Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1090


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“The third one can be surnamed Jia!” Itoh Odo casually said, without considering our Boss Jia’s opinion.

However, Natsume Haruko couldn’t refuse her father. At Natsume Haruko’s request, Boss Jia could only shoot a few internal shots. As for whether he could be pregnant or not, then only heaven knows, and this is for Boss. Jia feels like he has become a self-propelled planter.

“Just give birth to a son!” Boss Jia muttered in his heart. He already has a headache for the future between Jia Changtian and Jia Tangde.

This son of Natsume Haruko is surnamed Ito. He inherits the property of the Itoh Family and does not have any inheritance rights to the property of the Jia Family, so he should be able to get along with the big brothers of the Jia Family in the future.

If there is a third son with the surname Jia, then he will really become the king of gambling.

Hey, so reincarnation is the most amazing innate talent in the world. From the moment of birth, this Little Brat has owned the entire Itoh Family’s industry, saving how many years of struggle.

Actually, Natsume Haruko’s son is not only the property of the Itoh Family, but also Natsume Internet. In Itoh Family, Natsume’s family, and the characteristics of the people who stand in the trend of the times, Natsume Internet’s rapid expansion .

Now Natsume Network is Japan’s well-deserved largest network company, and its tentacles have covered the entire major cities of Japan, with a 65% market share in Japan.

Apart from this, at the suggestion of Boss Jia, Natsume Network has also entered the layout of mobile communications. A large number of CDMA base stations have been imported from Warwick. However, because the speed is one step slower, Natsume is not too much on the mobile network. Big advantage, currently only a market share of less than 10%.

But you can imagine how terrifying the Natsume Network, where both mobile and Internet will be active in the future.

Although 90% of Natsume Network’s shares are still in the hands of Boss Jia, since the actual controller is Natsume Haruko, the company will probably give it to Natsume Haruko’s son in the future.

No more, thinking of a headache!

After Boss Jia stayed in Japan for a week, he returned to China on his wandering Earth, and then he saw Ma Yun who was smiling hehe.

This guy can be considered a proud of one’s success. His QQ software has become famous all over the world.

Although Alibaba’s corporate headquarters is still located in Hangzhou by Ma Yun, because the domestic network is still underdeveloped, the QQ server is located in Japan, a place he is more familiar with.

Because Japan has no wall restrictions, and more importantly, there is no competing product on the Internet. Originally, Old Ancestor QICQ was not online. He is the founder and Old Ancestor of instant messaging software. Naturally, Slaughter all sides on the world network now has 2 million installations in the world.

Don’t think that this number is too small compared to the 50 million global users of 51 searches. First of all, instant messaging software and search engines are not the same.

Search engine is an indispensable tool for surfing the Internet. Basically, you can’t surf the Internet smoothly without this stuff, but instant messaging software is different. If you don’t install such software, you will save a lot of trouble.

Then, 51 search is a website, just add the favorites, it’s still very simple to operate.

But QQ is different, this requires a software package to be installed.

Well, in this world, there are many netizens who are too lazy or don’t know how to install software. If you ask them to actively install the software, it’s like asking them to climb a mountain of swords or plunge into a sea of ​​fire. It’s like an explosion.

So it can have 2 million installations, for a piece of software, it is already Peak level, and now this number is still growing.

After just over half a year of starting a business, I have achieved such results, so now Ma Yun is proud of one’s success.

“Why are you here to pick up my machine!” Seeing Ma Yun coming, Boss Jia asked with squinting eyes.

“hehe, don’t you miss you?” Ma Yun said with a laugh.

“Come on, did Goldman Sachs look for you, hoping to list your Alibaba? And also promised you a market value of 200 million US dollars?” Boss Jia asked faintly, Ma Yun seemed to have been smoked. Like a whip,

“Look at your interest!” Boss Jia gave Ma Yun a white look. “You can’t go public now. The valuation of US$200 million in market value is too low, and I have to give Goldman Sachs 20% of the primordial shares. I just spend money. I gave you 100 million dollars. Goldman Sachs is selling you as an idiot, and you are smiling like a idiot!”

“By the way, do you think I will agree to take all the stocks to the market?”

Boss Jia’s words, like a whip on Ma Yun’s face, made Ma Yun’s face no more smiles.

In fact, Boss Jia is also angry. This Ma Yun has some ability to run a business. It is especially good at bewitching people’s hearts and screaming at the people below. The eighteen arhats of the year were indeed following Ma desperately. Yun.

But this person is too nonsense in terms of equity and company structure. First, he sold a large amount of equity to SoftBank, and then to Yahoo. Of course, he did this to obtain investment back then, but sold The price is too low, and the company’s equity is seriously dispersed, basically in the hands of the United States and Japan.

Don’t even think that Alibaba is controlled by Chinese people. This is all based on Ma Yun’s prestige. When Ma Yun falls, this company may still be in harmony with Chinese people.

Especially now, I heard a few words from Goldman Sachs, saying that it can guarantee to help him get listed on the Nasdaq, and also guarantee the market value of 200 million US dollars, and even don’t even need money, just sell him 20% on Alibaba The primordial shares will do.

What’s more fucking is that Goldman Sachs wants to operate the company’s shares in full circulation, that is, 100% of the shares are put on the stock market for circulation. This is not overly pit peoples, this is clearly killing people.

This made Ma Yun foolish, and ran over to pick up the plane stupidly, and wanted Boss Jia to agree directly. If Boss Jia had the ultimate control of the company, this foolish child would really give the company a bargain. sold.

Even if it is, the division of the company is affirmative, so Boss Jia will not look down on Ma Yun in later generations.

“QQ is not short of money, so you don’t have to bother about going public. When it’s time to go public, I will arrange to go public. It’s enough for you to run the company properly!” Boss Jia finalized the final word.

“Yes!” Ma Yun’s Essence, Qi, and Spirit are obviously shorter. If this guy, Boss Jia doesn’t cut him, he will really fly.

“By the way, how is Ma Huateng? You are here, why didn’t he come?” Boss Jia curiously asked.

“I guess he has no face to see you now!” said Ma Huateng, especially thinking of Ma Huateng’s current plight, Ma Yun became happy again.

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