Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1086


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“Come on, father will give you a Christmas present!” After watching the movie, Jia Yapeng put a beautiful box in front of Jatund.

Well, by the way, it’s Christmas Eve today, otherwise Jia Yapeng wouldn’t make time to watch the movie with Jatendre.

“Wow! It’s a Thousand Opportunity Change, thank you father!” Seeing this beautiful game console, Jatangde was very excited.

“How about? Do you like it?” Boss Jia asked with a smile.

“Of course, many children in our class have changed a lot, and I also want my mother to buy one for me, but mother just refuses, and I don’t know why!” Na Jia Tangde said on the side Tasha’s expression changed for a while.

“Why are you reluctant to buy a game console for our child?” Boss Jia looked at Natasha and asked.

“He is only 4 years old, what kind of game is he playing!” Natasha said in a panic, well, Boss Jia believed this explanation.

“Father, this game console is expensive, isn’t it?” Jia Tangde asked.

“Not expensive!” Boss Jia smiled and shook his head, and then said, “This is our own thing, not expensive at all!”

“…” Jia Tangde was stunned for a moment, hoping that he had misunderstood the meaning of his father’s words.

“If you can understand father, then you heard it right, father is what you guessed it!” Boss Jia knocked his son on the head. This guy is really smarter than he has ever seen. All of the children are smart… Oh, no, I don’t know how it compares with Liu Nian.

But there is no doubt that if this guy’s IQ can be assigned to Jia Changtian, then everything is quite perfect, but unfortunately, this is impossible.

But Jia Changtian, who is stupid in the future, how can he compete with Jia Tangde, and if he gets old, do he really want to give Jia Changtian a huge group?

Hey, Boss Jia never thought about considering these issues.

After all, in the eyes of many people, this is a question that only the emperor can think about, but the problem is that in the family of Boss Jia, there is really a throne waiting to be inherited!

The throne of China’s richest man!

“Very good, I can finally play Chinese Paladin!” Jia Tangde muttered to himself, holding Qian Ji to become excited.

“Oh!” Boss Jia’s eyebrows jumped, “Is the game you most looking forward to actually being Chinese Paladin?”

“Of course, I am very interested in the story of the father country! By the way, father, can you give me a Chinese version of the game? I want to take this opportunity to learn Chinese and save money later He doesn’t even know the words of his ancestors!” Jia Tangde said solemnly.

“You actually know that China is our ancestor!” Boss Jia hugged Jia Tang De excitedly, and then kissed Jia Tang De on the face hard, this child, if he is not a mixed blood Yeah!

What Boss Jia did not see was that after being happily picked up by his father, Jia Tangde showed a happy smile on his face. As long as he can be loved by his father, this is the most correct thing at the moment. .

Well, it seems that Jia Family’s throne will be very interesting in the future.


Jia Tangde will go to kindergarten on the second day, and Natasha is busy with various preliminary preparations for the acquisition of Chanel. Although Chanel has not reached the lowest point in his history, the stock price is still not counted. Too high, according to Natasha’s plan, only about 1.2 billion US dollars can buy the entire Chanel, this is indeed a pretty good deal.

However, Boss Jia has no time to manage these matters in detail. He has only a few days left in the United States. The Spring Festival in 1997 is on February 7, which is more than a month away from now. Boss Jia also You have to go back to China for the New Year.

Oh, by the way, I have to go to Japan. After seeing his eldest son, Boss Jia suddenly missed his little daughter a little again. The New Year is coming soon, so I can’t leave them in the cold.

So in the past few days, Boss Jia had to hurry up and inspect several companies in the United States, and 51 search was the first to bear the brunt.

The current 51 search, after more than a year of development, is already an Internet giant.

At this time, the number of Internet users in the entire America country has increased by four times, reaching a scale of 6 million, making it the country with the largest number of Internet users in the world. And 51 search, there are 6 million users in the United States… Now the first thing that netizens in the entire America country learn to go online is to open 51 search and add to their favorites.

This is only a user in the United States. In the world, 51search has more than 40 million netizens. This powerful search site has become an essential tool for all netizens.

After all, for web surfing, there is nothing more important than search engines.

Therefore, the computer room of May 1st Search is constantly expanding. At first, a small three-story building in New York City can no longer meet the needs of 51 Search. They moved their computer room to one in northeastern New York. In a small farm, the farm was transformed into a large computer room.

In this computer room, more than 100 state-of-the-art servers in the world are placed at the same time, each of which costs as much as US$300,000. In other words, in this small computer room, they are placed Equipment worth 300 million US dollars.

The northeastern part of New York State is notoriously cold, so putting the computer room here can save a lot of cooling costs. Otherwise, the problems in the computer room can be used to bake eggs.

So originally because of the income from some kind of websites, it was once again unable to meet the funding needs of 51. Great-Thousand could only throw in another sum of funds, but this seems to be an utterly inadequate measure, because according to Little Huang Estimate.

By 1997, 51 users worldwide may break through 80 million. This is an astonishing number. At the same time, with the progress of the Internet, the data that needs to be circulated in 1997 may reach about five times the peak traffic in 1996. , So Little Huang gave Boss Jia another development plan of up to $1 billion.

To put it simply, 51 search reached out to Boss Jia for money, and it was $1 billion at the first opening.

Boss Jia, even if he is really rich, can’t withstand such consumption, so Boss Jia went to the computer room of 51 search, and then met the two heads of 51 search, Little Huang, and Xiaojie Erde.

“I don’t have that many money!” Boss Jia said very cleanly.

“But now is the prime time of 51’s development. We can’t keep up with the needs of our users because we don’t have enough servers. You know how many people are staring at us at 51 and want to dig a piece from us. Meat?” Little Huang said excitedly.

“Then you guys go to the market!” Boss Jia counseled his shoulders, “Since you have no money, then go public and earn money!”

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