Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1073


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The reason is simple. Boss Jia is not short of money, so why rush to go public and hand over the control of the company to the so-called general meeting of shareholders.

What’s more important is that as soon as it goes public, all the company’s financial reports, business performance and other information must be announced to the public, and Boss Jia will do this only when he is full.

Because of Boss Jia’s resolute attitude, many people who originally lobbied ate cold shoulder, which made those who want Maotai to follow the listing, suddenly a little worried.

They directly proposed to Boss Jia to go public. Will Boss Jia hate them? After all, Great-Thousand has an investment project of tens of billions of Renminbi in the state and is the largest investor in the state.

In this most important era of investment promotion, they absolutely cannot offend Boss Jia.

So these great characters, let the little pawn of Yanzihe come to explore the way through the river, and want to use him to see the attitude of Boss Jia. If Boss Jia strongly opposes it, it has nothing to do with them.

However, if Boss Jia doesn’t object, or if the objection is not very strong, then they can find a way to convince Boss Jia.

They did this, not because they wanted to make money. After all, almost all of Maotai’s shares are in the hands of Boss Jia, and only 10% of the shares are symbolically in their hands. Even if Maotai is listed, the main benefits are Boss Jia, they don’t have much benefit.

But the crux of the problem is that apart from Moutai, the dignified state and Guizhou province can’t find a listed company.

It is said that a few months ago, a person from Guizhou Province visited the Shanghai Stock Exchange and found that among the hundreds of stocks on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, there were companies from all provinces and cities across the country, even the neighboring Nanyun Province. , And several remote border provinces have their own listed companies, but there is no listed company in Guizhou Province.

This made the self-esteem of the people of Guizhou and Guizhou hit hard, so it became the top priority to find a company that can go public, but it also made the people of Guizhou and Guizhou even more sad, because the huge state and Gui Province Except for Moutai, there is no second company eligible to be listed.

So there was such a test. I wanted to see Boss Jia’s attitude towards Moutai’s listing. If the opposition is not very strong, I can try harder.

“Then brother, go and tell them, just say you talked to me for an afternoon, and I’m very disgusted with Maotai!” Boss Jia said to Yanzihe with a smile.

“Really!” Yanzihe was overjoyed. As a state nobleman, he also very much hoped that Zhougui could own a listed company of his own, otherwise he would not agree to do this. It is really shameful. Up.

Now Boss Jia’s answer is almost equivalent to agreeing to this matter. Of course, Yanzihe is overjoyed.

As soon as Yanzihe left Jia Family and returned to the hotel, someone immediately came to inquire. After receiving Yanzihe’s answer, they immediately called to Zhougui. One day later, the director of Maotai came in person. At the door of Boss Jia’s house, he began to talk about the listing of Moutai.

The reason is very simple. Moutai needs capital to expand production, so it hopes to be listed and so on.

Boss Jia hesitated for a while on the surface, and then he readily agreed. Things went so well that the factory director of Moutai was unimaginable, as if he was dreaming. Is this still the legendary Boss Jia who was killed and not listed? ?

Boss Jia, of course, is impossible to agree to the listing of Moutai. After all, Moutai is not a direct subsidiary of Great-Thousand. Boss Jia does not even have the right to operate Moutai, so listing him has no effect.

On the contrary, Boss Jia is actually looking forward to Moutai’s listing. After all, Moutai is not listed. What is the difference between Moutai and Xianyu? Then what is the equity of Moutai that Boss Jia buys? Does it really count on Moutai to sell alcohol? Do you make money by yourself?

The first stock of China in the future can’t die in your own hands.

As the saying goes, Zhou Yu hits HuangGai, one is willing to fight, and the other is willing to endure. After getting the consent of Boss Jia, Zhougui completed various procedures for the listing of Moutai at an unimaginable speed, and then directly reported it. Approval was soon obtained, and Moutai will be available for listing in March 1997.

When signing the business agreement, a representative from Guizhou Province said with emotion, “very good, our province and Guizhou Province finally have a listed company of its own. I thought I would not see it until I retire. It’s this day!”

“Have you seen this one?” Boss Jia said with a smile “Don’t worry, we not only have our first listed company in Guizhou, but also the listed company with the highest market value in China in the future will be in our province, Guizhou!”

“hahaha!” The representatives laughed twice, and then they forgot Boss Jia’s words as farts. The state and Guizhou provinces actually want to have the listed companies with the largest market value in China. You think Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou CIty Do those companies in China eat dry meals?

Finally, if your Great-Thousand Group decides to go public, who can stop you from becoming the first stock in China!

The representative slandered in the heart.

It is absolutely impossible for the Great-Thousand Group to go public. However, it is not impossible for some companies under the Great-Thousand Group to go public. After all, it is impossible for Boss Jia to be insulated from the financial market for a lifetime.

Furthermore, it will be 1997 soon, and more interesting things are coming!


“Chairman, something happened in South Korea, you can take a look!” After Boss Jia’s birthday, the most important thing about Great-Thousand is about “Pokemon Nokia’s Explosion “Birthday” was released.

The second movie version of this Pokemon will be released in the U.S. on November 11. Well, this time is not the top of Boss Jia, but the Great-Thousand movie in the United States decided by itself, because November 11 The date happens to be Friday, which is the time that most new movies will be released. There is nothing wrong with it.

Just as Boss Jia was about to attend the premiere and cheer for his movie, a report from South Korea disrupted Boss Jia’s plan.

Actually, this report is not too big. There is a company in South Korea that directly uses Great-Thousand games for competitions without Great-Thousand’s permission. At the same time, it also conducts advertising and China Merchants did not even register and report to the World E-Sports Federation, so the company’s legal department immediately asked Boss Jia for instructions on what to do after discovering this matter, and whether to file a complaint and ask the other party to stop the infringement.

For this matter, the Great-Thousand Group is also quite uncertain. Because Great-Thousand spares no effort in promoting e-sports competitions. It not only organizes events on its own, but is also happy to let other companies hold events to promote the development of the entire e-sports industry.

So when Great-Thousand e-sports learned that other companies took the initiative to hold e-sports, they were still very happy, so they were a little bit undecided about using Great-Thousand games without reporting. , Ask Boss Jia for instructions.

“Send a lawyer’s letter immediately, asking them to stop the game and apologize for compensation!” Boss Jia only glanced at the report and said immediately.

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