Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1080


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However, after the subtitles came out, the audience did not at all leave. As long as the audience who watched the previous movie knew that there was Easter Egg behind the subtitles, then this movie “Pokemon Rogia “Is there an Easter Egg?

Yes, of course. After the subtitles of about one minute or so ended, new movie screens appeared. I saw Rogia, which was originally seabed, suddenly fluttered and flew above Nine Heavens. , I came to a mysterious place, isn’t this the Japan Palace of Fengwang?

“Rogia, not seen in 300 years, you finally woke up!” In his palace, King Feng looked at Rogia, who was a lap larger than himself, coming from afar.

“Mew’s soul is actually on a human body with your flame wrapped in it. What is going on?” Rogia asked in a questioning tone.

This can finally explain why Rogia suddenly changed his attitude towards Ash. Feelings are the factor of Mew.

“Heaven and Earth catastrophe has already begun!” King Feng’s answer seemed to be a bit unreasonable, but Luoqia understood, and her tone suddenly became a little nervous, “Are you sure? Isn’t it still 100 years?”

“A hundred years is only a moment, the speed of human development is too fast, even a hundred years in advance is normal.” Feng Wang said.

“I see, is that human being the one you chose?” Rogia asked.

“It was not my choice, it was the choice of fate!” After Feng Wang finished speaking, the entire screen slowly became dark and turned into subtitles again, and Easter Egg was completely played.

With the complete end of the movie, the audience became even more unhappy with the director and screenwriter. They also hoped that the second movie could solve the mystery of the first movie, but didn’t expect all this to make People became more confused and curious.

What is the so-called Monster Race?

What is Monster God?

And what is the last Heaven and Earth catastrophe in the mouth of King Feng?

Can Monster God really Eternal Undying?

What is the fate of Ash and Mew in the future?

Of course, and the most important thing is, since the Phoenix King is in “Pokemon Gold and Silver”, whether Rogia is also hidden in “Pokemon Gold and Silver”, has not been seen by the majority of players Found it?

All these make the viewers feel like a kitten is hidden in their hearts, and they are tickled constantly.

So, after the premiere and the end of the zero-point field, 2nd day, all Pokemon players were discussing these issues enthusiastically.

Heaven and Earth, Monster Race, Monster God, these words seem to be completely Eastern words, foreigners should not understand these, but in fact, they are not the same in foreign cultures.

For example, Monster Race, which means various monsters in Western culture. The English name of “Pokemon” is “Monste” in PocketMonste, which means monster.

Monster God, in translation, has become the meaning of Spiritual God in monster.

Then there is the Heaven and Earth catastrophe. In fact, Western culture itself has the Heaven and Earth catastrophe like Noah’s Ark, so it also has appropriate English translations.

Of course, the meaning of these translations is still somewhat different from the meaning in Chinese, but Western players probably can understand it. It will have a big impact on understanding the meaning of animation itself, not at all, Boss Jia just intends to borrow ” “Pokemon”, when some Eastern culture slowly enters the West, they do not need to correctly understand the correct meaning of these words in the East. There will still be dozens of movies in the future, and some are opportunities to slowly enrich the understanding of the entire Eastern cultural system in the West. .

In short, after the release of “Pokemon Rogia”, the popularity in the United States has completely exploded, and all players are discussing the above issues.

People who watched the movie soon were fascinated by the movie’s gorgeous battle scenes and the new concept of Monster God, which greatly enriched the world view of “Pokemon” set.

Let the players know that the original Pokemon is not as simple as the TV version animation and game said. Behind these Pokemon, there is also the existence of Monster God that is so powerful as Eternal Undying.

The appearance of Monster God instantly changed the battle strength system of the entire Pokemon animation. In the previous battle strength system, the three Sacred Beast and Mewtwo, Mew, stood at the apex of the Pokemon battle strength.

But with the broadcast of this movie, the apex of battle strength of Pokemon World has become Monster God like Feng Wang and Rogia, and the strength gap between the two is extremely huge.

For example, an existence like the Three Sacred Birds was hanged and beaten by Rogia. All of them were killed by one move. Even if the Three Sacred Birds unite to fight, plus the Ash plug-in, it can only cause Rogia. It was just a scar, and the scar was instantly recovered in less than 10 seconds, the strength gap was extremely terrifying, and it was impossible to beat it.

This makes players feel terrified about the true strength of Monster God. So far, there are only two Monster Gods on the stage. So are there other Monster Gods that haven’t appeared in the Pokemon world?

The most important thing is, if Rogia and Feng Wang fight, who is better.

Along with these continuous discussions, many players who didn’t plan to watch the movie were also attracted by the Rogia of their friends, and ran into the movie theater to see legendary Monster God Rogia.

So, after the first weekend of “Pokemon Rogia”, the box office once again shocked the audience.

“The Explosion of Pokemon Rogia” actually won the first weekend ticket of 130 million US dollars, which is tens of millions of dollars more than the first one.

And now, “Pokemon Rogia’s Burst” has nowhere to collapse in word of mouth. Although there is nothing commendable in the plot of this movie, the victory is that the whole plot does not collapse. The whole plot is very smooth and coherent, one wave of climax after wave, and the whole process is extremely fierce. Various special effects 3D pictures abound, and the shock level exceeds the first one. Even many adults are also aiming at this. The special effects battle is gone.

This is the routine of Hollywood blockbusters, special effects + climax plot. In short, judging from the current situation, “The Burst of Pokemon Rogia” has surpassed his Senior’s performance, which seems to be a certain thing.

But Great-Thousand doesn’t seem to be satisfied with this. At the end of the first weekend, when the box office breakthrough of “Pokemon Rogia” hit $100 million, a full page ad appeared in all major newspapers around the world at the same time.

The advertisement is a pattern of Ash raising his thumb, and then surrounded by a circle of gorgeous text, which reads “Warmly Celebrate Movie: Pokemon Rogia’s Explosion, Global Box Office Breakthrough 100 Million Dollars!”

This advertisement is actually a movie’s celebration poster, celebrating its breakthrough of $100 million in the global box office. This box office breakthrough poster is actually very common in later generations, but it was the first time in 1996, let alone It is said that I bought full-page advertisements in various mainstream media newspapers around the world for publicity. At this moment, it attracted the attention of people from all over the world, and the level of publicity was bursting!

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