Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1087


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“Boss, you agree that we are listed!” Little Huang looked at Boss Jia in surprise. In fact, he had mentioned listing several times before, but Boss Jia, who had a large stake, never agreed, didn’t Expect now actually let go.

“en!” Since the two incidents in Moutai and South Korea, Boss Jia has seen a lot about the listing of his subordinate companies.

If Boss Jia keeps the company in his hands, it will become a target of public criticism, but if the company is listed on the stock market and more power is absorbed as shareholders, then Great-Thousand will have common interests with them.

However, the head office of the Great-Thousand Group is absolutely not allowed to be listed. Only the companies with good potentials below are listed. Internet companies are a good choice.

“By the way, it looks like the Internet bubble is coming!” Boss Jia touched his nose, and then his idea of ​​listing his Internet companies became firm.


In New York, an astonishing news spread across Wall Street in an instant, that the famous Internet company 51 search decided to go public.

This can be said to be the most shocking news for Wall Street in the entire end of 1996. For a while, countless offices on Wall Street found 51 searches immediately.

There are those who hope to act as an agent for 51 search and listing, and those who hope to directly help issue primordial shares, and there are even a large number of investment institutions that want to directly purchase primordial shares.

No way, who makes the current Internet company the most sought after company on Wall Street!

With the popularity of browsers and the huge development of 50 million Internet users across the world in 1996, all the wild wolves on Wall Street can smell meat.

Don’t think that everyone in the world is a fool, only those who pass through have the foresight. In fact, when the Internet first appeared, the wild wolves on Wall Street had already foreseen that the Internet would become the pillar industry of the world in the future. This is a huge and unimaginable market.

This market has already manifested itself in 1996. First of all, major companies in the world have established their own official websites on the Internet to promote themselves in this three-dimensional way.

At the same time, the first generation of online e-commerce and online communication tools have also set sail. The most important thing is that once netizens learn to surf the Internet, the time they spend on the Internet every day has reached an average of About 2.5 hours, this is a huge asset, which means huge advertising revenue!

“The Internet is the future!!!” Countless Wall Street people chanted, and then countless Americans also chanted, telling all investors that as long as they buy Internet stocks, they will not lose money.

The fact seems to be the same. In January 1995, Maxthon browser was listed. After opening, the total market value was 150 million U.S. dollars. Four months later, it had risen to 400 million U.S. dollars. By 1996, the total market value was 20. Billion dollar company.

There is also Yahoo, which went public in June 1995. The total market value after the opening was 500 million U.S. dollars. Now it has a market value of 3 billion U.S. dollars. Those who bought the shares of these two companies, personal assets It has been turned several times.

By virtue of this shareholder enthusiasm, Microsoft’s total market value has soared from US$4 billion at the end of 1993 to US$11.8 billion in 1995, and at the same time it has pushed Bill Gates to the throne of the world’s richest man.

That’s not counting. By 1996, Microsoft already had a total market value of 28.7 billion U.S. dollars. It doubled in a year and increased its market value by a full 17 billion U.S. dollars. Bill Gates personal assets It also tripled and firmly secured the position of the richest man in the world.

What’s even more nonsense is that during this period, more than 10 Internet companies have been listed one after another, and none of them lost money. How can this not attract investors?

All investors are searching for the next Internet upstart, and there is no doubt that 51search is one of the most watched companies.

The core business of 51 Search is the 51 search engine, and this engine has developed to a search engine that all netizens have to use.

There are 50 million netizens in the world, and 45 million of them use 51 search. According to statistics, 78% of netizens use 51 search in their favorites. Number one, this shows that the first thing everyone did after going online was to open the 51 search website.

Such as this fire hot Internet company, it is simply the most popular piece of Dongpo Pork in the world, and no one can refuse. In addition, 51 search hired the most famous firm on Wall Street to help him go public, so the whole process went green and it was almost suffocating.

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