Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1078


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With the opening of the movie, the picture returns to the somewhat illusory, misty world.

When I saw this World, all the loyal Pokemon fans in the room cheered, because this is the world where Ash was passed by Mewtwo and Mew in the first movie?

Although in the second TV version, Ash had already come back to life, re-enter the adventure in the real world, and began to not mention everything about the mysterious world, which made all the Pokemon audiences tickled I was impatient, and they speculated about what happened in that world and how Ash was rescued.

At the time, some players said that cunning’s Royal animation will definitely not let the puzzle be revealed in the tv version of the animation, but will be placed in the next movie version of the animation, otherwise it will sell at the box office!

Sure enough, as soon as the second movie version opened, it was back to the world.

As the fog dissipated, the silhouette of the Phoenix King appeared completely on the screen of the movie. As the Chinese publicized the method of obtaining the Phoenix King, now the Phoenix King is no longer very mysterious.

Of course, because you need to have a very high level of Pokémon to defeat the Phoenix King, and it also depends on luck.

Although many magazines have published strategies for defeating the Phoenix King, these all are the experience and routines that countless Peak experts have explored after numerous failures.

But even so, this routine is not 100% successful. In addition to meeting various harsh preparation conditions, it also requires luck.

In this strategy, there is an important battle node that requires a critical strike, and two important battle nodes that need to be missed. Only when the key Pokémon is missed, can the key Pokémon live one more round and cause greater Output.

Anyway, if you don’t restart the battle many times and collect tens of thousands of feathers, you don’t want to defeat the Phoenix King and have this legendary Pokémon.

Anyway, now the King of Phoenix has basically become a huge resentment in the hearts of many players. When they see the silhouette of the King of Phoenix appear on the movie screen again, they can’t wait to hit them with a punch. .

Of course, everyone quickly abandoned the resentment and began to immerse themselves in the animation plot.

“I give you rebirth!” Just like the end of Part 1, Feng Royal General’s own flames were actually poured into Ash’s body, and at this time, Mew’s whole person also rushed into the flames. , And finally was sent into Ash’s within the body together with the flames of the Phoenix King, and then Mew disappeared.

“You killed Mew!” Seeing Mew disappeared, Mewtwo suddenly furious.

“I didn’t kill him!” Feng Wang shook his head, “Although I have the power to regenerate, but this requires a price!”

“Then the price is Mew’s life?” Mewtwo became even more angry. If he knew this was the case, he would definitely stop Mew.

“No, Mew is Eternal Undying, a monster like Mew bubbles. From ancient times to the present, no Mew has died. It has only exhausted all his power and brought this human back to life. So his soul It needs to be hidden within the body of this human being. When this human dies, Mew’s power will return and it will be resurrected!” Feng Wang said.

“In other words, if you want to resurrect Mew, you must kill this human again!” Mewtwo was shocked.

“Don’t have to be so troublesome. After all, human beings are short-lived creatures of lifespan. They can’t mention on equal terms with our Monster Race at all. When this human child is a hundred years later, he will naturally grow old and Mew can come back!”

“It’s just a hundred years of time, soon… soon…” Feng Wang’s voice gradually became a little misty.

“Wait, you just said that we Monster Race, is this the name of our clan? What are we creatures?” At this time, Mewtwo remembered his birth and began to develop his own existence again. doubt.

“We are Monster Race, and Monster Race is the name of one of my clan!” Feng Wang said, “Although you are made by humans, within the body is the blood of Monster Race, so you are also Monster Race. , There is no doubt about this, you don’t have to doubt your origin!”

“Where is this place? Humans have instilled all the Pokemon information into my mind. Why is there no information about you, the Phoenix King, in these information!” Mewtwo asked next.

This is not only a problem with Mewtwo, but also a problem that all the audience want to know, that is, mysterious’s strength far exceeds the normal Pokémon’s Phoenix King, Mew, and Mewtwo, how they exist.

“Because we are Monster God!” Phoenix King lightly saying, and the appearance of this new term shocked Mewtwo and the audience. This is Monster God, this is the end of all Pokemon. Once Monster God is achieved, it will be Undying and Inextinguishable. It will live the same life as Heaven and Earth. If this World does not die, we will die!”

“Digging grooves, such a horny fork!” The audience was stunned. It turns out that Pokemon like Fengwang are all such horny forks?

“Then what am I?” Mewtwo asked suspiciously, “Am I also a Monster God? I have never evolved at all.”

“You are not a Monster God, your power is still one step away from Monster God, and Mew is the same. You are one step away from Monster God. Only when you fully evolve can you become a real Monster God! Enter Monster God! world!”

“Well, my Japan Heavenly Palace is not something you can stay in. Let’s take this humanity down quickly and chase the final evolution!” Feng Wang’s voice became extremely misty, and the movie’s screen was violent. Shaking, Mewtwo hugged Ash and returned to the ground.

It put Ash on the ground, took a deep look, and then left without looking back. He has found his next goal, which is to complete the final evolution as Feng Wang said. , Become a real Monster God, although Mewtwo does not know whether he, as an artificial Pokemon, can truly have the ability to evolve.

And soon, Ash was also found by Brock Misty and the others who were looking for. The puzzled Ash had no idea what happened. He thought it was Mewtwo and Mew who saved him, and then left without saying goodbye.

After missing Mew for a while, Ash rushed to the Orange Islands with Brock and Misty. Then the movie screen quickly passed a brief introduction to the TV version of the Orange Islands, followed by “Pokemon·Luo The real story of “Kia’s Explosion” has just begun.

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