Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1079


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The next plot progressed very quickly. Ash and the others came to a place called Three Holy Island, because there are three small islands in this place. Legend has it that there are three sacred birds, also known as flame birds, which are frozen. Birds, and lightning birds.

Around the Three Sacred Island, there are also some humans who specialize in offering sacrifices to the Three Sacred Birds, at first, they are all daily plots, and Ash challenges the Three Sacred Birds, and then loses horribly. .

The mood of the audience is also very happy. Although the Three Sacred Birds are Pokemon that have already appeared in “Pokemon Red and Green”, they are the second only to Mewtwo and Mew, the three Sacred Birds. The popularity is still very high, so the audience also likes the three holy birds very much. Many fans also like to debate with each other, arguing whether the three holy birds have Mew-level abilities and so on.

So when the audience saw Ash interacting with the Three Sacred Birds, and even fighting, all the audience were very excited, thinking that Ash would finally subdue the powerful existence of the Three Sacred Birds.

But soon, the evil villain appeared. There was a Pokémon collector named Kilbonying. In order to be able to subdue the Three Holy Birds, a powerful base was built near the Three Holy Island. This base There are traps that can trap the three holy birds.

Then the collector launched an attack on the Three Sacred Birds. Taking the opportunity of the Three Sacred Birds to go out to receive worship, he immediately crafted three traps to catch the Three Sacred Birds and made the Three Sacred Birds become Up his own collection.

“This plot is a bit routine!” Seeing this, the audience couldn’t help but whispered. According to their experience, the next plot should be the story of our Ash vs. Kilbonying and then rescue the Three Sacred Birds.

But it turns out that these audiences thought too simple. After Kil Bonying caught the three holy birds at the same time, unexpected things happened.

According to the legend on the island, the three sacred birds are not allowed to meet, otherwise a huge disaster will occur. After Kiel Bangying caught the three sacred birds, he actually put the three birds together for display.

Of course, this is an unavoidable desire for a collector, but it triggered the curse among the three holy birds, making the three holy birds mad instantly, and Kil Bangying meticulously built three iron cages. , It was no longer possible to control the Three Sacred Birds, and the last three Sacred Birds broke out and completely destroyed Kilbonying’s base.

Then the only villain in the theater version was directly crushed to death by the ruins of the fortress he carefully built. It took less than 20 minutes for this guy to die from his debut, and he was the fastest villain to die in most movies.

But the story not at all ended. The curse that the three sacred birds could not meet was activated, and the three sacred birds, all in a frenzied state, began a frantic battle.

Suddenly, the entire sea turned into a doomsday. A large amount of seawater first rolled up several dozen meters high tsunami, then the seawater was covered with thunder and lightning, then it was frozen into ice, and finally it was countless Fire flames.

Anyway, for a while, the entire sea was filled with thunder, lightning, flames and frozen power. These powers are intertwined, which is crazy for the destructive power of the entire Sea Territory.

The humans living near Sansheng Island are miserable. All their villages are destroyed in the aftermath of the battle. These people can only hide in the caves on the mountain, but the sea is soaring. These caves are flooded at any time. The tragedy of human drowning alive.

The fish and shrimps in the sea are even more miserable. I don’t know how many tens of thousands have died. Anyway, with the battle of the Three Sacred Birds, the whole world seems to be destroyed.

So at this time, it’s our turn to debut.

From the mouth of the priestess in the village, I learned that the Three Sacred Birds are not the true king of the sea. The true king of the sea is called Rogia, the sea god of the world, and controls the power of the entire ocean.

Furthermore, it is said that Rogia’s sleeping place is in this ocean. If Rogia’s temple can be found and Rogia is awakened, Nokia’s power can be used to forcibly stop the battle between the three holy birds.

Next is a plot of Ash’s adventure in the ocean. With the help of the newly reaped Lapras, Ash has gone through suffering untold hardships and finally found the temple of Rokiah, and used the sacred relic relic in the hands of Priestess, Awakened Rogia, who was sleeping, a super Pokemon that was as huge as the Titanic.

Finally, Nokia showed the tremendous power of incomparable, and saw him flew into the air, and he was shot directly by the flame bird.

The Frozen Bird wanted to send a freezing light to Rogia, but Rogia rewarded it with a freezing light and turned it into an ice sculpture.

The last lightning bird rushed towards Rogia like lightning, sending out a powerful attack of tens of millions of volts, but a huge shield was lit up on the surface of Rogia, and the attack of the lightning bird had no effect. It was directly bitten by Rogia.

The Three Sacred Birds, who had fought fiercely for 20-30 minutes before, were completely subdued by Rogia in less than 30 seconds, and then completely trapped by Rogia.

At this time, the Three Sacred Birds also regained their sobriety, looking at Rogia in fear, while Rogia looked at them angrily and kept roaring.

“My God, because the Three Sacred Birds killed a large number of sea animals and Pokemon, Rogia actually wanted to kill the Three Sacred Birds and punish them for the mistakes they made!” Meowth of Team Rockets heard Rocky Ya said excitedly, and then the words reached Ash’s ear.

Well, don’t ask why Team Rockets are here. After all, Team Rockets is everywhere, so it is known as the true protagonist.

After learning of this result, Ash rushed to Rogia and gave a generous statement, stating that the Three Sacred Birds did not cause disasters because of their own mistakes, but because of human errors, they fell into madness. In the previous hundreds of years, the Three Sacred Birds had not made any mistakes, and they should not be killed just because of this time. They should be given a chance to reform.

Rogia at first did not intend to pay attention to Ash at all. He planned to fly Ash directly, but at a critical moment, the illusory shadow of Mew appeared on Ash’s body, causing Rogia to fall into contemplation and hesitation Among.

Then Rogia actually spoke directly, speaking human’s words, he could give Ash a chance to let Ash command the Three Sacred Birds to fight against him. As long as the Three Sacred Birds can make Rogia under the command of Ash One wound, he gave the three holy birds a chance to reform.

Then it was an exciting battle. Under the command of Ash, a super trainer who was suddenly unfathomable mystery and increased his strength, the Three Sacred Birds and Rogia began a magnificent battle, and this The battle is naturally full of special effects, burning tens of thousands of dollars every minute, and the audience who watched covered their mouths, and seemed to have forgotten their breathing.

Finally, under Ash’s wit, the three sacred birds, who were originally full of differences, finally united tightly, each using their own skills to cooperate in the battle. After more than 10 minutes of battle (the movie duration), Successfully broke Rogia’s shield and caused a wound near Rogia’s eyes.

After the war, Rogia fulfilled his promise and released the three sacred birds to make a living. However, the three sacred birds must cooperate with each other to restore the ecological balance near the three sacred islands and allow the dead aquariums to reproduce. Get up and make up for the mistakes they made.

At the same time, Rogia also gave Ash a reed flute, telling him that he is the smartest and bravest human it has ever seen. From now on, as long as he plays the reed flute on the sea, Rogia will appear. Help Ash once.

At this point, the main plot of “Pokemon Rogia” is basically over.

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