Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1074


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E-sports, although it is a sport that has just emerged in South Korea, it has exploded across the country at an unimaginable speed.

This was the case of South Korea in the previous life. South Korea was probably the first country to support e-sports as a national-level event. This also laid the foundation for the powerful e-sports capabilities of South Korea.

In this era, the e-sports industry in South Korea came even earlier, and of course it is our Boss Jia’s credit.

Among the 8 competitions of the 1st WCG, South Korea accidentally took away the champions of two competitions. This made Boss Jia not expect it, and even everyone in South Korea did not expect it.

Since ancient times, there is such a truth, that is, the poorer the people, the more face they want. This is probably the case in South Korea.

Because of the small size of my country and the incomplete national sovereignty, I was beaten up by my good brothers. If it weren’t for the power of father, I’m afraid the country would be gone.

Therefore, South Koreans actually have a great inferiority complex in their hearts, and it is precisely because of this inferiority that South Koreans need to save face internationally. No matter what, we must use various means to have no shame to compete, fortunately, we have a long face internationally.

In fact, this problem occurred in China for a while. Since the 1990s, with the reform and opening up, Chinese people have seen more and more outside worlds, and compared with their own world, they immediately felt inferiority.

So for more than 10 years, the moon in a foreign country is round, what the foreign country says is right, and the quality of the foreigner is high. If you can get a praise from a foreigner or foreign media, it is like eating it. Honey is as sweet as a foreigner’s praise.

Conversely, even if a foreigner raises an objection, even if the truth of 1+1=2 is wrong, maybe 1+1 is equal to 11.

However, with the continuous development of China’s economic level, China gradually emerged from this humble state of mind. Later in 2020, following the magical operation of a Great Commander, the Chinese people unconsciously I have thoroughly seen through the essence of the American people, and realized that foreigners are actually the same as themselves, maybe even more stupid.

Chinese people can come out so quickly, and it is not only because the economy has developed, otherwise the GDP of South Korean people is higher now, and they have not been able to get rid of their low self-esteem.

Chinese people can really come out so quickly, the main reason is that Chinese people have always been very good, but in the past 100 years, there have been some bad luck that’s all, Chinese people in the bones actually feel that Laozi has been 8000 years of civilization Ancient World’s First.

But South Korea people are different. After being an accessory of China for a lifetime, people in the bones reveal the mentality of a small country and few people.

Close to the subject, in order to get rid of this inferiority complex and prove their self-esteem, South Koreans pay special attention to various international honors, especially the honor of various international competitions.

See how, what South Korea did in the Korea-Japan World Cup that year opened eyes to how many people.

So South Korea people attach great importance to all kinds of world championships. Once a project wins the world championship, the country will immediately hide the sky and covering the earth’s propaganda and praise, even WCG is no exception.

To be honest, although the first WCG looks decent, in the eyes of many people, it is after all a child’s game competition, let alone an international Peak sports event like the Olympics. , I am afraid that even an ordinary traditional sports international competition cannot match.

But the South Korean media obviously didn’t think so. When WCG was held, two or three South Korean media came to report on the game, and then they witnessed the two South Koreans holding the trophy. The whole person is broken, and on the 2nd day, a news report called “Choosing the Glory of the World in China, We Are the World Champions” was released.

In this report, WCG is an international cream of the crop, which can be comparable to the Olympic Games, and how South Korea’s players overcame obstacles and won two gold medals and championships, becoming the top of the gold medal list.

As a result, this report was originally placed in a small magazine, and it swept the entire South Korea at an unimaginable speed. Just one week later, all South Koreans knew that our niuchan Korean nation got two worlds. Champion, and still comparable to the champion of the Olympic Games, even better still occupy the top position of the gold medal list. Although there are three countries at the top of the first gold medal list, all of which have won two gold medals, the South Korea media obviously ignored Two other top countries.

And the most important thing is that my good father, a dignified American, has not received any gold medals.

Don’t look at the South Korean people who call Americans father, but South Koreans still have self-esteem. For South Koreans, defeating Americans is the second only to defeat Japanese honor.

If Japan hadn’t won two championships this time, South Korea’s media would definitely be even more hype about defeating Japanese.

So, the people of South Korea have a collective climax. The name of e-sports has become popular in South Korea at an unimaginable speed, with the games “Diablo” and “Yu-Gi-Oh” behind the two gold medals. ! “Also quickly became popular in South Korea, selling millions of games in South Korea within a month.

Moreover, many South Korean companies have started to hold domestic competitions of “Diablo” and “Yu-Gi-Oh!”, but they are not at all registered with the International E-Sports Federation.

Because the scale of the competitions held by these South Korea companies is too small, they are basically city-level competitions, and the International E-Sports Federation has just been established, and there is no extra energy to manage these things, so they also become free.

But with the passage of several months, these small competitions have obviously been unable to satisfy the proud people of South Korea. Soon, South Korea’s largest entertainment company, GJ, also focused on the emerging industry of e-sports, so A national-level e-sports competition was born in South Korea, and “Diablo”, “Yu-Gi-Oh!”, “Pokemon”, “Red Alert” and the new “Starcraft Battle” have not been missed. We brought all these games together, and started a league model, named “OGN League”

Speaking of “Starcraft for Hegemony”, this game has only been released for about two months, and it has once again quickly swept the world, and the momentum is even stronger than last year’s “Diablo”.

As if it is a historical fate, the rising winds and scudding clouds set off by “Starcraft” in South Korea are the largest. All South Korean players are obsessed with this game almost overnight, and “Starcraft” Besides the United States, it became the second country in the world whose sales exceeded one million.

It stands to reason that in such a high-quality market, Great-Thousand games should really coax. Even if people use your game to engage in competitions, they are actually promoting your game. It really should not fall out.

But Boss Jia doesn’t matter so much, Lao Tzu has announced the formal way to engage in the game, but you just ignore it. This is not to have no shame.

So a lawyer’s letter appeared on the desk of GJ’s newly established electronic entertainment department on the 2nd day.

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