Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1081


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When ordinary readers see this poster, they may be lamenting that there is another 100 million dollar box office movie on the world, but in the eyes of Pokemon fans, it is different.

Because they found a small string of text in the lower left corner of the poster, which reads like this: “Just like the seabed is hidden in the movie, Rogia has been hidden in “Pokemon Gold and Silver”. No one has discovered it. Now one of the clues to Rogia is publicly obtained. I hope all players can have their own Rogia.”

“Clue 1: Own the Three Sacred Birds!”

Before players were still speculating whether Rogia was hidden in the game like Phoenix King, waiting for the player to discover.

Don’t have to guess now. The official has confirmed this. It’s just that the players didn’t expect too much effort. It’s been more than half a year since the release, and yet no player has been able to find Rogia. Finally, let the official announce the clues of Rogia on the poster.

It’s just that this clue is really a bit misty. What kind of relationship does this three sacred bird have with Rogia?

In fact, even if the clue is not officially announced, players can guess that Rogia is related to the Three Holy Birds through the details of the movie. After all, Rogia appeared after the Three Holy Birds runaway.

It’s just that it’s quite difficult to own the Three Sacred Birds. Although all the old players of “Pokemon Red·Green” basically have the Three Sacred Birds in their hands, after all, they can get it as long as they have a full picture book.

However, as “Pokemon” changes platforms, it is impossible to import the data in “Pokemon Red·Green” into the new Thousand Chance to change handheld.

Fortunately, “Pokemon Gold·Silver” provides a way to capture all red and green Pokemon. Players can also capture the three sacred birds in “Pokemon Gold·Silver”, but the process is slightly more complicated.

However, these are obviously not a problem for the enthusiastic players. Those players who do not have the Three Sacred Birds immediately rushed into the industry of catching the Three Sacred Birds. Overnight, the entire game has millions of them. The capture of the Three Sacred Birds is simply horrible.

And those players who already have the Three Sacred Birds began to study, what is the relationship between the Three Sacred Birds and Rogia, and how to use the Three Sacred Birds to obtain Rogia.

Some people think of the human tribe in the movie, so they frantically visit the NPC near the birthplace of the Three Sacred Birds, but unfortunately it has no effect.

Some people also visited the capture site of the Three Sacred Birds. It was almost a pixel grid. Various trials were conducted on a pixel grid, but there was no result. Still no one knew how to obtain Luo Chia.

This makes the players feel terrible, otherwise you will always be known by them that Rogia is still on the world, or you can tell them how to capture Rogia, and now hang the player here, what is it? What happened!

“You said, will there be new posters and new clues when the movie box office breaks $200 million?” Many smart players immediately thought of this, and then pinned their hopes on the official announcement Above the clues.

“How is it possible? To put a full-page advertisement on the mainstream newspapers of the whole world, I am afraid that it will cost millions of dollars in advertising costs at a time. Who can afford it!” Many players think this is impossible, Great-Thousand’s Money is not brought by the wind, how could it be wasted like this.

But it turns out that Great-Thousand is really not bad for money.

The film “Pokemon Rogia’s Explosion” was released on the third day of the second week, that is, the weekend. The film’s box office in North America officially reached a breakthrough of 200 million US dollars. So on the fourth day, the world people Once again, I saw a full-page ad for “The Burst of Pokemon Rogia” in major mainstream newspapers.

The front of this advertisement was replaced with a picture of Pikachu selling cute in the movie, and the surrounding text has also become a celebration of the global box office breakthrough of “Pokemon Rogia” by US$200 million.

But it doesn’t matter. What really attracts players is in the lower left corner of the poster. They immediately looked towards the position of the newspaper after seeing the newspaper, and they found the second clue “Hu Ke grandfather’s fishing rod”.

“Hu Ke grandfather’s fishing rod!” What the hell is that clue?

The players watched it for a while, and then many players with good memory suddenly remembered. It seems that in a place on the game map called Flash Gold Town, there is an NPC called Hu Ke who has been staying at home.

It’s just that this NPC doesn’t have any missions. If you take the initiative to talk to this NPC, he will only tell you all kinds of knowledge about fishing. There is no serious clue to you, so the players simply Did not care about this NPC.

Until the clues appeared, all the Pokemon players immediately flocked to this poor little room. Fortunately, this is a stand-alone game. If it is an online game, it is not necessary to gather at least a few million players in this room. Up.

Soon, players with amazing observations discovered that although this NPC told you all kinds of fishing knowledge, such as “fishing in muddy water, deep water, and distant water on sunny days. You can fish in clear water on cloudy days,” Fishing in shallow water and near water. On sunny days, the light is strong, so it is good to catch carp in muddy water. On cloudy days, the light is weak, so it is good to catch carp in shallow water.”

“While the south wind is mostly warm, fishing should be shallow. The north wind is mostly cold, so you should fish deep.”

How could players like to listen to these things?

Moreover, this NPC turned over and over again with eight lines, which looked like a very normal NPC.

But when the players start to focus their attention on this NPC, they will post. In fact, you only need to listen to all eight lines 10 times, Hu Ke grandfather will get up and leave, and in his position, he will appear A fishing rod that can be picked up.

This is the “Hu Ke grandfather’s fishing rod” in the prompt.

This makes countless players cheering excitedly, but the problem is that even if you get Hu Ke grandfather’s fishing rod, it seems that you can’t change the problem. Is it because you have to take the fishing rod and go fishing in the sea?

Don’t say, there are real players who try, but this fishing rod always prompts “This is an old fishing rod, I am afraid it can’t be used.” This sentence makes countless players scratch their heads.

So, is there a third official announcement?

For a while, all the players’ eyes were focused on the box office of “Pokemon Rogia’s Burst”, but it’s not easy to check the box office these days, you can only buy one. A special newspaper called “American Film Daily” will publish the latest movie box office data every day.

So everyone in the “U.S. Film Daily” was surprised to find that their daily sales of only a trifling of hundreds of thousands of copies of the newspaper, the sales soared to millions of copies overnight, and a large number of youngsters came over. Buying their newspapers made them confused at first, but later it became clear that it turned out to be the credit of “Pokemon Rogia”.

It’s just that, on a normal working day, it is obviously abnormal for “Pokemon Rogia’s Burst” to soar in the box office, so players can only wait for a few days.

Finally, on Saturday of the second week, the global box office breakthrough of “Pokemon Rogia” reached $300 million.

Sure enough, on Sunday, the third global poster of “The Burst of Pokemon Rogia” was released.

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