Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1088


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“Then I’ll play it first!” Boss Jia was very happy to see that “Diablo”, which I loved very much later, was made into an online game version first.

So this time I came to Blizzard specially, wanting to experience this game in advance.

“Of course no problem!” Blizzard’s president Allen Adham said with a smile, and then let out a computer with the highest configuration that the company had already prepared, and let Boss Jia log in to the game.

After entering the game, it was still the classic page of Divine Wind. First, I chose to create a name. Boss Jia simply entered the name “Silver Scale Breastplate”, and then I chose a career.

Different from the three major occupations in the first part of “Diablo”, “Diablo Legendary” provides players with a total of 5 different occupations, except for the warriors, mages, and ronin in “Diablo” itself. In addition, two brand-new professions, Knight and Summoner, are also provided.

Boss Jia chose to create a new profession as a summoner. After entering the game, he opened the backpack and took out a novice summoning staff and a commoner from it.

“This point needs to be changed!” Seeing that the game’s backpack is still the classic “Diablo” backpack that occupies a grid, Boss Jia shook his head and said, “Change the backpack to a setting of one grid and one piece of equipment. The previous backpack setting is a good idea for stand-alone players, but it is too cumbersome for online games!”

“Yes!” Allen Adham replied immediately, and promised to modify. It’s not that Allen Adham is filming his own Boss flattery, but that Boss Jia’s position in the game industry is basically the same as God.

Other companies don’t know. As a member of Great-Thousand Games, Allen Adham knows very well that almost half of Great-Thousand’s original games are made with the creative and script provided by Boss Jia.

So our Boss Jia is the strongest game designer in the world, but no outsider knows that’s all.

How could there be any problems with the opinions of the strongest game designer!

Boss Jia clicked on the skill panel again, glanced at it, then shook his head and said, “Skills cannot be the same as “Diablo”. What skill points are used to activate? How to create game time like this?”

“Listen to me, turn all skills except those below 1Level 0 into skill books. Only when you drop the corresponding skill books can you learn skills!” Boss Jia gave instructions again , And Allen Adham said to follow suit immediately.

Next, Boss Jia will go out of town to fight monsters. The battle method is still the classic “Diablo” battle. Boss Jia has no opinion on this, but muttered, “No one is robbing monsters around here. Interesting!”

“Everyone goes online immediately!” Allen Adham gave an order, and all the employees of the Blizzard Studio went online. All of a sudden, the leveling map was full of players and accompanied Boss Jia to kill rabbits.

“This rabbit, even a piece of equipment does not explode…” Boss Jia muttered involuntarily after killing more than a dozen rabbits without harvesting a piece of equipment.

So, Allen Adham gave a person around him a look, and that person was crazy in the background of the game. When Boss Jia killed the rabbit again, a flashing purple rays of light weapon , It fell out of the rabbit’s body, and it happened to be the dark gold weapon used by the summoner.

This time, Boss Jia was very satisfied with nodded.

After playing one day, one night, Boss Jia touched his head a little tiredly, and then said to Allen Adham, “There is roughly no problem, that is, there are not many interactions between players. There is a PK system. Although we encourage PK, we cannot allow PK to go on endlessly. So I suggest adding a red name system to make it easier for players who actively initiate attacks to drop equipment.”

“In addition, there are not many things that can stimulate players to fight, so let’s set a main city in the game as a city that allows player forces to compete for control, and the player forces that control this city, Everyday all can get a certain experience reward, and all transactions in this city can be divided into a part to reward the players who occupy this city!” Boss Jia gave the final suggestion.

“Then use the city of Shatara!” Allen Adham said kindly.

In this way, under the personal guidance of Boss Jia, the brand new version of “Diablo Legendary” began his own journey of Legendary.

After mentoring Blizzard, Boss Jia did not rush to leave. As the second largest game studio for Great-Thousand games, Boss Jia still needs to cultivate his feelings.

So on the second day, Boss Jia basically stayed in the company, eating and working with the employees of the company, listening to the opinions of all employees extensively, and showing an approachable and good Boss appearance.

This look really deceived many stupid employees, making them feel that Boss Jia is one mind with them, so an employee cautiously asked, “Chairman, do you want to visit our secret forum to have a look?”

“What secret forum?” Boss Jia curiously asked.

“This is a forum privately established by the employees of the company. It is usually used to complain about various affairs of our company.” The employee cautiously said, “Leaders do not know the existence of this forum, only us. The employees know that all the discussions inside are also anonymous.”

“Oh! Then I have to take a look!” Boss Jia nodded, of course I want to check out such an interesting place.

When the employee manually entered the URL, Boss Jia successfully entered the company’s secret forum, which was divided into several sections.

There is a section dedicated to the various leaders of the company. Boss Jia even found that in this section, each leader has a section of his own, and there are crazy rants from various employees.

Boss Jia looked at the complaints about Allen Adham, and found that the most replies were that Allen Adham wore two different shoes when he went to work one day, but he didn’t notice it.

What’s even more fucking is that when the employees carefully observed the two feet, they found that the colors of the two socks inside the shoes were actually different. It makes Boss Jia want to complain.

Among them, there is also Boss Jia’s own exclusive section. Boss Jia also went in and watched it curiously. What made Boss Jia very gratified was that Boss Jia was praised for being handsome, and Boss Jia cared about employees and was a kind person Such evaluations made Boss Jia very satisfied.

In the forum, in addition to these companies and leaders, there is also a gathering place with the most people, which is the section of various games.

Here, there are actually hundreds of game sections. The employees on the side explained that because employees have the right to add their favorite games, the company’s employees will continue to own the hundreds of games. Additional.

But Boss Jia was surprised to find that although there are hundreds of game sections, there are no games produced by Blizzard.

“Everyone who develops these games every day is about to vomit. Who is interested in discussing them in the forum!” The words of the staff on the side made Boss Jia sigh the truth.

Boss Jia clicked nodded, and then continued to watch, his eyelids jumped, because it showed that the section with the largest number of participants and the most popular section was actually the section of Chinese Paladin.

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