province” Boss Jia was taken aback for a moment, and then asked, “Who is it all?”

“It seems to be a hunter in the mountains, bringing his daughter here!” No wonder Liu Cuifen’s expression is weird. There are people who come to Boss Jia these days, but the hunters in the mountains are the first.

“It turned out to be them, but what did they find me for?” Boss Jia muttered, and then couldn’t suppress the curiosity in his heart, and immediately said with a smile “In that case, you can let them be brought here. , I may not have seen them in a long time!”

When these two people were led to Boss Jia, it turned out to be when Boss Jia went to the prefecture and Gui Province last year, when he met the father and daughter of Fuying Village in Qiongshanwawa, Yanzihe and his daughter Yan Xiaoxiao.

“Benevolence!” As soon as I saw Boss Jia, Yanzihe couldn’t help but wanted to kneel down for Boss Jia, and was quickly pulled by Boss Jia. This Yanzihe was a round older than Boss Jia, Boss Jia How dare he kneel down.

“Little, hurry up and kneel down for your benefactor and knock your head!” Yanzihe turned his head and asked his daughter to kowtow to Boss Jia. Boss Jia took it, and then looked at the pair with weird faces. The father and daughter said, and Yan Zihe’s expression was a bit embarrassing, but he still stammered to explain his intention.

It turned out that Yan Xiaoxiao was actually a young genius since he was studying. Now he is the first in his grade, and he is rated as a promising talent by the head teacher.

Then Yanzihe heard from a friend that it was Boss Jia’s birthday yesterday, and this brought Yan Xiaoxiao to wish Boss Jia his birthday, thank you by the way.

It’s just that Yuzhang City is so prosperous. Yanzihe lost his eyes when he came here. He couldn’t even find the way. He missed Boss Jia’s birthday and found him on the second day.

Then Yanzihe took out a lot of souvenirs. The total amount was more than 200 jin. They were all given to Boss Jia. I just don’t know how he took these heavy and dying souvenirs from Transported from Shanwawa to the railway station, and then delivered.

“Where, it’s hard work!” Boss Jia said with a smile, ordering to prepare some food for the Yanzihe father and daughter, and then the two of them sat down and chat, but where is the Yanzihe chatting with Boss Jia, a few words There was nothing left to say, everyone was in a hurry, and finally suffocated a sentence, “Boss Jia, what do you think of the listing?”

“Okay, my big brother Yan, you are not the kind of lobbyist material, just tell me if you have anything, don’t fix these crooked things, it’s too uncomfortable!” Boss Jia haha ​​said with a smile, but Yanzihe showed a relieved expression. Finally, sorry said, “Boss Jia, you are right. I would rather go up the mountain and give them a black blind, and I don’t want to do this job. It’s so uncomfortable, I will not even talk!”

Yanzihe relaxed, and then said, “They wanted me to ask you what you mean, but I just said directly. Someone wants to ask me to ask you, what do you think about the listing of Maotai?” /p>

“They asked you to ask xx?” Boss Jia smiled.

“en!” Yanzihe strongly nodded, and then admired Boss Jia even more. This can be guessed, and it really is the richest in the world.

Yes, Yanzihe came to Boss Jia this time to celebrate his birthday. It was not his own intention at all, but some people asked him to come. Otherwise, if you give Yanzihe 100 courage, he would not dare to come to the richest man in China. Happy birthday, the identity is there.

But some people don’t look at it this way. After all, Boss Jia takes care of the Yanzihe and his daughter. There must be a personal friendship between the two. It’s good for them to talk to the father and daughter. Nevertheless.

Even if there is any problem, the fire will not burn them.

It’s just that they didn’t expect that Yanzihe was simply not a lobbyist, and would say everything in a few words.

“Why didn’t they ask me about the listing of Maotai, but let you come, it’s too much trouble!” Boss Jia shook his head, but he didn’t know that those people were afraid that Boss Jia would be angry, so they didn’t dare to be himself Come to ask! “

After all, all the shares of Moutai are now in the hands of Boss Jia. Although the daily production of the factory is still managed by them, Boss Jia never intervenes, but the company’s listing involves equity, so Boss Jia must agree. His equity is sold.

But Boss Jia is famous again and refused to be listed.

You must know that it is now possible to be listed on China’s stock market, but many companies are not looking forward to a good thing. After all, once listed, it means a massive influx of funds, and all shareholders’ assets can be doubled several times, even Ten times, hundreds of times, how many company Boss are eagerly waiting for their company to go public!

However, the A-share market at this time is one of the most difficult markets in the world to be listed. The regulation is extremely strict, and ordinary companies don’t even think about it.

But Great-Thousand is different. The largest group in China, the top 500 in the world, and Great-Thousand cannot be listed. There are no companies that can be listed. So the lobbyist is Pidgey’s doorstep, and I hope Boss Jia’s Great-Thousand Group can be listed.

Well, if the Great-Thousand Group were to go public, it would not be a problem for the assets to double or triple instantly, and it would not be a problem to enter the world’s top 300.

Such a good thing was sent to Boss Jia, but Boss Jia didn’t want it at all. No matter who it is, how to persuade, it is full of smiles not answering, not letting go. As time passes, everyone knows, Jia Yapeng is not willing to go public at all, so he put out the idea of ​​persuading Great-Thousand to go public.

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