Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1094


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Some people may think that Ma Huateng has found so many ways to deduct money on Taobao, and the buyers and sellers must be very upset.

I don’t know if the buyers and sellers are unhappy with Taobao, but they keep introducing friends around to join Taobao. The number of registered merchants on Taobao has increased from 12,000 at the end of 1996 to mid-97. Increased to 60,000 households.

The order volume has also risen from less than 1,000 orders at the end of 1996. By the middle of 1997, the total order volume has soared to 32,000 orders.

The buyer and seller voted with their feet, which proved the success of Taobao’s reform this time.

The reason is simple. Boss Jia analyzed thoroughly before. For buyers and sellers, besides profit, they actually prefer the stability of this profit.

Many people now know that Taobao is a very safe and stable platform. As long as you don’t play tricks and do business on Taobao’s genuine, then you almost don’t have to worry about receiving the wrong goods or failing to receive the payment. Case.

You must know that China’s industry is developing rapidly, and China’s crooks, all kinds of crooked things, are also developing rapidly. Many outstanding entrepreneurs and powerful companies have been deceived by scammers. The hard work accumulated over more than ten years or even several decades was completely deceived overnight.

But Taobao is different. Taobao uses the characteristics of its own platform to protect these obediently and honestly businessmen who do business. They may be taken away by Taobao, but as long as most of the profits can be stably recovered, Enterprises can form a stable flow of funds, so Taobao is the loveliest thing in the world, there is no one.

Even if Taobao’s payment for goods has to be postponed for three months, it is known as the protection period for buyers to find quality problems and negotiate.

But sellers don’t care. In reality, it is common for a purchase to be delayed for three years, or even 30 years. Taobao’s three months is simply not too conscientious.

On the other hand, it is precisely because the payment for these three months is all stuck in Taobao’s hands, Ma Huateng wakes up from bed every day and can see that the company’s account has $5 billion in funds.

Moreover, the total amount of this fund is still increasing, and Ma Huateng’s saliva is about to flow out.

Of course, Ma Huateng has no guts to spend this money, but Ma Huateng can use this money to buy funds with high security but lower interest rates.

Although these funds do not give much profit, the total amount of 5 billion US dollars is high. After a month, Ma Huateng just collects interest and has an income of no less than 50 million US dollars. Ma Huateng can dream. Woke up with a smile.

This is called using other people’s money to make money.

cough cough, it’s a bit far to say, let’s set the time back to the end of 1996. After successfully stimulating Ma Huateng’s creativity, Boss Jia returned to Yuzhang tiredly, holding his stupid son again The kiss gnawed for a while.

Then hugged his wife for a while and kissed and gnawed.

After that, Zhu Qiushui told Boss Jia a good news, and she was pregnant again.

“This is really good news!” Boss Jia sighed. It seems that his family’s future throne seizure will become more interesting.

As Zhu Qiushui became pregnant again, she once again broke away from all things in the Great-Thousand Group and took Jia Changtian to raise her baby with peace of mind.

However, due to the opposition of Boss Jia, she did not go to Hong Kong or Hong Kong this time, nor did she hire any professional team from Hong Kong and Hong Kong. Instead, she stayed at home to raise a baby and was not allowed to go anywhere.

The faults of Jia Changtian were caused by Zhu Qiushui.


Next, it’s the annual meeting of the Great-Thousand Group.

This year’s annual meeting, Great-Thousand has a brand new change, that is, it officially abandoned the provincial gymnasium, which had been held for 5 years, and completely moved to the newly built Great-Thousand gymnasium in Great-Thousand.

There is not much to say about the process of the annual meeting, although this time Great-Thousand let the singers of Great-Thousand Entertainment come on stage to sing and perform, but the audience is actually not interested in this, they are more concerned Yes, how many year-end bonuses are there today.

Well, although the number of employees in Great-Thousand Group swelled to 80,000 in 1996, today Great-Thousand Group will issue a total of 2.4 billion Renminbi in total profits, so on average, everyone can still get nearly A year-end bonus of 30,000 yuan.

This is almost fifty times the current monthly minimum wage in China. From this, we can imagine how terrifying this figure was in 1996.

Well, if this news is announced, I am afraid that even civil servants will have to lose their jobs and climb to Great-Thousand to come to work.

But in the same way, Great-Thousand also issued more than 1,000 employees who did not meet the criteria in 1996 without the slightest hesitation. Looking at the bonus, all Great-Thousand people are trembling with fear. , The work attitude is definitely the best in the world!

At the annual meeting, Great-Thousand still continued its invincible Legendary, and Boss Jia still worked hard on stage.

At the end of the performance, all the workers led the year-end awards that surpassed this era and left the stadium full of happiness, but Boss Jia’s real work has just begun. He wants to accept all the great officials of Great-Thousand. Our work report.

At the same time, this is also when all the great officials of Great-Thousand are unified at one time and concentrated in one place. If a bomb is thrown into this place at this time, Great-Thousand will collapse directly.

Old rules, the first report is Great-Thousand Puzzle. This old team started from Great-Thousand. Although the profits have fallen in the second half of the Great-Thousand Group, the president of Great-Thousand Puzzle Yi Xiao Tian told his employees that Great-Thousand Puzzle will always be the Oldest Big Brother of the Great-Thousand Group, to be the most energetic person.

So Yi Xiaotian is also the most skilled Divine Idol Boss Jia reporting.

However, the performance of Great-Thousand Puzzle during this period is not very good, although the overall performance of Great-Thousand Puzzle has increased by 200 million Renminbi compared with last year, reaching total sales of 3 billion Renminbi. Renminbi’s excellent results in profit breakthrough 700 million.

But Great-Thousand Puzzle’s market share has fallen from 45% last year to 39%, which means that other companies have actually snatched some meat from the toy market from Great-Thousand Puzzle.

“This is all because Bookworm Jr. can no longer be sold!” Yi Xiaotian said with a bitter smile “Now Bookworm Jr. is no longer a human being inside and out. It is a learning machine, but the parents don’t like the game function inside. . Being a game console, but not as good as our own thousand machine changes.”

“In addition, there are two domestic manufacturers representing Nintendo’s handheld and mainframe respectively. These two devices have been publicly sold in China. The price is lower than what we sell, and the market is difficult to maintain!”

Without waiting for Boss Jia to ask, Yi Xiaotian proactively explained.

“I don’t want to hear your question, I just want to know if you have a solution!” Boss Jia indifferently asked.

“But don’t worry, Boss. We have rushed to develop more than a dozen new products, and our Bookworm Jr. 5th generation has been developed. We have decided to completely abandon the game function and exclusively make electronic equipment for learning. The function of the electronic dictionary!” Yi Xiaotian said quickly.

“Yes” Boss Jia nodded, this idea is right.

“But Chairman, we have an idea, I don’t know if it’s right…” Yi Xiaotian suddenly said something cautiously.

“What thoughts?”

“Because the new Bookworm Jr. is the main electronic dictionary function, and the reputation of Bookworm Jr., in the eyes of many parents, it is almost like a game console, and it is very safe for us, so our product department Everyone thinks that Bookworm Jr. should be renamed. As for Bookworm Jr., the brand must be accumulated! “The so-called accumulation is actually disappearing. For this requirement, Yi Xiaotian is actually very worried.

After all, Bookworm Jr. is a product made by Boss Jia back then. Great-Thousand is able to rise and has a huge relationship with Bookworm Jr.. Now Bookworm Jr. will be completely abolished. Yi Xiaotian will not I know what is going on with Boss Jia.

“Yes!” Boss Jia said in a tranquil voice, as if he didn’t care about Bookworm Jr. The brand is so ordinary, let Yi Xiaotian leave like the amnesty, but after he left, the corner of Boss Jia’s eyes is still Some tears were left.

Whether it is Little Overlord or Bookworm Jr., they have gone the wrong way, and they will leave this era after all.

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