Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1091


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Judging from Ma Yun’s pleasant attitude, Ma Huateng’s life is not easy now. In fact, it’s not that bad, but rather bad. Ma Huateng’s Tencent is almost out of salary. Up.

Ma Huateng entered the e-commerce market with confidence at the beginning, and under the guidance of Boss Jia, he still started to engage in the volume enterprise market first, and wanted to become an online platform for enterprises to purchase transactions.

This idea is of course very good. After all, this is how Alibaba started, but unfortunately, the domestic network is still a bit too poor. Only Beijing and Shanghai have networks in the country, although telecommunications have begun to deploy nationwide The Internet is available, but it takes time. Before the Internet, there was no room for Tencent in China.

So Tencent can only do the same in foreign markets as Alibaba, but unlike Alibaba’s QQ, Tencent’s Taobao platform needs to interact with a large number of companies, so that companies can interact with each other. Purchasing in bulk requires persuading companies to put their products on the platform.

Moreover, only one or two companies are not enough. In other words, there must be tens of thousands of companies on the platform at the same time to have the value of allowing people to trade on the platform.

Don’t look at the later Taobao at least has tens of millions of companies, but when Taobao started to start a business, it was too difficult to get a large number of companies to put their products on this obscure platform. It is necessary for companies to run over to lobby, so among the hundreds of Tencent employees, 80% of them are coming from all over the world.

But while running, Ma Huateng discovered a bigger problem, that is, even if the company is placed on the platform, the Taobao platform has no room for profit.

Ma Huateng’s original plan was to allow merchants and customers to trade on Taobao’s platform, and they could pay a certain fee in the middle.

The fee may be only 1‰, but as long as the amount goes up, 1‰ is also a very scary profit.

But the problem is that smart merchants are basically impossible to give Ma Huateng a chance to pay for the fee.

After many merchants put on Taobao, they definitely need to put the company’s name on it, and then put the company’s phone number on it by the way, and then they all live together, they directly trade in private , I skipped Taobao’s transaction procedures. Taobao’s original plan to charge a fee is not a penny!

While Taobao maintains its servers and constantly updates its website and technology, it also needs to hire a large number of promoters to run around the world. This cost is much higher than that of QQ, so at the beginning Boss Jia Invested the same huge sum of money to these two companies.

But the money from QQ hasn’t been spent yet, and Taobao’s money is really going to be gone, and that’s also the real salary can’t be paid.

“I think Lao Ma has failed in this venture. It’s better to follow me. I will give him the position of Vice President of Alibaba!” Ma Yun said triumphantly, hearing Boss Jia speechless for a while.

This is really 20 years Hedong and 30 years Hexi. Ma Yun has been vice president for Ma Huateng for more than a year. This time it is Ma Huateng’s turn to be vice president for Ma Yun.

It’s a pity that Boss Jia was impossible watching Tencent just fall.

“I’m going to find Ma Huateng, are you going?” Boss Jia indifferently asked, Ma Yun nodded immediately, go, why not go. Ma Yun wanted to go before, but was thrown out by Ma Huateng. Now I go with Boss Jia to see if Ma Huateng has the guts to lose himself!

So, the plane that just landed in Yuzhang, after a short preparation, flew directly to Guangzhou CIty. By the time it arrived, it was already dark and Ma Huateng was ready to go to bed.

As a result, I heard the doorbell of my apartment ring, and I looked at the intercom and saw Ma Yun’s nasty face.

“Old Ma, I’m looking for you, you open the door!” Ma Yun said with a laugh.

“Fuck off, don’t come to me!” Ma Huateng said foul-mouthed, but Ma Yun really ran from Hangzhou to see himself. It was a big night, and Ma Huateng couldn’t really stop opening the door.

What made Ma Huateng didn’t expect was that when the door opened, it was not Ma Yun who came first, but Boss Jia.

“Chairman!” Ma Huateng was taken aback, and then quickly took a look at his clothes, and then at the environment in the apartment. Fortunately, Aunt, the cleaning agent, came to clean it once today. It was very clean, not before. That bad look.

“You are not bad here, it’s not like the residence of the chairman of the board who is worth tens of millions of dollars!” Boss Jia said with a smile, although Ma Huateng’s apartment is very beautiful, it is also very modern. See devices like walkie-talkies.

But in the final analysis, it is just an ordinary apartment. Although the cost in Guangzhou CIty is quite expensive, it is only 1000 Renminbi per month. Compared with the current volume of Tencent, this residence is quite low-key. Up.

“The company is not profitable. Every penny is spent on the blade. How dare I live in a good place!” Ma Huateng helplessly said, and then secretly looked at our Boss Jia, fearing that Boss Jia is coming Ask yourself the teacher.

“Okay, we haven’t seen each other for so long, we two have a good chat!” Boss Jia said with a smile.

“Chairman, what about me?” Ma Yun on the side didn’t hear it right, but there are three people here!

“Go buy me wine, and order another supper!!” Boss Jia threw 100 money to Ma Yun. In these years, 100 can buy a pretty good supper.

“Ah!” Ma Yun’s face was terrible, but Boss Jia spoke and he could only eagerly run over to buy supper.

“Okay, have you figured out how to get Taobao out of trouble?” Boss Jia looked at Ma Huateng and asked directly.

“No!” Ma Huateng shook his head feebly. He is gone. The imposing manner power when he started his business is gone. Now he is exhausted by all kinds of trivial things, and the company is getting worse and worse. , He really can’t pay next month’s salary. If Boss Jia doesn’t come to him, he will also plead guilty to Boss Jia and lose tens of millions of dollars in investment by Boss Jia.

Obviously, when I was in Japan Great-Thousand, everything went smoothly. Why did everything go wrong when I got here?

What makes him even more depressed is that Ma Yun’s business has developed smoothly. It is said that Goldman Sachs took the initiative to ask him to help go public. This is all entrepreneurial. Everyone is named Ma. Why is the gap so big?

Is it because my entrepreneurial direction is wrong, and I should go for instant messaging software?

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