Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1092


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Ma Huateng’s parents were not as tough as their sons, they could only watch Ma Huateng leave, but Ma Huateng not at all immediately returned to the company, but found the hotel of Boss Jia.

When I woke up this morning, Boss Jia, who had been with him by the bed, left a hotel address, and the address was the presidential suite of Baidu Hotel under Baidu Real Estate.

Boss Jia has always been generous in enjoyment.

“You really want to die?” Seeing Ma Huateng, who only woke up in the morning, appeared in front of him in the afternoon, Boss Jia was startled.

Actually, the game was a bit big last night. When Boss Jia sent Ma Huateng to the hospital, the doctor really gave a critical illness notice. This scared our Boss Jia.

“Chairman, it’s okay, I’m all right, but now I have a stomach full of things to say to you, so don’t worry about these things. After talking to you, I will go back to hang salt water immediately.” Ma Huateng Said quickly.

“Let’s talk about it, what do you think!” Boss Jia nodded, since he was able to run around alive, his parents had to keep him in the hospital forcibly, indicating that Ma Huateng’s situation is not too bad. There is the least time to talk to myself.

“Chairman, you are so amazing. With your few glasses of wine, I immediately want to understand everything. I am confident that I can start Taobao!” Ma Huateng said excitedly, “But… “

“But what?”

“But I still have a few questions that I haven’t figured out clearly. I hope you can point me to the chairman!” Ma Huateng said.

“Okay, you can say it!”

“Chairman, if I really do what I said in my drink talk yesterday, I can suddenly make a lot of money in a short time, but after a long time, I am afraid that all customers will be offended. So I want to know what can be done to ensure that our customers will not hate us!”

This is indeed the most worrying issue in Ma Huateng’s mind. These methods are easy to use, but once they are used too much, Taobao has accumulated customers for more than half a year, but they will all be run away.

“Your idea is wrong from here. Who said, these methods of yours will definitely arouse users’ disgust? Is it to toss customers, is to cheat customers’ money?” Boss Jia slightly smiled “You have to understand one thing, that is, everything we do is not to cheat money from customers, but to serve and facilitate customers!!”

“Serve customers!” Ma Huateng was stunned and couldn’t help but said, “I block all the company names and contact numbers of customers and buyers. Is this service and customer convenience?”

“Of course!” Boss Jia smiled, “We do this to protect the privacy of our customers! Didn’t the Americans say that customer privacy is the most important thing, and protecting everyone’s privacy is a business Things to do!”

“By the way, there is a case in the U.S. State. Because a company posted all their information on the Internet, it allowed scammers to find an opportunity, forged their company’s identity, and controlled many other companies’ low-cost supply , Collect a deposit, and then ran away!”

“This is a very bad fraud case, and online platforms like ours are more prone to such fraud cases, so you must take strict precautions.”

“In order to prevent the information of our subordinate companies from spreading on the Internet, so that many scammers use this information to cheat in the past, or perform even worse behaviors, we need to protect all customer information!”

“The best way to protect information is, of course, to keep the information in a cage. No one but us can see the information.”

“So we did this to protect our customers!” Ma Huateng said with a big mouth.

“Of course, otherwise!” Boss Jia counseled his shoulder.

“Then I require that all transactions must pass through our transit station and then be sent to buyers and sellers for the convenience of customers?” Ma Huateng asked again.

“This is natural!” Boss Jia nodded vigorously.

“But how is this possible…” Ma Huateng was stunned. If it is said that the hidden information is to protect the privacy of customers, but let the goods of buyers and sellers pass through one more hand in the transportation process, and the transportation cost is wasted. , How is this convenient for customers again?

“You don’t understand this, do you know what’s the most on the Internet?” Boss Jia asked rhetorically.

“I don’t know…” Ma Huateng shook his head.

“It’s a liar!” Boss Jia hate iron for not becoming steel looked at Ma Huateng and said, “Didn’t I just say it? Someone borrowed the information of a regular company to engage in a scam and cheated a lot of company deposits! “

“Why is this?”

“Because the Internet does not have real-name identities, everyone is hidden behind the computer. What is placed on the computer screen is just some information. Daoist is not seen at all. This gives the crooks a great way to hide themselves. Way!”

“I ask you, if someone contacts you on the Internet, saying that he is an employee of the Great-Thousand Group, and there is a batch of cheap Great-Thousand VCDs that can be sold to you, do you believe it?”

“This…” Ma Huateng recollected, then shook his head. This must be unbelievable.

Then in Ma Huateng’s head, divine light flashed, I want to understand. Boss Jia said that the name is wrong. The security and authenticity of the network is actually one of the biggest problems facing Taobao. Many companies dare not pass Taobao. Platform trading is to be afraid of the security of trading. After all, no one knows who the person on the other end of the computer is.

In case you spend money to buy something, but you can’t get the goods, or the quality is bad and the goods are out of stock.

Or maybe I sent the goods myself, but couldn’t receive the money, which is very bad.

In fact, in another world, this problem will not be resolved by 2020. There are still many scammers on Taobao, and the reliability of online transactions is still not as reliable as offline transactions.

“So, we have to be the middleman in this transaction!” Boss Jia touched his nose and said, “Our Taobao platform is backed by Great-Thousand Group, and Great-Thousand Group is a Fortune 500 company in the world. Subsidiaries of Fortune 500 companies, of course, are impossible and liar!”

“So when the buyer and the seller conduct a transaction, we let the buyer send the goods to our warehouse for free, and after confirming that the goods are okay, let the seller send the money to our account. Finally We send the buyer’s goods to the seller, and then give the seller’s money to the buyer. Isn’t this perfect and there is no probability of fraud?” Boss Jia faintly smiled and said.

At this moment, Ma Huateng suddenly felt that he was about to fly, and in a few words, just now he felt that he was a Ma Huateng who cheated customers. Suddenly, he felt that he had become the patron saint of customers!

“As for the final bidding ranking, this is also very necessary. If you rely solely on low prices to rank, there will be a lot of trumpets to make trouble, deliberately bidding 1 cents and 2 cents to deceive Customers, harvest traffic, this is a harm to customers!”

“Only by bidding rankings, can powerful merchants be ranked first, so as to ensure the quality of the goods!” Boss Jia finally said, at this moment, Boss Jia’s realm is already on the 500th floor.

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