Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1077

“But I don’t know how much people on the Oscar side hate you, so I persuade you to be soft, otherwise the big prize may really be gone!”

“They dare!” Boss Jia raised his tone, showing a cold and severe expression, “If they dare to hack my “Titanic”, I will let Oscar disappear from in this world!”

“Oh, okay, you’re happy!” Jon Landau counseled his shoulders, and obviously took Boss Jia’s words as farts. How could an American Peak award such as Oscar simply disappear? That is to say that’s all angry.

Following the conversation between the two people, the premiere ceremony soon entered the stage of official screening. Because it was discovered in advance that the number of people agreed to attend the premiere ceremony was insufficient, so this time I sat in the cinema to watch “Pokemon In addition to the stars who came to the premiere of the movie, there are more than 200 loyal fans of “Pokemon” born through the lottery. They will accompany Boss Jia to watch the movie.

So before the beginning of the movie, the whole scene was not so quiet. Many fans were excited to watch the creators of the movie. Of course, it is more to guess what the plot of the movie this time and the movie will be. What happened to Rogia who suddenly appeared in the name.

You know, in the entire “Pokemon GoldĀ·Silver”, there has never been a Pokemon named Rogia!

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