Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1093


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After finishing the conversation with Boss Jia, Ma Huateng didn’t go back to the hospital to raise him obediently. Instead, he went back to the company and started to make further improvements to the company based on the content of the conversation between him and Boss Jia. .

Ma Huateng didn’t even go home for years, and devoted himself to the reform of the company, so at the beginning of the next day, the brand new Taobao was launched.

After the buyers and sellers of Taobao went online again, they found that all the phone numbers and other information on their pages were all hidden. This made everyone very unhappy. Why, this platform is shameless. Do you want to block their private communication channels? It’s really hateful, too shameless!

They immediately went to the customer service to protest, and then the customer service gave them a series of prepared words with a smile. The above listed many companies’ experiences of being deceived on the Internet. Finally, they said that they would not let everyone display their phone numbers and The specific information of the company is to protect everyone’s privacy.

“We is the website that pays the most attention to protecting customer privacy. Any attempt to steal customer privacy is a base and shameless behavior. We must resolutely resist! At the same time, we will give customers the strongest protection!”

“So this protection will not be revoked. If you are really dissatisfied, you can leave the platform. If you leave the platform, the platform will naturally not protect you, but the platform will not be responsible for anything subsequent!”

At this time, these companies that will make protests are basically companies that bought and sold things on Taobao. They have tasted the sweetness of online commerce. Where can they give up Taobao, the only global company? Online trading platform, so they can only help Taobao to protect their privacy.

“At worst, after a transaction, you can leave your contact information privately!” These sellers and buyers whispered in their hearts, and then they received another global notification from .

Taobao announced that they will spend huge sums of money to establish twelve logistics transfer centers throughout the world.

Well, although the current 12 logistics transfer centers are basically in China, Taobao’s most important business is actually helping domestic companies sell their products internationally.

So the buyers are basically abroad, and the sellers are all in the country, so these 12 logistics transfer centers are basically in major domestic ports or transportation hubs between provinces.

It is worth mentioning that, in fact, after consultations with these 12 logistics transfer centers, Taobao pays 30 million Renminbi to Great-Thousand Logistics every year, and then Great-Thousand Logistics cooperates with Taobao. The cost is that It is quite low.

After all buyers have concluded the transaction, the seller must send the goods to the logistics center of Taobao. Similarly, the buyer must also first credit the arrears to the account of Taobao before receiving Taobao. For goods sent online, Taobao will postpone the payment after 90 days!

Seeing this new rule, Taobao merchants are really about to be rioted. As a result, another announcement from Taobao immediately changed everyone’s attitude.

Taobao announced that it will establish a world unique and unmatched compensation system across the entire network.

If the merchant is not willing to send the goods to the logistics center, it is okay. Taobao does not stop it, but it needs to sign an exemption agreement with Taobao. If there are any quality or financial problems after the transaction, Taobao does not need to bear any Responsibility, self-financing, and deceived also deserve it.

On the contrary, if the transaction is carried out through Taobao, and the goods are sent to the Taobao logistics center for delivery, then Taobao will fully assume all the risks of the merchant.

Once the product quality is unqualified during the transaction, the product is short of catties, the product does not meet the customer’s requirements, or the buyer is delayed in making payments, etc., all financial losses will be caused by Assumed, Taobao will pay buyers and sellers all losses.

Even if the money cannot be recovered, at least the goods will be kept.

This rule makes the merchants who just yelled to quit Taobao suddenly turned into mouths, and then pretended not to say anything.

So, after the new rules came into operation, Ma Huateng was surprised to find that more than 90% of the transactions conducted on all actively chose Taobao’s compensation services. The imaginary resistance did not exist at all. On the contrary, Taobao is peaceful, and even the traffic has greatly increased.

On the other hand, Taobao applied for a large number of local staff to conduct detailed inspections of all the goods sent, and after confirming that they were correct, contact the buyer. After receiving the buyer’s payment, the The goods were sent out, and the whole thing went smoothly for more than half a year without any problems.

But on the contrary, Taobao’s profits began to rise wildly.

First of all, because the logistics must use the Great-Thousand logistics designated by Taobao, the business volume of Great-Thousand logistics has increased by about 30%. According to the agreement between Taobao and Great-Thousand logistics, this profit is for both parties Half and half, Taobao made more than one billion Renminbi for this profit alone.

This is nothing, and then the transaction fee, because if you use Taobao’s compensation service, the original transaction service fee needs to be increased from 1‰ to 1%.

But even so, people still use it, and Taobao has earned more than $50 million in transaction service fees in half a year.

Well, because Taobao is now mainly engaged in export services, all transactions are in U.S. dollars, so the service fee is naturally also in U.S. dollars.

Although US$50 million doesn’t seem to be too much, it’s a good start. After all, it’s still the era of the Internet desert. If it’s more than ten years, in the era of Internet prosperity, heaven knows How amazing this fee will swell.

By the way, everyone knows and thinks Taobao is the most profitable business for Alibaba. In fact, it is not the case. Alibaba’s most profitable business is the Alibaba online platform under which they trade commodities, which is actually the most profitable thing in the financial report.

Although the total amount of is much more than that of Alibaba’s business platform, the profits are too thin. How can there be a real Alibaba platform that charges service fees?

However, the two profits of logistics and service fees are not the most profitable business on Taobao. Now, the most profitable on Taobao is the genuine advertising space.

As long as you buy an advertising space, there will be buyers coming to the door to trade. In the end, Taobao made hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising fees alone in half a year, and it became crazy.

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