Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1092


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“Have you drunk recently?” Boss Jia suddenly asked.

“No…” Ma Huateng was taken aback for a moment, and then said, “This is too much, how dare I drink alcohol!”

“That’s right, finish this bottle of wine!” Boss Jia was fascinated, took out a bottle of Moutai from his backpack, and Ma Huateng was startled.

If Boss Jia carries a bottle of Moutai with him, why should I ask Ma Yun to go out to buy wine for supper?

“Boss, the supper hasn’t come yet, I will drink it when the supper comes! Drinking without food is too bad for your body!” Ma Huateng said.

“You can’t drink if you don’t have anything?” Boss Jia snorted and said, “You are about to close the company to the operation. What does it mean to drink a bottle of alcohol on an empty stomach?”

“Yes!” Boss Jia said that this is the case, Ma Huateng has no face to not drink, decisively opened the bottle of Moutai, and was about to take the cup from the restaurant, Boss Jia silently added another sentence “No need to take the cup and blow at the bottle!”

“Damn…” Ma Huateng licked his lips, then gritted his teeth and threw himself away, really blowing into the bottle.

Just drinking white wine on an empty stomach is really not easy. Ma Huateng has tossed for five to 60% of the time, and barely filled a bottle of Moutai, and then the whole person felt dizzy. .

“Do you know why you are allowed to drink white wine on an empty stomach?” Boss Jia indifferently asked.

“I don’t know…” Ma Huateng, who felt like the sky was spinning, shook his head.

“Because drinking liquor on an empty stomach has a 30% chance of entering the ICU, and a 10% chance of sudden death. If you can’t die after drinking this bottle of liquor, then my investment will be written off. Buy your life money!”

“Yes! Thank you, Chairman!” Ma Huateng, who was dizzy, suddenly felt the cruelty of the capital. The feeling that Boss Jia was going to owe money to his life, otherwise Ma Huateng would feel a numb nose and couldn’t help tears Just flow out.

“Chairman, you want my life, take it at any time. But I’m really not reconciled. I did everything I could. When I was the most, I didn’t close my eyes for a full week. My mother said I was half a year I’m 10 years old at the time, but it’s useless, everything is useless, the company just won’t come back!”

“wū wū wū wū!!!” Ma Huateng burst into emotions, complaining and crying.

“Then you haven’t thought about where you are wrong?” Boss Jia coldly said, “When things are done this way, there are always mistakes. You will never even find your own mistakes.”

“I was wrong in thinking of those bastard foreigners that they were very good. I really thought that foreigners were of high quality. I found the source of goods through my platform, and I would be able to trade and settle accounts through the platform with quality, which made me a little pitiful. Fee!”

“But there is nothing, these bastard foreigners are all private transactions, they all treat me as a fool!”

“What’s even more hateful is our own people. I helped them sell the raw materials and products abroad, so that they made US dollars, but these guys even openly talked on the phone and laughed at me as a spoiler. What did I end up with? I didn’t get it!!”

“It’s all I’m so kind, wu wu wu, I’m so kind!” The kind Ma Huateng is really pitiful to be tossed by these damn profiteers.

“If you are not kind, what should you do?” Boss Jia curiously asked.

“I should block all their company names and delete all company calls, leaving only their resources and prices. I see how they still trade in private!” Ma Huateng said with a grin.

“Oh, this is a good suggestion, is there any more evil suggestion?” Boss Jia asked again.

“I can make all their transactions go through me, and their goods are sent to my transfer station, and then I will send them to the buyer. By the way, all the transportation must use our cooperative transportation company. These transportation companies must pay 20% of the cooperation fee!” Ma Huateng’s mouth is even more abnormal!

“Oh! These are all good, not enough but not evil enough, do you have more evil ideas?” Boss Jia asked again.

“Of course, I can also do bidding rankings. All the things before are ranked directly according to the price given, and buyers can purchase directly according to the price!”

“But I don’t give them this opportunity. If you want to be in the front, you have to pay. The more money you pay, the more their products will be in the front, and I don’t give them a hint that this is an advertisement. Let them think that the price is the best!!!” Ma Huateng Ahhhh yelled, and it was another evil idea.

“Any more? Come on?”

“Of course, I can still deduct the payment. They don’t want to get the payment on the spot. They have to wait three months. During these three months, they have to be obedient, and nothing goes against me. Local, otherwise it will be fined!”

“By the way, this money will have a detention period in my hand, so I can set up a pool of funds, when the time comes, take this money and do whatever I want. If the company goes bankrupt, at worst After the two broke up, I transferred all the money to my parents. At most, I went in and squatted in jail for a few years. After I came out, I was a hero again!!!” Under the stimulation of alcohol, Ma Huateng was completely brain-headed, thinking There were countless evil ways to make Boss Jia click one’s tongue in wonder.

Boss Jia wanted to stimulate a little bit, but found that Ma Huateng was lying on the table, breathing silently, took out very much, and then touched her little hand, it was cold.

Spit up again, and the blood mixed with the wine.

“I’m back!” At exactly this time, Ma Yun came back with a supper with large and small bags, but the next second, his nose moved, and he was whispered. It smells like wine!”

“Come, help!” Boss Jia stood up, gave birth to a lazy waist, and greeted Ma Yun.

“What’s busy?” Ma Yun was taken aback.

“Help me pick him up and send him to the hospital!” Boss Jia pointed to Ma Huateng and said, “Well, hurry up, and if you rescue him in time, you should still have a life back!”

“Damn…” Ma Yun was frightened.


On the second day, the warm sun shone on Ma Huateng’s face. Ma Huateng slowly opened his eyes, and then he saw his mother whose eyes were red from crying, and his father who kept sighing!

“Good son, even if you lose your salary, don’t toss your body like this, do you know you almost can’t survive?” Ma Huateng’s mother cried terribly.

“Son, don’t do this business. Dad will send you into the system. If nothing else, we can live a stable life!” Ma Huateng’s Boss also said distressedly.

“No, I won’t go!” didn’t expect Ma Huateng shook his head frantically, and then wanted to unplug the needle from his wrist to charge ahead.

“What do you want to do!” Ma Huateng’s parents were shocked.

“I’m going to work, I’m going to the company!” Ma Huateng yelled, “I understand, I know what to do, I know how to bring the company back to life, I want to become very evil, there are no good people In the future!!” Ma Huateng yelled, this child is stupid to drink.

Ma Huateng mother is even more sad.

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