Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1085


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“Can you accommodate me, let’s finish the game first!” Monk Park asked, looking at his immediate boss, the president of JC Entertainment, but unfortunately, the president shook his head and said, “No, the court. The side means that they must be closed immediately to end the game. There is nothing to accommodate, otherwise they will come directly and force the door.”

“Why?” Venerable Park asked unwillingly.

“Because I want to give the Americans an explanation!” President said in a tranquil voice “This is the verdict sent by the U.S. court and the inquiry document from the Ministry of Commerce. The U.S. people are already very angry. We must give the U.S. Let me explain!”.

“Yes, I have to give an explanation to the Americans!” Monk Park seemed to have his bones removed. There is no way. The Americans are the fathers of all South Koreans. The father has spoken, how can they not listen to orders? .

“It’s okay if you understand, the game must be stopped immediately, but fortunately, this time the Americans only asked us to apologize and compensate for a certain amount of money. The loss will not be too great!”

“You will represent the company tomorrow, apologize in front of all the media reporters, and then go to Jeju Island to work for two or three years. When everything is calm and tranquil, the company will transfer you back!” the president said .

“You plan to send me to Jeju Island!” Monk Park was shocked, and then extremely angry. How to adjust to work in Jeju Island, JC only has a small reporter station in Jeju Island. It has always been a place where the lost people in the company will be sent to the old age. It is also famously called, let them receive their wages. At the same time, you can also enjoy the scenery and practice health preservation.

But Monk Park is not yet 40 years old. It was at the time of pinnacle in his life that he was going to be sent to Jeju Island.

“You know, the Americans will not give up easily. If we don’t make punishments, the Americans will not let us go. As the actual Chief-In-Charge of OGN, shouldn’t you take responsibility? ?” said the president.

“But it’s not my responsibility alone. At the first meeting, everyone agreed to my plan!” Park Monk hurriedly said.

“Actually, when you did this, I reminded you that Starcraft is a game of the US company, but you must advance, and I can’t do anything about it!” The president helped his eyes, and his eyes were meaningful. Looked at Monk Park.

“…” Monk Park was stupid. Although the president did say so at the beginning, he said it on the wine table, and his face was smiling hehe, with a cracking a joke expression, Park The monk really thought it was a joke.

Now that I think about it, no wonder this person can become the president. It’s not one drop of water can leak out.

“I see!” Monk Park was completely withered.

On the afternoon of the same day, JC Entertainment announced that it would stop the OGN game. At the same time, in the presence of all reporters, Park Venerable apologized publicly to American companies, saying that he did not know these things, did not understand the regulations of the International Esports Federation, and He was deeply sorry for making these mistakes, and then sincerely apologized.

In the end, JC Entertainment paid US$200,000 in compensation to the International E-sports Federation and Blizzard Games. The two parties reached an understanding agreement, which made everyone in South Korea who want to be in the e-sports industry a bit worse. There was a cold sweat.

Yes, they only thought that the International E-sports Federation and Blizzard Entertainment were both Chinese companies, but they forgot that this Blizzard Entertainment was not just in name only, but also in reality registered in the United States and given to the United States For tax-paying companies, they just accepted Great-Thousand’s investment. After all, they are American companies that they can never offend!

But there are still many South Korean companies wanting to get a share in the field of e-sports, so they have found the International E-Sports Federation to register for the game, and the International E-Sports Federation is also very appropriate to announce that all South Competition restrictions for Korea players.

In this way, the turmoil that lasted for more than two months is considered to be over, and South Korea people are suppressed to death, and they don’t dare to think about e-sports anymore. This industry has also begun to develop in an orderly manner.


But Boss Jia is no longer interested in paying attention to these things. After he spent money to get the US court and the Ministry of Commerce to take action at the same time, he knew that South Koreans have to kneel and concede, unless they have the courage to bite the master. , But this is obviously impossible.

At this time, Boss Jia is watching a movie with his son. Jia Tangde is four years old this year. He has become a strong kid with long golden hair and black pupils. On him, At the same time, you can see the characteristics of the yellow race and the white race. Anyone who sees Jatangde can’t help but praise him as a beautiful child.

At this time, father and son are two, and the movie that Natasha watched is of course Great-Thousand’s own “Pokemon Rogia’s Explosion”. Jatund cherishes himself and his father very much. Not easy, not much time to get along with.

Although he has only 4 types, he is incomparably smart. Now he can vaguely feel that the relationship between himself and father is different from the relationship between normal child and father.

However, this did not allow Jatund to have no desire to improve, but to seize all opportunities to get along with father, because Jatunde knows that complaining is useless, so it is better to live your life and life as best as possible. it is good.

“You are about to graduate from university, what are your plans for the future?” Boss Jia asked side Natasha while touching Jatangde’s little head,

Now Natasha has graduated from Wharton, and she graduated with a high score. She is an undoubted business talent, and she has already received offices from several companies.

“I want to make luxury goods!” Natasha gave the answer she had considered for a long time. I think there will be a big explosion in the luxury goods industry in the future, so I want to enter this industry, and I also like this industry.

Well, that’s right, no beautiful woman dislikes luxury goods.

“Do you want to build a luxury brand? This is not easy. It requires at least ten years of accumulation!” Boss Jia said. For a luxury brand, it is not how expensive your items are sold or even how high the quality is, but the customer’s recognition of your items.

If the buyer doesn’t recognize your product and doesn’t feel that your product’s compulsion is high enough, then no matter how expensive the product is, no matter how good the quality is, it doesn’t make any sense. This is an industry that needs time to polish.

“Don’t be so troublesome, I think I can just buy a luxury brand and start!” Natasha hesitated for a while and said.

Now Natasha obviously has no money to buy a luxury brand, so the money can only come from Boss Jia. After all, only our Boss Jia has the confidence to do such a thing.

“Which brand are you going to buy?” Boss Jia thought for a while and asked directly. If Natasha was just his mistress, he would never agree to such a request.

Acquisition of a luxury brand requires a billion or even several billion dollars. Boss Jia is not stupid enough to waste money like this.

But it’s Natasha, so it’s a different matter. After all, people’s business ability has been confirmed in later generations. Besides, it’s not that Boss Jia will check them out.

Finally thought of the identity of a certain world’s richest man in the future, Boss Jia agreed.

The question is, which luxury brand does Natasha want to buy?

“I want to buy Chanel!!” Natasha said finally.

When I heard this name that even a straight man like myself has heard of later generations, Boss Jia decisively agreed.

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